Upper Mountain Water Quality Statement

In October a heavy rain produced an adverse experience for numerous locations in Placer county. One of those locations was Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. Flooding took place in areas that included one of the water systems that had been upgraded this past summer. The flooded system was responsible for water distribution in the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of Squaw Valley. This flooding had lead to a contamination of the local water supply.


Contamination was detected during standard and regular water inspections. Upon discovery of the contamination the compromised water systems were immediately isolated followed by contacting local health and safety experts. With the guidance and advice of these experts, the action began to solve this contamination problem by the quickest and safest means possible. These water sources will remain unavailable for normal use until the water returns to a safe state. Only once health and safety officials agree the water is safe will access be returned to customers.


While work is done to maintain the complete safety of the customers this issue will not hinder other services. High Camp and Gold Coast will remain open to all customers. Action will be taken to keep all facilities working normally around the problem with the water. This includes making free bottled water available to customers for drinking.


A great deal of assistance has come from Pacer County as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District in understanding and committing to solutions with this contamination. Work will continue in solving this problem. Updates will continue as is needed to keep people appraised of the progress.

Flavio Maluf’s Business Acumen and Pragmatic Leadership is Redefining the Brazilian Investment Sector

Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian-based investor, has been at the forefront of facilitating economic growth of Brazil. Apart from holding powerful management positions in well-known companies such as Eucatex, he has established his businesses. On his several articles and essays, Maluf has painted Brazil as an investment powerhouse and encouraged foreign investors to tap into the several opportunities that the nation has to offer.

Maluf’s role at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf secured an entry-level position with a leading Brazilian company, Eucatex, in 1987. He dedicated his time and effort to turning Eucatex into a manufacturing center despite holding junior positions on Estadao.com. After a decade of his unwavering dedication to the company’s mission, his efforts paid off, and he rose to the top of the privately held company. Few years after taking over as the president and CEO, Eucatex started to grow immensely and instituted a new production plant in Salto back in 2010.

Business model

Flavio Maluf attributes Eucatex Growth to the unity that exists among employees. The firm has managed to build a culture of corporate responsibility and entrepreneurship on LinkedIn. Maluf values teamwork and encourages handling of projects in a professional and collective manner. He delegates duties among employees and ensures every stakeholder is consulted before making major decisions. Maluf’s ability to interact with employees freely and still manage to maintain professionalism has earned him respect and reputation.

What does Eucatex Offer?

Eucatex is a leading manufacturing firm that maintains clean and sustainable environment by using natural techniques and raw materials to produce its products such as paints and tiles. It derives its raw materials from Eucalyptus. It produces products for home and industrial uses. The company has been in the manufacturing industry for over 50 years, and it exports its products to other nations outside of Brazil.

Community involvement

Flavio Maluf supports causes such as education and health, and he has offered donations to numerous community-based organizations. He loves interacting with young people and advising them on how to invest wisely and save for their retirement. Maluf is a talented motivation speaker who tackles the topics of education and technology. He spends time with his wife and three kids.

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Reason behind the Success of Roberto Santiago in the Entertainment Enterprise

Brazil has been experiencing increased rapid economic growth in the past few years. This has been brought about by the increased business opportunities that have been opening up since the world adopted the digital migration. Many businesses have been established in the entire South America region leading to increased employment opportunities for the residents. As such, investment and business personalities have evolved and have been contributing positively towards ensuring the country progresses economically. Roberto Santiago is a renowned business personality in Brazil that has been hitting the headlines in the recent years. He was born in Brazil and since then, Roberto Santiago has invested in enterprises development that has been at the center of transforming lives of many people in Brazil. He is the founder of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping that was established in 1989. Since then, the company has been expanding and has employed many people across the country. The company has developed into many stores that have been designed to help in family satisfaction. This is done through ensuring every family members finds whatever he is buying in one store. The company has also grown and opened over 78 branches in other cities in Brazil. This has been termed as a major success under the leadership of Roberto Santiago.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has invested in the modern and state of the art movie equipment. The center has designed room that have been installed with television screen for watching the latest movies in town. It has also set aside VIP rooms for people who prefer class and high standards when 3D movies and animation. The shopping center has integrated everything that would be needed from entertainment purposes. There are rooms fitted with over 200 video games that have been proven to satisfy the needs of children thus making it an ideal place to visit. The shopping center has been seen as the desired and familiar spot in the city where many people have always found it as a one stop shopping mall. The shopping mall is also considered as a social place where people get to meet and interact while sharing many issues in life.

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BBB Accredited Securus Technologies Is a Great Company Offering Optimal Communicative Solutions

If you’re not quite sure about what you can do to get a hold of an inmate who you may have been wanting to speak to for some time, then it’s recommended for you to ensure that you will be contacting one of the technicians who are able to assist in the customer service department of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a company that is offering some wonderful solutions of communications with those who are wanting to get in touch with a loved one who is unfortunately incarcerated in a correctional facility. If you’re unsure about whether this program has been implemented into the communicative systems of the correctional facility the inmate you’re wanting to speak with is incarcerated in, please visit the website of Securus Technologies to see on the pull-down menu if it is on the list. If so, then you may be able to set up an appointment to chat through the interface of Securus Technologies at a time that’s most convenient for both of you. However, if the correctional facility where the inmate is incarcerated in isn’t on the list, it may not be an option at this moment in time. You’ll want to contact the specific correctional facility to ask them whether communicating with the inmate through the use of Securus Technologies is a viable option.


Securus Technologies has had a role in solving and stopping crimes and will continue to do so. It has helped all kinds of people and communities by providing law enforcement officials with the data that they need to stop crime in its tracks before they take off to greater lengths. It’s a program that needs to be known by more people and its popularity begins with you. Spread the word that such a program exists and we may have a safer world to live in. Also, not that it is a company that’s been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, also referred to as, BBB.


Investment Advice For Individuals Making 2017 The Year That They Start Planning For Retirement

According to Sam Tabar, individuals who made a resolution to invest in 2017 should be diligent in selecting the right investment vehicle for themselves. Newcomers should avoid commodity trading, which is investing in agricultural products, livestock, precious metals or gas and oil, since investing commodities requires a great deal of research. A drop in demand for oil could ruin a beginning investor who didn’t follow oil prices or well outputs.

Tabar does suggest investing in social startups, such he did when he invested in THINX, a manufacturer that distributes sanitary supplies to women in Africa for every pair women’s undergarments sold. While there are excellent opportunities to accumulate wealth for retirement with social startups, a person can also feel good about themselves with this type of investment.

As he normally does, Tabar insists that the newcomers to investing diversify their portfolio to minimize their risk. Beginning a retirement investment strategy today, regardless of a person’s age, is always wise, since a large number of men and women wish they had started accumulating funds for their retirement earlier in their lives.

While currently the CFO of Awearable Apparel Inc. and the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar has extensive experience in capital strategy. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Tabar began his career as an associate at a prominent law firm before moving on to PMA Investment Advisors, where he rose to the position of managing director of business development. After a stint at Merrill Lynch, Tabar reentered the legal field, where he specialized in hedge fund formation. During his career, Tabar worked with thousands of institutional and exceedingly wealthy investors, however, now he prefers to advise individual investor who are just starting out.

As a Huffington Post contributor, Tabar is a prolific author; his articles focus on business, the economy and investment advice.

Globally Appreciated Specialized Services of Cotemar Mexico

Cotemar is a reputed enterprise within the oil and energy sector of Mexico. It was founded in 1979 at Campeche. It is a privately held organization that retains more than 10 thousand highly qualified professional. Cotemar is specialized in providing excellent services that include offshore construction, maritime services, specialized ships, petroleum services and offshore maintenance. Over the years, the company has gained significant success globally for catering to offshore oil fields, Petroleos Mexicanos as well as PEMEX with their large, strongly build transport vessels.



The services offered by Cotemar have been acclaimed worldwide for its excellence and precise implementation of approved safety regulations. The specialized services range in three major categories consisting of specialized maritime vessels services, construction, modernization, maintenance as well as engineering services and accommodation as well as catering services.



Construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering services are specially designed for revolutionizing and transforming the offshore processing centers and oil rigs of all the customers. The company carries out operations related to the client’s mass-production, installation, and recruiting demands. All these services are always supported by vigorous stationed semi-submersible rigs with features of high efficiency and prompt mobility from one complex field to the next all of which assures beyond satisfactory performance. All of these semi-submersible rigs are attached with derrick cranes that can endure high load capacities during the construction of prefabricated facilities and storage arrangements. Control operations are executed, and field information is recorded with mobile connections. These connections are sustained by cutting-edge technological algorithms. These high-tech algorithms plan tasks precisely so that deliveries are made following strict deadlines.



The specialized maritime vessels services of Cotemar are dynamic and are globally acclaimed for providing excellent offshore maintenance. The vessels perform precisely with controls being interconnected with GPS satellite ensuring motor control and secure positioning of the vessels. These vessels possess supreme saturation diving systems which are beneficial for conducting inspections and analysis of the seabed processing lines. The vessels also deliver transportation services of laborers and lightweight supplies. There are refrigerated cargo vessels for food storage and transportation as well. The storage areas within vessels are separated for food hygiene and kept well away from the storage areas containing construction materials. Specialized vessels for these services include tugs, firefighting vessels, barges, transportation boats, semi-submersible platforms and combat boats.



The accommodation and training services of Cotemar focus on fulfilling the daily necessities of the client’s workers on board. Services range from meal preparations and serving to cleaning services for on-board areas and personnel. There are recreational areas on board like cinemas, TV rooms and sports courts.

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Chris Burch Talks About Upcoming Tech Fashion Trends

The fashion and technologies industries have grown ever increasingly closer together in the past, and this trend will continue in the future. An example of this in the past in the 70’s boom box, which opened up the world of portable music. Its use was popularized in film and culture adding to its popularity. In the 90’s the Walkman was released, for a more personal music experience, and this gave way in the 2000’s to the even smaller iPod. Technology grew with the popularity of personal fashion.

Today the fusion of fashion and technology continues apace. Fashion designers enjoy incorporating technology into what they deliver. A Dutch fashion designer elaborated when she commented that technology is like a playground and it rewards you with endless possibilities to experiment with.

In the future technology will be used to protect the wearer in another advance of fashion. An example of this is incorporating an Airbag for Cyclists as a neck accessory, which would inflate in order to protect their head from an impact. Another use of technology in fashion is in using recycled materials in creating them, such as using inner tubes to make jackets. Clothes will also be created that will gather energy, such as kinetic, in order to power personal devices. Fashion and technology can feed off each other creating something new. The fusion of these two areas will lead to a world that is more beautiful and creative while also being more functional and protective.

Chris Burch is one of the leaders in combining fashion and technology together. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, has a hand in melding these two industries together. The heart of Burch Creative Capital it to create disruptive ideas that have a direct and positive impact on people and that have global appeal. Additionally, Burch co-founded the high-end brand Tory Burch. Chris Burch has always had an interest in fashion, and in fact the first business he created in 1976 was an apparel company called Eagle’s Eye. He has developed an interest in using technology in a disruptive way in the fashion industry.

In addition to his interest in technology and fashion, Burch has launched several real estate ventures in the United States as well as internationally. He has also been involved in the medical field, serving on the Board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and has been involved in other industries in his career as well.


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Transit experts offer solutions for Williamson County’s biggest issue: Traffic

In the recent past, we have seen numerous discussions based on the Austin City transportation system. For the city, it has had a major concern in the system of transportation which has multiple traffic passing through the system in a manner which depicts the true nature of capitalization. While this is true, there are also many parts of the William County which have ever been represented in any discussion. This is a total fill. However, there is a remedy which was attained through a rare opportunity which presented itself at the Growth Summit of the Williamson County based in Texas.


This was a rare opportunity to have the system present itself with a new commission which will oversee the increasing trend in traffic in the region. As a matter of fact, the transit discussion was one of the best ways to develop a system which will counter the traffic jam in the Williamson County and other suburban places near the city.


According to the discussion panel, it had the inclusion of ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin who is a designer focused on the development of a different modern transportation system, Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns, Uber Technologies Inc., RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser, and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein. The discussion panel had many proposals to put across to develop a new system which will enable the traffic jam to enter a new phase of development. As a matter of fact, while they were all for the new granola system which will revolutionise the industry of transportation, it will also work as an example to the outside world of new technology in the base.


According to Helingsten, this new technology will have vehicles driven with an automatic system developed by the city in a manner which will never affect traffic jam in any way. For this reason, traffic jam will be controlled n a central division which will also have the powers to shut down any vehicle which has no qualification entering the system. Traffic jam will, therefore, be a thing of the past using this new granola system. According to a recent study, most of the people working in Austin City cone from the Williamson County. Moreover, this is the point where the traffic jam emanates. For this reason, the granola system of new transportation will also affect the new maneuverability system in a manner which depicts the new era of technology.

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No Health Issues Reported After Drinking Water Issues At Squaw Valley

Officials from the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which is often considered the first North American winter sports location to use the European style of winter vacation destination, have recently stated a recent isolated well water contamination is being handled successfully by a range of experts. The main contamination was quickly discovered and limited to four wells serving the Upper Mountain region of the resort where a major storm pushed large amounts of contaminated water into the system bringing trace levels of E.Coli and Coliform with them.


Wesley Nicks of Placer County Environmental Health has been explaining his department has been working alongside Squaw Valley officials and independent experts employed by the resort to find a speedy solution to the problems caused by the arrival of bacteria in the well water system; under a month after the contamination was discovered Wesley Nicks explained the well system had been returned to no levels of E,Coli and reduced levels of Coliform in three of the four affected well systems. Efforts are still continuing to return the water quality level to its normal state in the Upper Mountain region of the resort where complimentary bottled water is being offered to visitors skiing the upper Mountain region of the resort.


Alongside the information supplied by Wesley Nicks, the Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has also been providing regular updates on the issues with water contamination. Kenney explains the resort is proud of the fact its own regular testing procedures identified the contamination before any water was offered to the Upper Mountain locations of Gold Coast and High Camp; Kenney went on to explain all restaurants would remain closed in the Upper Mountain area would remain closed until the water quality to the sites could be assured for all to enjoy.


The testing of well water on a regular basis has paid off for Squaw Valley as officials from the resort have explained no health issues have so far been linked to the contamination. Water supplies were cut off before any visitors arrived in the area making sure each individual visitor was safe from harm at all times during their stay at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.


How Did Wen By Chaz Bond Shampoo And Conditioner?

Wen by Chaz is a composite made from a shampoo and conditioner, and it is used to help women treat their hair when it does not cooperate as it should. A woman’s hair will continue to fall in the wrong places when it is not washed properly, and this article explains how the shampoo will save a woman’s hair when it sheds constantly. Women who have unruly hair will find what they need in a single shampoo that works well for all their needs.

#1: What Is The Shampoo/Conditioner Combo?

The shampoo and conditioner and conditioner are combined to ensure a woman’s hair comes clean, and the two products come together in one bottle. There is very little shampoo needed to wash hair, and the bottle will remain quite economical. Everyone who uses the shampoo will see the luster come back to their hair, and they will feel much better abut their hair once it has been styled.

#2: How Long Does Washing Last?

A woman who is washing her hair with Wen by Chaz will notice it will remain clean for long periods of time without any prodding. Women who does not want to fuss with their hair may wash with the product easily, and they may use it every day if they must. There are several different styles that may be completed once hair is clean, and a woman who is caring for her hair regularly will feel better about herself as a result.

#3: Why Did Chaz Dean Create The Product?

Wen by Chaz was created by Chaz Dean because he wanted to ensure every woman would have a product that cares for their hair well. Every woman who wishes to keep her hair in the best condition possible, and they will have a product that is easy to use every day. A lady must use the shampoo as much as possible, and she will keep her hair clean without worrying about the potential styling implications. Ladies who are struggling with their hair may use a better shampoo that will keep clean, and they will feel as though they are taking their hair back.

A woman who loves her hair will find it coming cleaner, shinier and softer. She will notice there is less hair in the bottom of the shower, and she will have a head of hair that she may be proud of when she leaves the house.