How Sweetgreen Founder Nathaniel Ru and Friends Turned Their Idea Into a Healthy-eating Movement

It is how the American Dream is supposed to go. An idea leads to collaboration and through dedication and smart business tactics, a successful enterprise arises. College friends Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet teamed up to create a business that began with a single shop and has flourished into a profitable retail chain in less than a decade. The business, Sweetgreen, is a farm-to-table dining experience that has capitalized on the nationwide healthy eating trend.

The three self-starters are not afraid to explain how they achieved such success. In recent interviews they thank their entrepreneurial parents that provided direction, their willingness to seek advice from everyone and their own drive and discipline that made their dreams become reality.

Nathaniel Ru, one member of the trio and co-CEO with his partners, sees the company as more than a business. To him it is an opportunity to bring better food to more people. His focus is on remaining true to their original vision during development. For example, their recipes change seasonally as the company sticks to its promise of offering only the freshest ingredients. He also believes that the best way to stay relevant is to understand what it is like inside the shops and not just the corporate office. This is why several times a year corporate employees take a hands-on approach in local shops.

Ru is a first-generation American born to immigrant parents that taught him to work hard and believe in his abilities. He is dedicated to filling his company with people that share a common belief and are committed to the philosophy of the business. His desire is to create something that will outlast him and benefit countless numbers of people over time. In addition to the franchise the company also holds a music festival annually in Columbia, Maryland to draw attention to healthy, sustainable eating practices. The company offers workshops in several states to teach school children about nutrition and sustainable eating. The money earned from the purchase of their app is donated to this program. An additional fundraising program brings in money to support AALEAD (Asian American Youth Leadership Education and Development), an organization that assists low-income Asian Pacific American children through educational programs and leadership training.


How Can Southern Dallas Homes Get More Affordable?

Southern Dallas is a place that all the civic leaders have been targeting for years because they want to see the homes in the area get more affordable and more accessible. They have looked for a lot of ways to make these changes, and I have wondered for years as a real estate agent what they would do. I noticed a change when Nexbank got involved. They are fronting the money for one of the new programs that will help people get into their homes for the first time. Someone who wants to get a new home can do so with a lot less barriers, and they will contribute back to the community because of their home ownership.

I know that anybody that owns a home is going to do more to help make the community look better, and I believe that it makes more sense for us to help these people in these communities while we can. I am still going to make money, but now people who have not been able to get into these homes before will finally be able to do so. I know that these people have passed by my office, but they could not shop with me.

I am now meeting people who are able to get new homes with the Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Nexbank project, and it is really nice to see. You cannot imagine how good it feels to show someone their home and give them the keys. They get to walk in and know that it is all theirs, and they also get to come in knowing that their lives will changes completely. It has been very easy for people to get into new homes now that Nexbank is involved, and I believe their financial support will change the face of Dallas.


A Review Of The Progress The SEC Whistleblower Has Made Through Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow, an established law firm that has been working with SEC Whistleblower attorneys, is among few that have managed to assist clients until they receive compensation for exposing violations of securities laws. Their recent achievement includes a case where one of their clients earned over $17 million having exposed securities violations in the financial services industry.

This is viewed as a major step since the amount represents the second largest award issued by the SEC Whistleblower program since it was introduced in 2010. As part of their policies, the SEC could not reveal details about the specific actions the whistleblower reported about so as to keep his identity anonymous.

Jordan A. Thomas, a senior SEC Whistleblower attorney and the chair of the Whistleblower Representation Practice at Labaton Sucharow stated that the client blew the whistle and exposed the wrong doings that were prevalent in the financial services industry despite the fact many people kept quiet about the violations so they could protect the investors.

He explains that this is just a beginning and they are encouraging more people with information to join their team for assistance that could lead to determination that will see them walk away with awards from the SEC.

About the SEC Whistleblower Program
Started in 2010, the SEC Whistleblower program is working to eliminate securities violations in the business world. Before the introduction of the program, the reporting procedures available could not guarantee whistleblowers personal security and there were not enough channels to facilitate reporting about international cases. This led to the amendment of the Consumer Protection Act to include policies that were friendly to whistleblowers and effective to make it easy to process cases of securities violations.

Anonymous reporting
To ensure the identity of whistleblowers is protected, the SEC Whistleblower program has the anonymous reporting option where a whistleblower may choose to present the information with their identity shielded from public domain. This provision has motivated many people to present their findings since there is no risk their identity could be revealed in the process.

International whistleblowers
Additionally, the SEC Whistleblower program introduced the international reporting capabilities that have extended to other jurisdictions across the world. According to the SEC, they received 11 percent of total cases in 2011 from other jurisdictions. This number has increased over the years and the system has continued to introduce more features that are friendly to the whistleblowers.

JustFab Discovers New Ways to Attract Customers

The subscription business can be a difficult business to be in if selling clothes by subscription is the business. It can be difficult primarily because people are fickle when it comes to clothes and trends. They may be thrilled about some shipments of new clothes, but they may not like all the trends that are hitting the market.

These consumers are typically the ones that will cancel subscriptions because they prefer to shop for clothes on their own. Fortunately, JustFab has gained a loyal number of customers that trust the input from the stylists that are selecting clothes for subscribers.

According to Bloomberg, the LA Times states that JustFab executives are gearing up for an IPO even as other businesses in the subscription service arena lose customers and struggle to maintain an audience. This subscription service business can be a nightmare for companies that have not make the commitment to actually work to get loyal customers, but JustFab executives have done their homework.

Executives at JustFab know that plus-sized women were interested in clothes and accessories from this company. That is why this plus-sized expansion of Just Fab clothes was put in place this year. It would be the thing that would entice a whole new group of subscribers.

Just Fab has also brought in a new leader that could bring fresh ideas to the table concerning the strengthening of subscription services. These changes within the internal structure shows that JustFab founders were interested in building up a brand that would continue to survive even when the economy forced people to minimize their shopping.

The great thing about the subscription is that people look at this as another bill that they pay along with everything else. They don’t have to go out to the store and spend money.

It doesn’t feel like they are making silly impulse buys. With this subscription service that get the new garments that fit the style that they have chosen, and they don’t have to waste time in stores trying to buy something that is overpriced. The affordability of JustFab clothes has kept the subscription service strong.

Let Twenty Three Layers Help You Host The Perfect Party

If you’re working on planning your next party, Lauren Conrad has some advice: don’t worry about making it perfect. Conrad, who has been referred to as the next Martha Stewart, argues that the key to a successful party is to make people feel comfortable. If your guests think everything is super perfect, then they might be uncomfortable and won’t relax and have fun.

That mantra of having fun is something she’s brought with her when it comes to planning parties with her husband, William Tell. He tends to like more relaxed occasions, and the two have started to throw parties that are a little easier for guests to attend rather than those than require a ton of planning and a new wardrobe.

If you’re looking to throw a relaxed party, then Twenty Three Layers in NYC can be an excellent choice. The event planning company can take the stress of planning an event off your plate by handling all the heavy lifting for you. The team can handle everything from an important corporate event, to a fun celebration. Its relationships with many of NYC’s top vendors make it easy for them to get everything you need to make your day, whatever the occasion, the best it can be.

If you’re not quite sure what you want from your event, the Twenty Three Layers team can also help you design the perfect day. Theteam of creative professionals can organize everything from the entertainment to the decor and food, ensuring that everything runs perfectly and fits together from start to finish.

When you have event planners, such as the experts at Twenty Three Layers, organize your event, then you’re free to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the experience. Just like Lauren Conrad’s no-frills parties, when your guest’s arrive and see that you’re relaxed and having a good time, they’ll be more likely to do the same. When everyone has a good time, that’s the sign of a truly successful event.

Flavio Maluf on the Consequences of UK exit from the EU

After the famous Brexit vote towards the end of June this year, there was an immediate effect that was felt across Europe in the stock markets. There are some stocks that fell with over 12% and the Sterling Pound underwent great devaluation, reaching its lowest level ever since 1985. Various experts commented on the effects of British exiting the European Union to the global economy and Flavio Maluf was one of these experts that discussed the move in an interview I had to translate from the Portuguese language.

Flavio observed that the UK used to contribute more to the EU than it used to get from the union and UK felt that this was increasing the inflationary pressure on itself. However, the move to exit from the union could see the investments it receives drop and the free movement of people and goods could harbor negative results. The foreign trade of UK with the union members will suffer the impact of new tariffs as well as extra quotas on their products. However, UK will be able to enter into bilateral agreements that it could not before.

When UK departs from the EU, Brazil will stand to benefit from the move according to Flavio Maluf. It will be possible for the two countries to enter into bilateral agreements without referring to EU rates, impediments and standards. The EU will suffer a great loss as the UK was one of the three countries (others being France and Germany) that had well established structures of the union. In this translate from Portuguese language; Flavio observes that Germany has to sustain the EU block economically as the economy of France is showing signs of fatigue. Flavio observes that this may present an uncertainty due to the impact it will generate on the positioning of the other countries forming part of the remaining block.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman and a Mechanical engineer by profession. He was born on December 2, 1961 to Brazilian politician, Paulo Maluf, as the eldest son. He is an Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) graduate. He is currently the award winning company president of Eucatex and the GrandFood group that owns the Golden and Premier Pet feed brands.

SEC Whistleblower for Global Safety

The world would be a better place with proper law enforcement for consumer’s protection. With the constant development and growth of products in the market, consumers need the best. SEC Whistleblower (Securities and Exchange Commission) is a security measure put in place to offer protection to consumers in the market through whistleblowing. SEC Whistleblower provides security to all clients through the available database. Inclusive is a SEC Whistleblower program handbook and eligibility calculator to ease the operation. Whistleblowing requires a person to be extremely courageous. It happens by educating and empowering prospective whistleblowers in the society.

Labaton Sucharow is recognized as the first law firm globally to adopt the SEC Whistleblowing law. At Labaton Sucharow, clients enjoy the freedom of incredible security, resources and leading marketing experiences. The number of cases handled by Labaton Sucharow is highly impressive meaning more customers have been attracted to the firm. Not only has the company attracted more clients but equally of high stakes internationally. The SEC Whistleblower Law involves six of the major violations to be addressed by society namely:
• Municipal Securities,
• Fraud Offering known as corruption,
• Pricing of goods,
• Monetary Fraud,
• Market Manipulation
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

SEC Whistleblower database is strictly confidential, and not even the IRS can access it in case a client is in trouble. The obtained information during the cases is not to be put in public. It offers customers with maximum protection. Jordan A. Thomas, the head of the SEC Whistleblower in Labaton Sucharow, generated an essential resource to provide vital information to prospective whistleblowers and any other party that is interested. In the source he created, Jordan A. Thomas states that it is the responsibility of SEC to issues new rules while amending the existing ones. It is also the responsibility of SEC to inspect security firms, investment advisors, and brokers. Also, SEC should interpret federal safety laws.

SEC is chaired by a Commission of five members in the order of one chairperson and four commissioners. The SEC Chairperson is the chief executive officer. The SEC is split into five major departments namely:
• Corporate Finance
• Investment Management
• Trading and Markets
• Risk
• Strategy
• Financial Innovation

With the above-listed divisions chaired by the chief executive officer, all clients at SEC are adequately catered for throughout. The right channel of addressing issues and representing reported cases is followed. Well, confidential as the obtained information from SEC may be, clients are allowed to discuss openly other cases. In general, SEC is a vital division of the world. It offers protection to the whistleblowers who are the first people to shout about corruption and its wrongdoings to the society. It would be nice to live in a crime-free world.

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Conferences From The Wessex Institute Of Technology Show The Wide Range Of Interests Available

The Wessex Institute of Technology is not seen as a traditional educational institution simply looking to bring in as many students as possible. Instead, this unique institute is seeking the opportunity to develop close links between various areas of industry and academics who can engage in a powerful interchange of ideas to help each area grow stronger for the future.

In recent years The Wessex Institute of Technology has looked to organize a series of conferences that can be used to bring together academics and industry professionals in both formal and informal surroundings; in 2016, 25 different conferences will be held throughout the world as The Wessex Institute of Technology looks to have its most productive year to date as a leader in global learning and industry.

One of the major benefits for those who wish to take part in the conferences organized through The Wessex Institute of Technology is the fact the institution works with educational institutions and job organizations from around the world to bring its high quality skills to all areas of the globe. The range of conference subjects offered by the Institute has been expanding over the years and will see the first annual conference on Big Data offered to academics and trade professionals; in contrast, the conference on boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods will enter its 39th year. The international nature of the conferences organized and curated by The Wessex Institute of Technology is a reflection of the international makeup of its board members who bring their own cultural backgrounds to an institution located in the New Forest National Park of the U.K.

Kevin Seawright’s New Partnership Helps Residents Purchase Homes

Businessman and financial guru Kevin Seawright has partnered with RPS Solutions LLP to help area Baltimore residents gain home ownership for the first time. The program, developed two years ago, offers renovated and new homes that are affordable.

Seawright appeared on The Larry Young Morning Show on WOLB 1010 in Baltimore to explain more about the program and how eligible residents can apply. According to Seawright, he and his group are extremely passionate about idea of home ownership for individuals who always believed they would never get the opportunity. “We want to show people that going through the process of purchasing a home isn’t as bad as they thought.”

According to Seawright, even if you have had some prior credit problems, you can qualify. Residents can establish something to call their own. According to recent studies, indivuals who own their home are far more likely to keep it up, which in turn, raises property values. Seawright says it is also his goal to help raise ownership above the 48.9% threshold.

“All Americans want to have socioeconomic stability. A home provides that,” said Seawright. Individuals interested in finding out more about the program should contact Renee Rollins at 410-913-6133.

Seawright has known success everywhere he’s gone. The financial guru formerly worked at the CFO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation. During his tenure, he helped a number of small business owners secure start-up grants and loans. Through his efforts, neighborhoods thrived via the influx of money.

Seawright also worked on the local, state and federal level while in Baltimore. He famously implemented an accounting procedure that helped the city save nearly $100,000.

Seawright has won a number of accolades for his financial work. Recently Notre Dame University’s Mendoza School of Business awarded him with a citation for finishing a two-part non profit organization course. Seawright also sits on a number of local boards.

Take The Stress Away And Party!

Nearly all of us have fallen victim to at least one addicting MTV reality TV show. Popular reality show “The Hills” introduced us to one of the most multitalented businesswomen and fashionistas in the industry. Lauren Conrad has taken the world by storm with her seemingly never ending list of talents. From her two clothing lines to her eight best sellers, Conrad has taught us to never underestimate her.

It should come as no surprise that Lauren has tapped into another undiscovered area of expertise. She launched The Little Market, which is an online retailer of fair-trade items like home and party decor. Lauren is known for organizing lavish events and successful parties and now, she wants to share a few of her secrets. While Lauren feels that a “perfect” party turns out to be not such a party, there are a few tips for success in planning an enjoyable event.

For those of us who have a busy schedule, or just a plain fear of completely failing at putting an event together, there are companies willing to take over the stress and worry. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design firm based in New York City. Rather business or personal, Twenty Three Layers has the staff and creativity to handle it all. The company proudly boast their strong relationships with some of the most reputable vendors in the event and party planning industry.

Founded by Jessica Boskoff, Twenty Three Layers delivers a unique and one of a kind event planning experience. She has over a decade of knowledge and experience in relation to luxury and upscale event planning. Boskoff is a well known innovator and role models for people who share her passion. She believes that no two events should ever be the same. The staff at Twenty Three Layers is extremely detail oriented, taking care to greatly assess the needs of each client in order to deliver the best event, or party they have ever seen.

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