NewsWatch TV Saygus Review

An American smartphone manufacturer company named Saygus, hired NewsWatch TV to promote and review their phones. Tim Rush, Vice President of Saygus, insists that NewsWatch TV provides exemplary customer service. NewsWatch TV is very attentive to their clients and their clients audience, providing the exact message needed to drive sales. Working with this company, will benefit your business greatly. Tim Rush said, “I would highly recommend NewsWatch. It’s an extremely professional, competent organization that listens to our needs…” With testimonials so positive, I can’t imagine any company being unhappy with NewsWatch TV.

General info about NewsWatch TV:

As an award winning news television show, NewsWatch provides some of the best news coverage TV has to offer. NewsWatch TV focuses on technology, health, travel, entertainment and consumer news. Making their debut in 1990, they have been providing reliable news coverage for over 25 years. Nationwide, people tune in to watch NewsWatch TV weekly. This news station is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges. They are stationed in Washington D.C., and still manage to reach 96 million households with each air.

NewsWatch TV has become a staple in many people’s lives. Their coverage provides so much information on topics everyone is interested in. Many celebrities have also made appearances on NewsWatch TV. On this 30-minute show you will find: mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, public service announcements, medical breakthrough news, sponsored consumer electronic reviews, and government news. NewsWatch TV has won a 2016 Silver Telly Award, 2017 Videographer Award, 2017 gold Marcom Award and a 2017 platinum Marcom Award. This is a prestigious news show that everyone should tune in to.

Flavio Maluf’s evident preferences

Born in the year 1965, Flavio Maruf began his journey to become the president of Eucatex. It is a family business that has been run since the 1940s within the family reigns. He was however not comfortable with the fact that he already had a stable future, virtue of his inheritance. He studied and finally graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Currently, all his efforts are being focused on Eucatex, of which he is the president and CEO.

The Eucatex company has grown consistently over the years. Currently, it has three large operational factories. One of them is located inBotucatu, it concentrates on manufacturing panels and floorwork. The second one manufactures vanishes and paints, located in Salto. The third one deals with operating a seedling nursery (the forestry sector). The first two have developed over the years, they were not within the pioneer objectives of the company. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

Flavio Maluf has always had an enthusiasm for perfection. That is why he makes efforts to an extent of seeking professional expertise even from international platforms. This has fostered the expansion of the company to new fields. The quality of their products is also very high. This is why they do not strain to make sales even internationally.

Seizing opportunities is one of the greatest pieces of advice he gives to other entrepreneurs. For his company, one of their greatest successes can be attributed t this factor. He realized the market was becoming more refined and preferences were changing. This is why he opted to produce wood fiber instead of just milling timber. The wave of being environmental friendly also places his products at a higher competitive level.

Even with most of his concentration being on the business development, he also creates time for himself. According to him, personal growth and preservation are also crucial. That is why on weekends he goes biking, and within the week he creates time for aerobic exercises at the gym.

Flavio is comfortable with the family business. However, if he was given another chance, apparently he would choose to venture into business independently. He attributes this preference to the changing customs in society.

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Brazilian investor and entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus on his success in the tourism industry

“The Greatest Salesman in the World,” by Og Mandino, this is the book that Guilherme Paulus would encourage anyone who hopes to achieve success to read. For a man that came from humble beginnings to getting featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil, it is advice one should take seriously. His rise to the top has not come from knowing the right people or inheritance, but from sheer hard work and believing in himself and his ideas. This was first reflected when he chose not to close down CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A despite his partner leaving after only four years. At the time of his departure, the government had just introduced a one-year withholding tax that meant that capital that would have otherwise returned to the business was held in government coffers for an extra one year. This might have been okay for bigger companies, but for small companies like CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A it meant draining every last coin and relying on expensive credit where they could get to stay afloat. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus was, however determined to see the company grow and would not allow what he referred to as hitches and glitches to hinder his success. The company has grown to become the country’s tour operator with a presence in more than 400 cities and towns all over Brazil and also having a presence in some other countries in South America. The company today owns cruise ships when less than a decade and a half ago, they were struggling to convenience operators to bring their clients to Brazil. Read this article at

This level of determination is what made Guilherme Paulus entrepreneur of the year last year and a number of years before that. His ability to influence and grow the tourism sector saw the president select him to join the Brazilian Tourism Council that is tasked will formulating policies and advising the government on the required reforms to grow the sector. Guilherme Paulus has also invested in the hotel industry through his GJP network, which today serves more than a million guest annually in their 19 hotels and resorts.


Shiraz Boghani As An Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani is a famous businessman based in Harrow, United Kingdom. He is a certified accountant as well as an entrepreneur who established a company in the healthcare department and a successful hotel chain. Splendid Hospital Group LLP is the first company that Shiraz developed in 1986. This venture is located in Haydon House, Pinner, Middlesex. This company currently operates a wide range of hotels in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz serves as the board chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He is high and intensely active in the management of this firm. Shiraz also specializes in limited services brands. For example, Holiday Inn.

As we speak, Splendid Hospitality Group has a total of 19 hotels. Some of the major and prestigious hotels include Vanbrugh House Hotel based in Oxford, The New Ellington based in Leeds, Hilton London Bankside based in London, as well as the Holiday Inn Express Gatwick-Crawley based in Crawley. The main aim of these hotels is the provision of an excellent place to stay to its customers regardless of their stay duration. Shiraz Boghani was featured as the Hotelier of the Year during the Asian Business Awards that took place in London in 2016. He was awarded for his willingness to go above and far beyond guest in his firm and strong leadership skills. The hotel expert was chosen by a panel of experts in the hospitality industry among all contenders. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of hospitality.

Shiraz Boghani is also a co-founder of Sussex Healthcare which was established in the mid-1990s. He also serves as the joint board chairman of this firm together with his business partner. Sussex Healthcare has 20 homes spread out in the greater Sussex region. Medical professional looks after and takes care of the older adults and individuals with learning and physical disabilities. This firm also operates a new gym that it just launched for its residents to attend due to physical fitness. Some resident that Sussex Healthcare serves live in these homes throughout the day. Some use Sussex Healthcare day center and outreach programs. Shiraz Boghani noted that he and his partner had introduced an excellent management staff that is governed by a new CEO that they hired recently.

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Feral Birds Are Invading Key Cities Across The World

Bird infestation is a worldwide problem, from swallows nestling on local farms up to the uncontrollable number of pigeons in Venice. Overproduction, migration, and habitat disturbance cause the fowls to seek a new harborage. Killing the birds is out of the picture since federal and state laws protect selected species from direct harm. The least that home and building owners can do is install spikes for bird proofing.

One of the most prominent cases of bird infestation is the problematic presence of pigeons on the streets of Venice, Italy. It became worse when tourists started feeding the birds until the government penalized the practice. Still, it encouraged the fowls to stay on public areas, leaving smelly droppings and incurring at least $380 per year for sanitation expenses.

Cities in Mexico and Spain are bearing the brunt of parakeets and quaker parrots nestling and squawking on residential areas. This unusual invasion rooted from the Europe-imposed bird import ban to halt the spread of the dreaded Avian flu.

Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans are worried about the dwindling population of their local fowls due to the pin-tailed whydah infestation. These aesthetic birds are known for brood parasitism that causes other bird species to neglect their young. This ecological anomaly takes place when the whydahs drop their eggs on other bird’s nest, causing the latter to identify the alien fowl as their own.

Even the Eternal City is not spared from the bird problem. Gulls steal food from bystanders and attack tourists out of the blue. One time, these baleful birds assaulted Pope Francis’ peace doves seconds after they were released mid-air.

This bird infestation in Rome becomes more ominous during autumn as starlings join the flock. Swirls of birds can be seen at dusk, almost the same case as the feral nightmare Kentucky experienced about five years ago.

To arrest this disturbance, residents all over the world install spikes for bird proofing to discourage the fowls from nesting on their properties. Such spikes are sturdy and can last for years. It is an economical choice and does not harm any animals in the process. Although not a solid solution, bird spikes are easing the burden of the infestation.

Jason Hope Fights Age Related Diseases

Jason Hope is looking to help people suffering from age-related illnesses. He is taking his knowledge of modern medicine and taking a proactive approach to aging. Hope wants to develop interventions for age-related illnesses before they affect a person. He is looking to help those with Alzheimer’s disease as well as diabetes to begin. Read more about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope made his fortune with his internet entrepreneur work. He is now using the money that he made to support causes to help advance medical techniques related to age-related illnesses. He is working with the SENS Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit that is looking to fight back against age-related disease. Jason Hope supports SENS since they are using rejuvenation biotechnology to focus on addressing these age-related issues and stopping them before they start.

Since 2010, Jason Hope has been working with the SENS organization. He began his involvement of a $500,000 donation. This allowed the group to begin to develop new research on age-related illnesses and their causes. Since the first donation, Hope has given the foundation over $1 million of his personal funds.

Jason Hope has given a number of reasons as to why he is willing to invest in SENS. He believes in the work that this organization is doing as well as their research. He sees this as an advancement in modern medicine and will change the entire healthcare industry.

In addition to donating money to the SENS Foundation, Hope is also donating his time. He assists with the outreach efforts and spreading the awareness of this organization. Hope feels that rejuvenation biotechnology is going to be the future of health care. He feels that the best way to treat these age-related diseases is to develop new techniques to prevent them. Hope and SENS would also like to develop medication to improve the quality of life for people that are already suffering from age-related diseases.


An Academy of Art University Alumni You Know

The Academy of Art University is a private art and design school located in San Francisco California. Students can study and earn degrees in the areas of design, entertainment, fine art, and liberal arts. They practice their crafts while in school by participating in community service projects like mural painting and entertaining senior citizens. Recently, students from the School of Fashion received recognition for their designs from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in New York.

While you may not be familiar with the school, you may know one of its more famous alumni. If you are a fan of the Bachelorette, you know the name Kendall Long. Kendall is a California native who enrolled in the Academy in 2010. She participated in various school activities including being a member of the school’s track team and earned her bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications.

These days you can watch Kendall on the alumni version of the Bachelor/Bachelorette show called Bachelor in Paradise. This show joins those who were previously unsuccessful and offers another chance at love. It seems as if Kendall has developed a relationship with the Bachelor’s Joe Amabile (Grocery Store Joe) and fans are eager to see this pair succeed in love. They may get their wish as Grocery Store Joe has been spending time in California and social media photos seem to suggest that the relationship between him and Kendall has continued beyond the show’s run.

Even if the relationship fades, Kendall can find success using her Academy of Art University degree. The school was founded in 1929 and has always been an open enrollment institution. Its founder Richard Stephens believed that all aspiring artists should have the opportunity to develop their talents. Students are taught by professionals in their fields in state-of-the-art facilities, with curricula that reflects the latest industry trends, using emerging technologies. The Academy has been so successful that it has grown to a current enrollment of over 18,000 and is the largest accredited private art and design university in the nation.

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Malcolm CasSelle Looking to Turn Cryptocurrency Mainstream

 Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and the President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange company also known as Wax. He was an early investor in some large companies including Facebook and Zynga. He also invests in a company that deals with Bitcoins. Malcolm CasSelle is now looking at how the world of gaming and the gaming industry will increase interest and the use of cryptocurrency.

Malcolm is the CIO of the number one bitcoin merchant in the world called OPSkins. This company has users that are making payments using cryptocurrency from all around the world. The company is looking to expand and increase their standing in the marketplace. They are turning to the game industry to get ahead.

Malcolm and his WAX organization have developed a new platform using blockchains. These blockchains are needed for the digital currency exchange. This marketplace is working with the P2P and using them to trade digital assets including blockchains. They are looking for buyers and sellers to be able to efficiently trade blockchains.

WAX is looking to make digital trading safe and secure. They are taking measures to fight back against fragmentation and fraud. This company uses simple blockchains that have enabled widgets. All of the users can buy and sell their virtual assets and they will not have to leave their game screen.

There are a number of places online where digital currency is being traded. WAX is developing the eSports and is looking to allow people to buy, sell, and trade their tokens in a setting that is secured by the blockchains. There is no middleman in the trading process allowing it to be fast and efficient. Malcolm CasSelle is even developing a platform where users will be able to store digital items. Users will be able to have access to a large marketplace with reduced financial risks. According to CasSelle, the gaming industry will allow cryptocurrency to become mainstream.

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How Krishen Iyer Developed A Business To Help Insurance Agents Attract New Clients

Krishen Iyer is a businessman in the Fresno, California, area. He has been in the insurance industry since 2004 and has founded two companies during that time. His first company was Name My Premium LLC which he founded in June 2002. This company was an insurance marketing business as well as an online broker. In 2015 his company made the Inc 5000 list and became the 234th largest insurance services business in California. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and has a degree in public administration.

He now manages Managed Benefit Services, a company he founded in 2016. This company offers a platform for leads, marketing, and consulting services in the overall health insurance company as well as dental insurance specifically. His company can help insurance providers market their products as well as garner clients through capture pages. Krishen Iyer says his platform helps insurance agents verify and rate leads in a real-time environment that includes information from multiple databases. Kirshen Iyer developed the idea of Managed Benefit Services when he saw a need for specialized marketing solutions within the insurance industry.

He has said that his key skill professionally is communication. He also calls it a talent and says that communicating well is something that is developed and refined over the course of a professional career. He uses his communication to bring his ideas to fruition and says that any great idea is developed through a number of people sharing their viewpoints on it.

Krishen Iyer has also been a philanthropist as giving back to others is an important thing to him. He has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations in order to improve the lives of others. This includes going to parks and helping to clean them up from the garbage that others leave behind. He is also the sponsor of a child in a developing nation.

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James Dondero: Doing More For Dallas

James Dondero leads a successful career in the financial industry, and it all started with his education at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. It was here that James would earn his Bachelor of Science Degrees in both accounting and finances. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork. After graduating, James accepted his first real position in the field of economics at JP Morgan Chase & Co; He was responsible for a financial training program that did so well it launched him into the next season of his career. The next step for James Dondero was to work his dream job at American Express, which entailed the management of over $1 billion in fixed income funds between the years of 1985, and 1989. He would do his work with such success that Protective Life offered James the title of Chief Investment Officer for their GIC Subsidiary. James gladly accepted this position with the company and quickly turned it into a $2 billion success story with his guidance and expertise. Read more about James Dondero on

It wouldn’t be until 1993 that James would Co-Found and become the President of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, Texas. The alternative investment firm keeps Mr. Dondero busy enough; However, he has always had a passion for giving back to the people in his community. For example, James and his philanthropy team at Highland Capital Management do what they can to support the organizations with initiatives to improve the state of education and healthcare for their residents. James Dondero has also donated to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. Another example of his generosity, are the donations given by Mr. Dondero to The Family Place, a Dallas based shelter for men that are victims of domestic violence. The housing is close to medical care and features a 24-hour crisis hotline for those that need to reach out for help.