How Sam Tabar Has Managed to Stay Influential in the Financial Sector

Sam Tabar is a one of the most successful lawyers and financial experts in the City of New York. His legal career in private practice as well as his sting working for the financial sector in the United States has enabled him immerse invaluable knowledge on how the financial sector works and how to use the knowledge to serve his clients effectively. He graduated from The Oxford University in England and later joined Columbia Law School in the United States of America. While at Columbia, his knack for business earned him the much coveted title as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

Soon after graduating from Columbia Law School, the brilliant young lawyer joined the prestigious law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Mearger & Flom LLP right in the heart of New York City. His main function while at the law firm was to provide legal counsel to clients on how to form, manage and structure hedge funds, he advised clients on employment and labour related issues affecting them. His presence at the law firm was instrumental in the drafting of complex investment management agreements for clients and generally advised the clients on the regulatory framework for hedge funds in the United States as well as ensuring that these clients complied with the requisite requirements to avoid penal consequences.

In September 2004 he started working at Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors first as the company’ legal officer but due to his excellent resume and his impressive performance at the firm, he was later made the Managing Director and the Co-Head of Business Development. His function at the firm was to oversee all issues regarding investment legal issues involving the clients of the firm. Sam Tabar later left the firm to join The Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a director and the Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia Pacific region.

After a few years in the business world he went back again to private practice by joining Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate attorney. His expertise on the management and formation of hedge fund was highly useful to the firm and also the drafting of other complex investment contracts.  Follow Sam on Twitter for another window into his life.

Securus Earns Thousands of Users With New App

Law enforcement and many agencies within the justice system have spent years relying on Securus Technologies to help make their operations possible, and keep channels of communication between agencies open and reliable. Their interaction with the general public as a business has been relatively limited, since they had little to offer this market until quite recently. What Securus has on offer for this new market of consumers comes in the form of an app, and if the download numbers are to be believed it’s quite popular.

Video Visit has been available for only six months, and in that time Securus has seen quite a bit of interest in what they have to offer. Apple’s App Store has experienced more than 5,000 downloads of the app since its release. Android marketplaces, including Google Play, has had the app downloaded more than 60,000 times in the since months since release. These numbers far exceeded expectation, and highlight the demand by this market.

What the Video Visitation app does is it allows users to enjoy a proper connection with inmates through a secure online connection. By using an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any of the numerous mobile smartphones and tablets that run Android’s operating system, users can work around the traditional time window of prison visitation in order to communicate with an inmate.

Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies, Russel Roberts, commented on the importance of this app. With adaptability of the Internet in mind when designing this new method of communication, Roberts sees Securus as bridging the gap between inmates and loved ones. This also has a benefit for Securus which has earned new popularity with a consumer base that could influence some of the company’s dealings in the future.

Securus Technologies is a premiere provider of tech solutions to correctional facilities operating in North America, based out of Dallas, Texas. With years working in tech services, Securus has provided products and services to more than 3,400 correctional facilities, impacting the lives of 1.2 million inmates.

By turning to Securus, correctional facilities have enjoyed unparalleled quality of service like seamless communication with law enforcement agencies and other facilities. This includes assisting in the housing and policing of inmates, and even communicating with the general public about safety information and emergency situations.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the health product Securus, nor is it a part of the Securus America site.

Thor Halvorssen: Dictators Are Bad, Not Socialism

Denmark, Norway and Sweden are shining examples of socialist countries. In fact, socialist agendas have given Norway the most efficient criminal justice system in the world and Finland’s socialist educational system cranks out the world’s smartest students.

But there are socialist governments like the one found in Venezuela where power was centralized with one dictator. That dictator set prices for products throughout the country causing a collapse of the economy. That dictator also jailed Thor Halvorssen’s father unjustly.

Thor Halvorssen was then inspired to found the Human Rights Foundation to fight against dictators and to promote equality and justice throughout the world. He knows all too well that socialism itself is not a bad thing. Countries where human rights violations are not taking place can have socialist governments and that is perfectly fine, according to the human rights expert. Of course, dictators can use a socialist government as a mechanism to exploit their people. It is the unilateral power at the head of any government that allows for human rights violations to take place, not the form of government itself.

The human rights expert tries to explain this in a recent three-minute interview with a Fox News hostess.  After the hostess continues to try to steer the conversation, Thor Halvorssen unleashes the fact that he supports Bernie Sanders and has made the largest campaign contribution that is allowed under campaign finance law.

It turns out that Thor Halvorssen doesn’t care what kind of politics you endorse. If you perpetuate or support human rights violations in any way, you are the problem. If you promote equality and justice, like Bernie Sanders, you have his support even if he does not agree with everything you say. That is why he cannot support Hillary Clinton because she has taken campaign contributions from dictators and implicitly supports their actions. Republican candidates, on the other hand, explicitly support the actions of human rights violators such as Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Kyle Bass Showing Undesirable Investment Strategies

Kyle Bass has made a living making money off of the less fortunate. In fact, that is primarily how he has become such a wealthy individual. While he has not done anything illegal, he is either making money off of the banks of individuals who are going through tough times or he is making money by essentially tricking less informed individuals into making investments that do not come to fruition. For anyone looking at investment strategies, Kyle Bass is not really the individual people should be looking to. There are others who are able to showcase a greater regard not only for investments but their fellow man.

Banks had been forced to hand out loans to individuals who typically would not qualify for the loans. Although the point was to allow everyone to live the “American Dream,” it did two different things. First, it put people into mortgages that they would not be able to afford should the economy ever turn. Secondly, it forced housing prices to skyrocket as everyone was buying not just one, but multiple houses. Eventually, the housing bubble burst, people’s loans went through the roof and these individuals who should have never received a loan in the first place started defaulting, resulting both in the bank losing money and being forced to foreclose on the homes. While Kyle Bass did not have anything to do with the creation of the market, he did make sure to exploit it.

For every negative Biz Journals reports, there is always a positive. It is possible to make a considerable amount of money when something bad happens to someone or a financial institution. Kyle ended up investment in these subprime loans and so when someone lost their homes, he made money off of it.  It made him money but it also brought about the despise of millions around the country. Now he is up to his old tricks, but it looks as though these old tricks are not going to be paying off for him, all while the tricks will be milking hard working Americans out of their own investment money.

For the last several years, Kyle Bass has pointed out problems with the Asian market, claiming the markets would collapse at any time. Each and every year he has stated this and each and every year he has been wrong. It is important for individuals to know that should they invest with him, they likely will just be softening his fall while losing all of their own money.  Full article can be seen on, and it really highlights some major concerns.

How Successful PR Companies are Working

Melissa Click is a top of the line professor who eventually lost her job after a single mistake. She made one mistake of accidentally being angry at the people at a certain rally or protest that happened at the University of Missouri, which eventually ruined her entire life and made her get suspended from her job. Her anger and screaming tirade not only went viral, but it spread all across the school and made here her credibility as their teacher for more than 12 years. She struggled to find the answer to fixing this issue with her and the school considering that she isn’t considered a welcomed teacher any longer.

Her mistake lasted longer than expected, and many people are still considering her to be the teacher that doesn’t deserve to work with this school. Status Labs has decided to work with her to help with not only her general case on getting her job back and remove the suspension, but also with cleaning up her image. All kinds of companies are struggling every day with their reputation, and that is what Darius Fisher, the owner of the fast-growing Status Labs does.

Countless companies every day are looking for ways to help fix their reputation. Status Labs know how to work with the web to ensure that their clients can clean up their act and look clean again in the media. They know that their clients feel bad about their issues, and that they don’t want to remain a bad name in their industry. It’s a struggling industry with countless companies constantly going out of business because of a bad reputation. Darius knows how to bring his team together and bring about a simplified solution that delivers results.

Melissa is a teacher who wants her job back along with her reputation to be back on track. Nothing is more stressful than having a horrible name.

Manse On The Marsh Offering Comfort And Security

Family is important. When a family member needs help or simply has issues caring for themselves, we typically rush to aid them. Sometimes the need exists to find a safe place for family to stay where they can get all the help they need while maintaining as much autonomy as possible.

This is when assisted living can step in and help. The Manse on the Marsh offers around the clock help when your family member needs it. They are trained professionals who have the experience to meet the daily needs of aging family. The staff includes a number of professionals ranging from doctors and nurses, to aides and cooks.

Many worry that assisted living is institutionalized and aesthetic. This is not the case at the Manse on the Marsh. Their campus looks and feels like a luxury hotel. There are many beautiful plants that adorn the campus as well as luxurious furniture and pieces of artwork.

Each living quarter is well furnished with beds and chairs. points out that each individual will also find WiFi and Cable TV in their rooms. Every attempt is made to help residents feel as comfortable as possible and get them involved in the community and many activities provided.

Residents will have a number of different activities that they can get involved in. Things like yoga and low impact aerobics can help individuals feel great and maintain their mobility. Stretching classes and brisk walks are also available to take part in. If the resident prefers there are also many arts and crafts classes that they may do as well.

Entertainment is also at an abundance at the Manse at the Marsh. They have an on campus theater that shows movies every week, and if the resident desires, there is a theater in the local community. Local entertainment includes museums, shows, and parks that are nearby.

Religious events can also be partaken of. The Manse offers a non-denominational service for those who wish to take part. If something more specific is required there are a number of churches nearby that are easy to get to.

Medical care is also some of the best that can be attained. Doctors from the three nearby hospitals make visits on request. They also can provide office visits whenever they are needed. These doctors come from a wide range of specialties to meet the needs of the individual.

It is for this reason that choosing a place where they will not only be safe but also feel comfortable is important. Manse on the Marsh offers many options to help offer the comfort that our family should come to expect in their older years.  Look at the new Manse commercial to get a good feel for the ground.

Skout Introduces Skout Travel

Skout has become a virtual site that people flock to because they have like to make friends online. The site has become quite impressive because there are so many people that are coming here to look for friends and stay in contact with old friends. Recently, Skout has released a new feature called Skout Travel that is bound to get even more people interested in the site.

Skout Travel is perfect for this booming social media app because there are already millions of users that are connected to the site. It has been reported that more than 10 million users have started taking on these virtual trips around the world since the feature was released. This is an interesting way for many people to visit hundreds of different cities in places around the world. That is just another aspect of the app that will make even more people notice this social media playground for teenagers and young adults.

The travel feature is a cool addition, and it is easy to use. All that users have to do click the airplane icon to get a ticket. At this time they can purchase a 24 hour ticket and go to many virtual cities and find out about these areas. This is going to be ideal for people that may have plans to travel of a particular area. They may be looking for ways to learn about different cultures. There may be a need to find out which city is going to be the best city to visit. This is why Skout has become such a popular app.

Skout has started to show a lot of growth over the years as people search for an exciting new way to meet people. Facebook has already been overly saturated with more than a billion users. Many people, however, will find out that they are just meeting friends that they already know there.  They have the time to actually get to know someone that they may have not seen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

People are also using Skout to connect with others for job opportunities. This has become a common thing that those people that are trying to build their networking skills. People that are moving can find jobs easier with Skout.

Martin Lustgarten Investment Wizard

Martin Lustgarten with roots in Venezuela and Austria is the chief executive officer of Lustgarten Martin an investment banking company. He resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida which is one of Florida’s most expensive and elite oceanfront communities. Ponte Vedra is home to the PGA’s Tour Championships, which is considered by PGA member players as the fifth major golf tournament in the world. The 17th hole, the island green, is the most iconic of feared golf holes, and is the site of many professional golfing misadventures. Martin Lustgarten lives in this paradise with his wife and daughter. In his spare time he is an avid collector of quality timepieces.
This hobby of collecting fine wristwatches is one of the most expensive hobbies to enjoy in the world. Rolex, Omega, Cartier and IWC brands are some of the many quality watches which collectors want in their collections. Prices for quality of watches begins at $2,000. and spirals upwards rapidly. It is easy to see why he has a love of these fine watches, he hails from Austria where precision watchmaking and quality timepieces are highly regarded.
Investment banking and other operations in the financial marketplace allow for this type of extravagant hobby and lifestyle. There are millions and even billions of dollars to be made in this profession. George Soros, philanthropist and financial wizard, made more than $1 billion on a single investment in the currency markets. It is quite amazing when we consider that personal wealth today is no longer measured in millions of dollars but in billions of dollars.
Lustgarten can afford this expensive hobby and his equally expensive lifestyle in Ponte Vedra due to the success he has had in his investment banking business.

Common Misconceptions About The Koch Brothers

Charles Koch is the CEO of the Koch Industries. He is a very wealthy billionaire, and he is known by many due to the huge amounts of money he spends on the American politics. His brother David Koch is the vice CEO of the Koch Industries, and they have always been partners hen doing any activity. Many people in the United States call the due, the Koch Brothers, and they have a special place in the American society due to the role they play in politics.

Not long ago, the Charles Koch started a political network, and it has managed to do very well. With the help of several other political donors, the political machine has done very well, and it has been absorbed in the whole country well. In the past, the brothers were not as famous as they have become in the recent past.

The Koch brothers kept their private lives away from the media, and very little information was known about them. People did not even know that the duo was active in the American politics until recently. The Koch brothers have decided to come out of their hiding and speak to the public about their ideas and policies in order to get the support of the American people in the upcoming elections. Recently, Charles Koch shared his personal profile in a popular newspaper, something that has never happened before.

People in the United States have had some misconceptions about these brothers because they do not understand why they fund the politics and the reasons behind their actions. Many Americans believe that the Koch brother was a project rose to defame the Obama presidency. Another group believes that the Koch network will be a political party very soon. These are all misconceptions because these are far from the truth.

The multibillionaires are conservatives, and their main opposes are the Democrats who spread the rumors. The Koch Brother have come up in the recent past to explain themselves and stop these misconceptions, but a good number of people are still in the dark. Unlike in the past where they would not go on the television for interviews, the Koch brothers are now very transparent, but this is not offering any solutions.

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The CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors

Announced on February 29, 2016, Brad Reifler, CEO and founder of Forefront Capital Advisors, said he has entered into a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center. The company owned by Reifler will also donate $3 million to the charity.

Easter Seals Dixon Center has greatly impacted the lives of veterans and military families by creating life changing opportunities for them. The company helps them find access to Healthcare, education and employment. Forefront Capital Advisors offers the same thing, but focuses on helping its clients create a secure financial future. Together, they can offer better opportunities to their clients. The $3 million donation will be given to Easter Seals Dixon Center to aid in their programs which provides veterans with things like job training, health and wellness and education.

Forefront Capital Advisors, located in New York City, is a company that mostly deals in banking and investments. This includes Merchant Banking and Investment Banking Services. They offer their services to boutique firms and middle class investors who normally are not offered these services.

Brad Reifer, who has over 30 years of business experience is best known for being CEO and founder of Forefront Capital Advisors which he founded in May 2009, but he had other business ventures before that. He worked for and founded Pali Capital in 1995 where he was the CEO and founding partner. Before that, he was a star trader for Refco. His very first business, founded in the 1982 after he graduated from college, was Reifler Trading Company, which was acquired by Refco, the world’s largest futures company, in 2000.

Brad Reifler, with his many years of experience, is personally sought after. He specializes in giving expert advice to commodity and forex traders. Since these two are difficult, his experience makes his clients feel better about their investments.  Brad is also all about providing advice to those around him.  Mr. Reifler is known for his investment tips.

Reifler graduated from Bowdoin University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science in May 1981.  Follow Bradley on Twitter.