Check Out This First Birthday Party at the Farm!

Baby’s first birthday is a milestone to celebrate, so why not do it with style? Doing something grand may not be in the works, but take a cue from the creative minds at 23 layers and bring the farm to baby. No messy farm animals to worry about here!

Something Special for Teddy

Instead of taking Teddy to the farm for his first birthday, Jessica Boskoff brought the farm to Teddy. As you can see here at 100 Layer Cake-let she used simple variations on Old MacDonald’s farm to create a simple theme that brought to mind autumn days and county fairs, all without undue mess and fuss.

Mini-Variations on a Theme

Instead of dishing out sugary cupcakes, Jessica stuck with farm-ready staples; fresh apples, cherries and miniature apple pies. Teddy’s farm was stocked with cake-pop cows and chickens, perfect for small mouths. Apple juice was the refreshment of the day, and for the older kids in tow, candy apples are at the ready to enjoy.

Something for Everyone to Enjoy

While Teddy was treated to the gorgeously designed farmhouse cake, guests didn’t leave empty-handed. Decorated sugar cookies were enjoyed, as well as gift boxes for all guests. The desert bar sported plenty of goodies, and the green and red gingham design was sure to play upon the senses, inviting another visit to Teddy’s farm.

About 23 Layers

23 Layers is a New York City based design and event planning firm and a creative flair for energetic minds. Their one-of-a-kind energetic inspiration helps fuel unforgettable events, whether that be a wedding, corporate gala or other charitable function. 23 Layers has successfully fused creativity, professionalism, event planning, and trends in food and entertainment to rise to the top of their field.

About Jessica Boskoff

As one of 23 Layer’s Event Designers and Planners, Jessica Boskoff has a sharp eye for vibrant color and playful, whimsical props. She also has an eye for sweets. She finds her artistic expression through her design, and loves to play close attention to detail that’s fanciful yet controlled.

Shaygan Kherapdir Achievements in the Electrical Engineering Field


Shaygan is one of the most respected individuals in the electrical engineering industry. He went to school at the Cornel University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He studied electrical engineering at the University, specializing in control systems. He later got a master degree and Ph.D. from the same institution.

In his career as an electrical engineer, Shaygan Kherapdir has managed to accomplish a lot, earning him respect all over the world. At the moment, he is a role model for individuals in the industry, thanks to his achievements. In all the companies he has worked for, Shaygan has always tried to develop mission-driven teams to improve the performance of the companies.

Not long ago, he was appointed to become the CEO of Jupiter Networks. Jupiter Networks is one of the pioneers in the competitive and lucrative networking industry in Silicon Valley. He was appointed to this position due to the expertise and knowledge he has acquired over the years.

Before getting this appointment, Shaygan was working as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer in the Barclays group. He started working at the Barclays headquarters in London before being transferred to other branches. In Barclays, he managed to bring several cultural changes.

Shaygan Kherapdir started practicing his career in GTE labs in Boston. In this company, he was in charge of networking routing control and the management of the company. He was dedicated to his work, and this earned him an appointment as the head of software systems in the company.

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Alexei Beltyukov Helps Launch Online Learning Platform

Alexei Beltyukov is a medical doctor turned serial entrepreneur and business advisor. Mr. Beltyukov was first educated as a doctor in his native country of Russia. There he worked as a government doctor.

Government doctors make little money in Russia, and Alexei was forced to evaluate his options due to a growing family and because he wanted a better life for himself. One day, Alexei stumbled upon a flyer for INSEAD College in France, that promised great opportunities and scholarships for international students who showed talent and drive to succeed in business.

As shows, it was a long shot but Alexei applied, was accepted and won over the administration who gave him a full scholarship at their business program. Since studying and completing the business program at INSEAD college, Alexei’s career and life has taken off. He now has several companies that he has helped launch under his belt. This includes energy company New Gas Technologies Inc., and automotive repair and body shop chain business in Russia called Mechanicus.

Mr. Beltyukov is also a board observer at Foro energy, which is a firm that works on developing lasers for use in mining, oil geothermal and natural gas operations. Alexei Beltyukov’s remarkable business talent led him to be appointed as a leading member of the Coordinating Council of the Market for Innovations and Investments of the Moscow Exchange in Russia. Endemic Capital is a financial investment venture also founded by Alexei Beltyukov. The investment firm specializes in pooling money into early stage technology operations and startups. Endemic Capital is also an angel investment group.

Alexei Beltyukov is also active in the educational sector. He was appointed director of online educational platform SOLVY. As director Alexei was responsible for the launch of SOLVY in 2013, and overseeing major operations.

On Alexei’s Twitter, @Alexei_Belt, he tells us that SOLVY represents a new kind of learning software for students. It is interactive, with students receiving feedback in the forms of hints and tips as they try to solve mathematical problems. The software is also adaptive and reacts differently according to how a student approaches a problem and tries to arrive at a solution. Instead of being static and only accepting one way of solving math problems, SOLVY lets student arrive at solutions in multiple ways. It incorporates real world examples and real world problems to make math problems more relevant to today’s students. Beltyukov’s launch of SOLVY has received the backing of many educators and the attention of news sites such as DinnerVibe who view it as a highly successful undertaking so far.

Brian Bonar Businessman And Leader

Brian Bonar is one of the most respected business leaders in the US. He’s climbed to the top of an industry that is one of the hardest to master. Mr. Bonar is best known as a leader and expert in management.

He earned an undergraduate degree from Stratchclyde, an MBA and Ph.D. from Staffordshire University. Mr. Bonar began his career in 1969 as procurement manager whose job it was to outsource motherboards for different IBM products. Mr. Bonar went on to found his own business in Bezier Systems in 1994. It was the first to launched the first SCSI-based printers. In 2006, he started AMSO Outsourcing.

Today Brian Bonar is known as an expert in turnaround management, restructuring, strategy and process improvement. Mr. Bonar’s specialties are acquisition and merging of new businesses. He has won many awards and honors, among them a place in America’s Whose Who in 2000. Mr. Bonar has also been awarded several academic honors.

Bloomberg and Modern Luxury published that Brian Bonar is currently at Trucept Inc., which was once known as Smart Tek. Automated Services Inc. He holds positions of having held positions such as Chairman of the Board, President, CEO, CFO, and Secretary.

Trucept Incorporated specializes in providing financial services to medium and small businesses with an eye toward helping them through the various day to day difficulties that often arise in business.

Mr. Bonar has help many prestigious positions in the past such as Co-president at Allegiant Professional business Services Inc., Chairman and CEO at Amada Co., Director of Pen Inter Communications, Amanda Company Incorporated, Greenland Corporation and many others – Brian Bonar – Entrepreneurship is my Passion |

He remains in high demand for both his understanding of businesses and their difficulties as well as a leader in his field. Mr. Bonar is currently based in San Diego California.

He is not only one of the leaders in his field, but someone to watch as his skills in helping companies to overcome difficulties and acquisition continues to grow with time.

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How Qnet Improves People’s Lifestyles across the World.

Qnet was started in 1998 and is the one of the fastest growing online shopping companies in the world. They are currently serving a new generation of healthy and successful individuals of all races, gender, ages and financial status. The company offers the structure and tools that enable its members to raise their state of living through advanced lifestyle products, network marketing, and an appealing payment plan. Qnet has actively operated in the direct selling and marketing industry for 16 years and is a relatively new competitor compared to its more developed rivals that have largely dominated the sector. The company was founded by a young group of entrepreneurs who had an aim of marketing to improve people’s health and lifestyles, and it offers a variety of products from different brands, which emphasis on improving the consumer’s health and living standards across the world. Their outstanding and properly tested products range from nutritional, skin care and health products to high-quality jewelry and Swiss-made watches.

The company uses strict testing procedures when deciding on new products that they can to add to their large brand. Some of the distinctive qualities that Qnet considers when inspecting their new products are the high standards and ethical values. The firm is devoted to working with exact and healthy vegetarian values, and only vegetarian meals are offers at all company events. Vegetarianism is actively promoted by Qnet as a means of having a healthy lifestyle decision. High standards are displayed in every section of the enterprise’s products, and business strategies and ingredients that are non-vegetarian are not allowed in any food that is consumed by either employees or customers. The company promotes extremely safe testing procedures that cannot cause harm to animals, and therefore, they do not use animals during testing. Significant efforts have also been made to educate the world on how to mitigate the growth rates of heart diseases, diabetes obesity, and other deteriorating conditions. Qnet uses less sugar, synthetic sweeteners and damaging chemicals in the products that they sell online.

Qnet follows an uplifting philosophy for a major direct selling firm in Asia, which states that better yourself to improve the people around you. The company prioritizes social responsibility by taking part in various philanthropic courses and working hard to serve local and international societies to create major community plans. Rashid Center’s activities that help children with special needs are substantially supported by Qnet.

Every Country Is Open To Investment With Martin Lustgarten

Every country in the world is open to investment when people are working with Martin Lustgarten. He is an international investor who lives in Florida, has an Austrian passport and a Venezuelan passport. He is a true citizen of the world who has worked with people all over the world on their investments. There are a lot of people who make money with Martin Lustgarten, and they can get him to help them start investing in a country that is most beneficial for them.


It is also true that people who work with Martin Lustgarten are going to be able to invest a country where they have never been before. Martin Lustgarten has been to all these countries, and he knows the best places to invest in these areas. It is important for people to understand that they need to pick the best countries for every investment, and it is also important that they are learning from Martin Lustgarten which country is which. He can walk people through all their different needs, and he can show them what can be done to change their investment fortunes. It is so simple and basic that anyone can do it.


Martin Lustgarten starts people out by checking with them to see what it is that they want. He needs to know what all his clients want out of their investments, and he also wants to make sure that all his clients can reach those goals in the time that they want to. Everyone knows the kind of money they want to make, and the only way to make sure that it is going to work is to ask Martin Lustgarten for help.


Martin Lustgarten has invested his own money all over the world, and he is sure that he can help his clients reach their goals. He picks the right countries to invest in, and he provides information on each nation. The information he offers changes the lives of his clients, and they can keep their money in profitable places. It is very simple for Martin Lustgarten to help a client get started investing in a new country. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s into late

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Charles Koch’s firm political stand

Charles Koch is an American citizen who was born in the year 1935 in Wichita, Kansas in the United States of America. He is a business person and who is so much involved in the philanthropic activities. He is the co-owner of Koch Industries with his brother David Koch, which was ranked the 2nd largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes magazine in the year 2000. It is a business that they inherited from their father, and they have expanded it to that level. He is the chairperson and CEO of the company.

Charles Koch is willingly and always open to sharing what shapes the world, and he always gives his opinions regarding a given topic. He is vividly advocating and advising the entire American community to be ready and willing to work hard for a better nation. His late father left them a letter that was all about how they should live in this world. He informs them about being humble and treating each other with respect as business demands a lot of business.

The world has choices and each and every individual should make the right thing in life. Money is just a means to the end, so they were advised to handle the cash and maintain the businesses that were left behind with dignity and work hard to grow them. Koch is an advocate of prosperity for the entire business fraternity. He is also vocal in the 2016 politics where his opinions massively matter He has two children and he always advocates for a just and free world where a businessman should conduct their business freely.

Koch industries are involved in various philanthropic activities that Charles Koch champions and which has opened another level of his kind heart. He advocates for a system that respects the values of human beings which he has adopted from the letter of his late father.

He was the hardworking boy since his father used to insist that people can only prosper if they work extra hard. It is due to this fact that he has grown their company to reach the level that it is right now in the market. He insists that when an individual is in his thirties, that is when they should work harder and invest in long-term investments. He follows clearly the words of the letter, and he concurs that they have given him the wisdom to prosper.

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Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools

Dynamics Search Partners, with Keith Mann at the head, held a fundraising event to support Uncommon schools, raising over $22,000 to support the educations of low-income students. People from the financial sector came together at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden to support the cause.

Uncommon Schools is opening a new school in Brooklyn, NY in the next year and needed a fundraiser to allow them to test their students for the new year. The money raised will go toward AP and PSAT testing for this new school. Prior to this fundraising event, Dynamics Search Partners had raised $10,000 for their organization. Uncommon Schools looks to close the achievement gap for low income students in New England, with schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and has been working with Dynamics Search Partners since 2013.

Keith Mann sat in during classes, talked with teachers, and even spoke with high school seniors, impressed by the students’ passion for learning and desire to go to college to fulfill their personal ambitions. He is an expert on hedge fund compensation, and Dynamics Search Partners is an Executive search firm dedicated exclusively to finding talent for alternative investment firms. His expertise is in hiring investment, marketing and internal strategy professionals for companies countrywide, in Europe and Asia. They fill out around 200 client mandates a year.

Dynamics Search Partners is one of the biggest staffers in the hedge fund industry. He founded the company in 2009 when he discovered the hedge fund industry as an under served branch of the financial world that wasn’t being utilized by the search industry. The company is not only successful but also serves the community, supporting various causes in the New York/New England area. Uncommon Schools is a cause that is especially dear to Mann’s heart.

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Highland Capital Management Proves Worth It

James Dondero is one of the experienced American entrepreneurs who founded Highland Capital Management in 1990. Mostly known as Jim, James Dondero has been in the credit markets business for more 30 years, a scenario that has earned great experience to deal with financial markets. Mr. Dondero currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Dondero acts as the CEO of HCM, where he strategizes retail operations and investment opportunities. Before he founded Highland Capital Management together with his co-founder Mark Okada, Dondero had signed with GIC life subsidiary enterprise as the chief investment officer. In his era as the CIO of the subsidiary, Dondero managed to raise the business level from a startup onset up to a $2 billion dollars investment for five fiscal years, an instance that gained him much fame.

President Dondero is also an experienced and accountable manager. He has been managing funds in Highland Capital Management since he started the company. His success has also been widely contributed by the good relation he has with his staff. While in American Express investments, Dondero managed an approximate of $1 billion dollars for the firm. Dondero has also managed to incur many words in his entire career. For instance, in 2014, he received an award with the Healthcare Equity Fund.

Highland Capital Management is a financial company that solely focuses on meeting customers’ financial demands and interests. This commercial enterprise has qualified and dedicated staff that works around the clock towards ensuring that clients’ interests get met. Highland Capital Management firm is well known for providing asset management services at a global level ion an efficient manner.

This company has improved investment systems that ensure that customers get high yield credit without encountering lengthy processes and tariffs. Under the management of President James Dondero, Highland capital management also offers real estate services, healthcare services, and well-structured products. HCM also develops financial solutions to their clients by aligning interests of the customers through investment programs.

In association with its affiliates, Highland Capital Management has an approximated $18 billion dollars of assets solely under management. Highland investments also deal with Collateralized Loan Obligations, private equities, and hedge funds at an affordable platform. The firm provides financial solutions to other areas such as Seoul, Sao Paulo, and Singapore. Being classified as one of the largest company offering alternative credit solutions at an international level, HCM is taking the industry to another level.

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