Bellamy’s, Ponsaty, and Brian Bonar

To further Bellamy’s, his downtown Escondido restaurant, Brian Bonar made famed French chef Patrick Ponsaty the culinary head of the establishment. Although a very fine dining restaurant, Bellamy’s has a very rustic setting, having been formed from an 1880s adobe building.

This already charming setting was given a huge boost by the hire of Ponsaty who is one of the most revered chefs in the world and has been given the rare title, Meilleurs Ouvrier de France, which is so rare and prestigious that only 11 other chefs in North America have had it bestowed upon them.

Many are amazed that Ponsaty even accepted the offer to cook at Bellamy’s at all. Ponsaty is so masterful and famed a chef that he could get a position wherever he wanted in the world. However, two things won him over: 1) The setting of Escondido, California reminded him of home and 2) Brian Bonar gave him complete control of his menus. This second is so rare in restaurants that Ponsaty jumped at the chance.

So Ponsaty gave Bellamy’s his desired style which is French in nature, approachable, and inspired. Ponsaty was previously the executive chef at El Bizcocho where he trained and mentored the now famous chef Gavin Kaysen.

In fact, Kaysen eventually replaced Ponsaty as executive chef of the restaurant in 2004. Before coming to Bellamy’s, Ponsaty would be head chef at La Bastide, Bernard’O, and the Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Picking Ponsaty to take his restaurant to greater heights was not a difficult decision for Bonar, who was already a huge fan of the chef. Ponsaty does more than serve as head chef at Bellamy’s. Bonar has a restaurant empire in Escondido and has incorporated Ponsaty’s culinary assistance at several of them.

In the area of business, Brian Bonar definitely knows what he’s doing. Beginning in 1984, Bonar served in business leadership with several businesses. He has been with Dalrada Financial since 1994, its director since 1995, Its CEO since 1998, and its Chairman of the Board since 1999.

The Kabbalah Centre Educates All

Kabbalah is an ancient thought paradigm that has helped guide many people to fulfillment. The basic notion behind Kabbalah is that happiness and fulfillment come from having a good balance in your life. Balance is necessary because every facet of your life is connected like tree branches to the same root system. So, any kind of negative energy in one area of your life will negatively impact other aspects of your personal and professional life concurrently.

Kabbalah itself is not a religion. But it does have roots in the Judaic faith. It is a practice that can be applied to any individual’s life regardless of their faith or beliefs. Each person’s relationship with the discipline is different based on their faith system.

The main focus of Kabbalah is to lose yourself in the universe using literal interpretations. This a sharp contrast to many other philosophies that are focused more on finding yourself. The philosophy using its teaching to help create more “other-centered” individuals. It seeks to find what is beautiful in every aspect of our world for each person that practices by altering the person’s perception of everything around them.

The Kabbalah Centre is an institution founded in America in 1965 that is dedicated to the teaching of Kabbalah. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Centre is dedicated to bringing guidance in Kabbalah to the community on a worldwide basis. This is why it has a very diverse staff when it comes to both race and religion.

The Kabbalah Centre in the United States was founded by Phillip and Karen Berg in 1965. The current headquarters in Los Angeles was founded in 1984. The Kabbalah Centre has over 50 different branches located around the world. There are major branches besides the headquarters that are located in New York City and other major cities.

The Kabbalah Centre is dedicated to bringing students knowledge about Kabbalah without them needing to speak or read Hebrew. This is a stark contrast to earlier versions of discipline that were thought to require a deep understanding of Hebrew law. Most major cities in America have some kind of Kabbalah education center. You should be able to find one if you are interested in learning more about Kabbalah.

Susan McGalla Gets Fans Even More Excited for Steelers Football

Without the fans, a name does not really exist. This concept applies from everything to clothing brands to sports teams, and even a combination of the two. Coinciding with this idea is the launch of the Pittsburgh Steelers fashion line, new website, and a general way that fans can feel connected to the team–all of which resulted from the appointment of the team’s new Director of Strategic Planning, Susan McGalla.

Before joining the black, gold, and white, Susan McGalla served as the CEO of Wet Seal, and as the President of American Eagle Outfitters, so there is no denying that she is no stranger to retail. Her belief that you need to listen to the fans has allowed her to craft some pretty stellar ideas for the team that will only have more people cheering them on this upcoming game season.

Read more: Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

Susan McGalla understands what people want based on research, and even speaking with them herself. A vast knowledge of men, women, and what both sexes require in terms of fashion practicality contributes to her overall success, and that will only double as she brings the Steelers some much-needed recognition! See:

So, what can fans expect to see in terms of merchandise this upcoming season? While the typical jerseys and t-shirts are great, Susan McGalla upped the game by incorporating Pandora jewelry equipped with Steelers charms, products from Nike Golf, Tommy Bahama, and even Victoria’s Secret. The whole concept is to get fans to wear their gear more often and in more practical circumstances; women do not always want to wear baggy clothing, and men need durable items fit for work. Regardless of how you dress up these new items, you will feel connected to your favorite team like never before, thanks to Susan McGalla!

Why It’s A Good Idea To Hire Wikipedia Writers

One new feature which has been developed by Wikipedia is Wikipedia Sights. This is a feature which is integrated into an app and can be used to show areas of interest as well as a summary of the area around you. The “Nearby” feature allows you to find areas of interest which are in your immediate location and travel to those locations which surround you. This will provide a good amount of information to distributed to all of the users of Wikipedia, and provides users with nearby access to all of the local attractions within the area. For those whom are looking for something to do on a boring afternoon, Wikipedia sights is the perfect option as it provides a list of attractions which are accessible without having to travel for a long distance. This is a feature which many can benefit from, and is used in conjuction with Google Maps. Wikipedia Sights will also provide information on the attraction so potential visitors can quickly decide whether or not the place is worth visiting.

For Brick-and-Morter businesses, this feature is a potential game changer. Wikipedia Sights has the power to re-direct more users in your direction. Plenty of people are always looking for something to do, and if your business can offer it – then yours should definitely be listed in the app. For that reason, your business will need to create a Wikipedia page that will enable customers to find you.

Being one of the most visited websites online, it’s very difficult to ignore. Wikipedia offers a lot of potential as a branding tool. One of the things which you’ve likely first looked at when you were curious about something online is the Wikipedia page describing the subject matter. There’s also a chance that you have more respect for individuals with their own Wikipedia page, particularly a long one. Wikipedia is considered to be an authority source in current times and is a great resource with plenty of useful facts regarding a subject for which you are interested in.

A Wikipedia writer is someone who is able to create high-quality content on Wikipedia which describes your business or desired topic. This also ensures that the article is error-free and able to be understood by many other people. When you make a Wikipedia article can be very valuable in cases where you’re looking to build up rapport with an audience in addition to trust with the community and customers.

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A Miracle in The Weight Loss Industry

Nurtrimost, a weight loss company growing in popularity is now in legal suit with fellow competitor Healthy Living for stealing it’s propagative video and posting it to their own internet site. Allegedly, Healthy Living edited the video to replace the phrase “nutrimost” with their own catchphrase “can’t lose diet” according to the Manhattan Federal Court Suit. Healthy Living’s version contained all testimonials from the original Nutrimost promotional video. After a cease an deciest order was issued to Healthy Living the stolen promotional video was removed. Still Nutrimost continues to pursue suit against Healthy Living for disposition of “good will and reputation”.

Nutrimost is revolutionizing the weight loss world for many. With the use of modern technology each person is analyzed to determine a personalized program. This differentiates the Nutrimost program from all other weight loss programs. Since everyone’s body composition is different this allows those people to loose weight desired and keep it off effectively. Countless people have improved lives and health because of this.

Many are finding Nutrimost to be a personal miracle weight loss program. Not only are people loosing the weight, but they are able to eliminate diseases flared by obesity. Some of the diseases and issues improved with the help of this weight loss program are high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, and psoriasis. With a rise in obesity related deaths over the years in the United States Nutrimost provides hope for those in need of help in this area.



Thor Halvorssen Feels Strongly About Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is no garden-variety human rights activist. He doesn’t have normal hours, for one. The prominent advocate spends a lot of time awake when everyone else around him has long been fast asleep. Halvorssen currently serves as the Human Rights Foundation’s president. This organization is headquartered in New York, New York. It’s been in existence since 2005. Halvorssen is a Venezuelan and Norwegian individual who can speak United States English just like a native. He has zero trace of an accent. Liberty and human rights are topics that are incredibly important to Halvorssen. He’s equipped with a lot of “real life” experience that enables him to understand those subjects in great detail as well. Halvorssen’s father was subjected to brutality inside of a jail in Caracas. The activist’s mother, on the other hand, was a shooting victim who attended a rally that was against former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Halvorssen was born in March of 1976. His birthplace was Venezuela. His father is named Thor Halvorssen Hellum and his mother is named Hilda Mendoza. Halvorssen received his education at the esteemed University of Pennsylvania thousands of miles away from his South American homeland in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a magna cum laude graduate. He studied both history and political science while at the well-known Ivy League school.

Thor Halvorssen is an expert on many topics that involve civil liberties and democracy in general. He knows a lot about slavery, human trafficking and dictatorships. He also understands the many potential democracy risks that are out there. That’s why he regularly gives lectures on topics that are under his umbrella of expertise. Halvorssen has given human rights lectures at the New York City Junto, Harvard Law School, the American Enterprise Institute and the United Nations Association. He’s even taken his discussions to Europe, having been a guest speaker at the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Film production is also something that’s immensely important to Halvorssen. He was a co-producer for “Freedom’s Fury.” Freedom’s Fury was a movie that detailed Hungary’s 1956 revolt. Halvorssen was also an executive producer for “Hammer & Tickle.” This movie discussed the Soviet Union.


Retiring Well With VTA Publications

Many Americans struggle with planning and implementing a successful retirement strategy. Americans usually plan to retire around the age of 55, but few people successfully manage to quit working by this time. This is largely due to limited or failed retirement plans. Americans can begin to work through the problems they have with building a successful retirement plan by first learning about important steps that are needed to build a retirement plan that allows them to retire at a young age and sustain a comfortable lifestyle during retirement. VTA Publications, a company that produces non fiction literature that is focused on the formulation of wealth strategies and retirement planning. VTA Publications is currently responsible for the release of several wealth strategy books that are currently in circulation.

One of the publications released by VTA Publications describes in great detail, ways that consumers can create and implement wealth building strategies to retire on time and retire well. In this book wealth strategies are formulated and examined in a step by step fashion in an effort to show the reader many ways to develop successful retirement strategies. By implementing tips found in the literature produced by VTA Publications, readers can ensure that they provide their families and loved ones with financial security and stability in the future.

One of the most recent products released by VTA Publications is the Wealth Wave program that was created by the founder of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt. The program walks consumers through a step by step program that is designed to help them build wealth in a positive and fairly quick manner. While most wealth programs guide readers through a wealth building process that can take up to 3 years, the Wealth Wave guarantees that users will see a considerable increase in their income and ability to attain wealth within a manner of months. Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave has already helped hundreds of consumers to create a stable economic situation for themselves and their families. Many people have developed financial success programs by using the Wealth Wave program and VTA Publications foresees considerable success for the program in years to come.

My Review Of FreedomPop Services Proves They’re Great

I’ve read reviews before about FreedomPop, but I only recently chose to get the services myself in order to review them to see if the services were as good as others have said. I first started by getting the free phone service, which I must say is very reliable because it’s on the Sprint network. I had a Samsung Galaxy for Sprint that I chose to use on the network, which meant that I didn’t have to buy a new phone. Even if I decided to buy a new phone from FreedomPop, I would get one at a great rate because they have the phones available for low prices.

I received free minutes as well as text messages on the network, and I was happy with the 500 MB of data that I got too. Since I quickly used the 500 MB of data up within a few days, I chose to switch over to the unlimited plan. I’ve been on unlimited plans before, but FreedomPop has the absolute best price. For only $19.99 I can call as many places as I want all over the United States and send all the text messages I please as well as using unlimited data.

The data will be at 4G speeds for the first 1 GB, but even the 3G speeds that it goes to after my 1 GB of 4G speeds is finished is still very fast. FreedomPop also has hotspots that they provide, and these hotspots can pick up Internet service anywhere. I purchased the hotspot to use it while I’m on the go, and it’s been a lifesaver to me when I wasn’t able to get to some locations to get Internet connections. FreedomPop also has an unlimited Wi-Fi network that I only pay five dollars each month to use.

I also have free Internet service within my home from FreedomPop. Since I mostly use the unlimited Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop or the portable hotspot, I can stay within the limits of the free Internet I get from FreedomPop at home. All in all, I must say that FreedomPop has gone out of their way to make their services accessible and low in cost for many customers. The fact that I can get free Internet, free cell phone service, and I can get low-priced Wi-Fi service means that I will choose FreedomPop over other cell phone carriers.

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