Let Twenty Three Layers Help You Host The Perfect Party

If you’re working on planning your next party, Lauren Conrad has some advice: don’t worry about making it perfect. Conrad, who has been referred to as the next Martha Stewart, argues that the key to a successful party is to make people feel comfortable. If your guests think everything is super perfect, then they might be uncomfortable and won’t relax and have fun. http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining/

That mantra of having fun is something she’s brought with her when it comes to planning parties with her husband, William Tell. He tends to like more relaxed occasions, and the two have started to throw parties that are a little easier for guests to attend rather than those than require a ton of planning and a new wardrobe.

If you’re looking to throw a relaxed party, then Twenty Three Layers in NYC can be an excellent choice. The event planning company can take the stress of planning an event off your plate by handling all the heavy lifting for you. The team can handle everything from an important corporate event, to a fun celebration. Its relationships with many of NYC’s top vendors make it easy for them to get everything you need to make your day, whatever the occasion, the best it can be.

If you’re not quite sure what you want from your event, the Twenty Three Layers team can also help you design the perfect day. Theteam of creative professionals can organize everything from the entertainment to the decor and food, ensuring that everything runs perfectly and fits together from start to finish.

When you have event planners, such as the experts at Twenty Three Layers, organize your event, then you’re free to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the experience. Just like Lauren Conrad’s no-frills parties, when your guest’s arrive and see that you’re relaxed and having a good time, they’ll be more likely to do the same. When everyone has a good time, that’s the sign of a truly successful event.

Flavio Maluf on the Consequences of UK exit from the EU

After the famous Brexit vote towards the end of June this year, there was an immediate effect that was felt across Europe in the stock markets. There are some stocks that fell with over 12% and the Sterling Pound underwent great devaluation, reaching its lowest level ever since 1985. Various experts commented on the effects of British exiting the European Union to the global economy and Flavio Maluf was one of these experts that discussed the move in an interview I had to translate from the Portuguese language.

Flavio observed that the UK used to contribute more to the EU than it used to get from the union and UK felt that this was increasing the inflationary pressure on itself. However, the move to exit from the union could see the investments it receives drop and the free movement of people and goods could harbor negative results. The foreign trade of UK with the union members will suffer the impact of new tariffs as well as extra quotas on their products. However, UK will be able to enter into bilateral agreements that it could not before.

When UK departs from the EU, Brazil will stand to benefit from the move according to Flavio Maluf. It will be possible for the two countries to enter into bilateral agreements without referring to EU rates, impediments and standards. The EU will suffer a great loss as the UK was one of the three countries (others being France and Germany) that had well established structures of the union. In this translate from Portuguese language; Flavio observes that Germany has to sustain the EU block economically as the economy of France is showing signs of fatigue. Flavio observes that this may present an uncertainty due to the impact it will generate on the positioning of the other countries forming part of the remaining block.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman and a Mechanical engineer by profession. He was born on December 2, 1961 to Brazilian politician, Paulo Maluf, as the eldest son. He is an Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) graduate. He is currently the award winning company president of Eucatex and the GrandFood group that owns the Golden and Premier Pet feed brands.

SEC Whistleblower for Global Safety

The world would be a better place with proper law enforcement for consumer’s protection. With the constant development and growth of products in the market, consumers need the best. SEC Whistleblower (Securities and Exchange Commission) is a security measure put in place to offer protection to consumers in the market through whistleblowing. SEC Whistleblower provides security to all clients through the available database. Inclusive is a SEC Whistleblower program handbook and eligibility calculator to ease the operation. Whistleblowing requires a person to be extremely courageous. It happens by educating and empowering prospective whistleblowers in the society. http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview

Labaton Sucharow is recognized as the first law firm globally to adopt the SEC Whistleblowing law. At Labaton Sucharow, clients enjoy the freedom of incredible security, resources and leading marketing experiences. The number of cases handled by Labaton Sucharow is highly impressive meaning more customers have been attracted to the firm. Not only has the company attracted more clients but equally of high stakes internationally. The SEC Whistleblower Law involves six of the major violations to be addressed by society namely:
• Municipal Securities,
• Fraud Offering known as corruption,
• Pricing of goods,
• Monetary Fraud,
• Market Manipulation
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

SEC Whistleblower database is strictly confidential, and not even the IRS can access it in case a client is in trouble. The obtained information during the cases is not to be put in public. It offers customers with maximum protection. Jordan A. Thomas, the head of the SEC Whistleblower in Labaton Sucharow, generated an essential resource to provide vital information to prospective whistleblowers and any other party that is interested. In the source he created, Jordan A. Thomas states that it is the responsibility of SEC to issues new rules while amending the existing ones. It is also the responsibility of SEC to inspect security firms, investment advisors, and brokers. Also, SEC should interpret federal safety laws.

SEC is chaired by a Commission of five members in the order of one chairperson and four commissioners. The SEC Chairperson is the chief executive officer. The SEC is split into five major departments namely:
• Corporate Finance
• Investment Management
• Trading and Markets
• Risk
• Strategy
• Financial Innovation

With the above-listed divisions chaired by the chief executive officer, all clients at SEC are adequately catered for throughout. The right channel of addressing issues and representing reported cases is followed. Well, confidential as the obtained information from SEC may be, clients are allowed to discuss openly other cases. In general, SEC is a vital division of the world. It offers protection to the whistleblowers who are the first people to shout about corruption and its wrongdoings to the society. It would be nice to live in a crime-free world.

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Conferences From The Wessex Institute Of Technology Show The Wide Range Of Interests Available

The Wessex Institute of Technology is not seen as a traditional educational institution simply looking to bring in as many students as possible. Instead, this unique institute is seeking the opportunity to develop close links between various areas of industry and academics who can engage in a powerful interchange of ideas to help each area grow stronger for the future.

In recent years The Wessex Institute of Technology has looked to organize a series of conferences that can be used to bring together academics and industry professionals in both formal and informal surroundings; in 2016, 25 different conferences will be held throughout the world as The Wessex Institute of Technology looks to have its most productive year to date as a leader in global learning and industry.

One of the major benefits for those who wish to take part in the conferences organized through The Wessex Institute of Technology is the fact the institution works with educational institutions and job organizations from around the world to bring its high quality skills to all areas of the globe. The range of conference subjects offered by the Institute has been expanding over the years and will see the first annual conference on Big Data offered to academics and trade professionals; in contrast, the conference on boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods will enter its 39th year. The international nature of the conferences organized and curated by The Wessex Institute of Technology is a reflection of the international makeup of its board members who bring their own cultural backgrounds to an institution located in the New Forest National Park of the U.K.

Take The Stress Away And Party!

Nearly all of us have fallen victim to at least one addicting MTV reality TV show. Popular reality show “The Hills” introduced us to one of the most multitalented businesswomen and fashionistas in the industry. Lauren Conrad has taken the world by storm with her seemingly never ending list of talents. From her two clothing lines to her eight best sellers, Conrad has taught us to never underestimate her.

It should come as no surprise that Lauren has tapped into another undiscovered area of expertise. She launched The Little Market, which is an online retailer of fair-trade items like home and party decor. Lauren is known for organizing lavish events and successful parties and now, she wants to share a few of her secrets. While Lauren feels that a “perfect” party turns out to be not such a party, there are a few tips for success in planning an enjoyable event.

For those of us who have a busy schedule, or just a plain fear of completely failing at putting an event together, there are companies willing to take over the stress and worry. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design firm based in New York City. Rather business or personal, Twenty Three Layers has the staff and creativity to handle it all. The company proudly boast their strong relationships with some of the most reputable vendors in the event and party planning industry.

Founded by Jessica Boskoff, Twenty Three Layers delivers a unique and one of a kind event planning experience. She has over a decade of knowledge and experience in relation to luxury and upscale event planning. Boskoff is a well known innovator and role models for people who share her passion. She believes that no two events should ever be the same. The staff at Twenty Three Layers is extremely detail oriented, taking care to greatly assess the needs of each client in order to deliver the best event, or party they have ever seen.

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FreedomPop Expands Mobile Carrier Plans

FreedomPop is doing the special sort of thing that makes, and breaks, a company on the rise. The freemium mobile carrier has been altering the world of mobile phones for the better part of the last several years thanks to their unique take on what it means to be a ‘paying customer’. FreedomPop ‘freemium’ mobile phone design has given life, and choice, to customers around the world. Let’s take a look at exactly what makes this quirky take so successful.

FreedomPop’s CEO believes that if you create a good enough service people will pay for it. He also believes that you can give away your basic service for completely free, banking on paying customers to upgrade and outweigh the non paying alternative. This is why FreedomPop, at its core, is completely free. Upon signing up and starting FreedomPop you will be given a monthly cap of 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data — all completely free. If you exceed those limits you will then be charged for the surplus.

If you find that FreedomPop’s basic phone plan is adequate you will never need to upgrade or pay for anything. However, if you enjoy the plan but want to get more out of the company then you will have the opportunity to pay for upgrades that round out your phone using experience. In this way FreedomPop becomes more of a digital buffet where you pay as you go rather than forcing you to sign up for bloated packages that you weren’t interested in.

Right now FreedomPop is putting a lot of focus on their WiFi expansion plan. For simply $5 a month you will gain access to over ten MILLION wireless hotspots all throughout the United States. These hotspots were created by FreedomPop and are being maintained by them as well. If you live near one of these hotspots then you will be given access to unlimited wireless internet for a bargain price, especially compared to various unlimited mobile data plans.

FreedomPop is also emerging as a premium carrier with quality hardware in their library. While the company is still ostensibly a ‘Bring Your Own Phone’ company, there are now high quality options that you can purchase. If you don’t want to purchase from FreedomPop, however, you won’t be forced to. In this way FreedomPop is really installing the idea of ‘choice’ into the brains of mobile carrier customers.

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An SEC Whistleblower Attorney Can Help People Break Their Silence

Silence can be useful in many ways. Silence lets people relax and concentrate on their thoughts. However, silence can also be harmful. This is particularly true when silence means that a problem goes unnoticed and is purposely not corrected. In an effort to help make sure that silence is not the order of the day when it comes to corruption, the SEC has instituted a series of measures that are designed to help people feel comfortable speaking out and breaking the silence around problems they may have noticed. Those at the SEC hope they are able to empower employees to stand up and confront any kind of corruption they may have personally noticed at their workplace.

Historical Laws

Such legislation has always existed. However, this has become particularly important in the last few years. After serious problems with corruption were noted in the fiscal field, legislators stepped forward to help provide all kinds of important protections for all those in need of such protections. The new legislation was proposed and implemented in 2010, under the supervision of two important legislators, Dodd and Frank, who are devoted to the concept that corruption must be exposed at every turn and the fiscal markets must open to criticism at every turn. Their work has helped make sure that those who expose such corruption are not only able to do so without a problem, but are also rewarded financially should they make huge problems with corruption clear in their own organizations. Learn more about SEC whistleblower attorneys

A Specific Program

One law firm, Labaton Sucharow, knows just how difficult it has been when people have not been protected once they have chosen to break their silence on this issue. Those at the firm have thus done their best to help make sure that any person willing to speak out are entirely protected. The program they have set up was the first of its kind in the nation. This program is all about helping to provide all due legal protections for those who need such protections. They aim to make sure that all those who expose such problems are able to reach out and get the kind of legal counsel they need for help. The highly trained lawyers at the firm can provide skilled legal help and make sure that all people who speak out are also fiscally rewarded in accordance with the provisions that have been set up for them.

Organo Gold Launches Epic Rewards Program

Bernado Chua delighted retail customers and independent distributors at Organo Gold late last year when he unveiled Organo’s new rewards program. Chau serves as the president of Organ in the United States.

The new Preferred Customer program offers savings, specials, customer services, and a support system for locations in Canada, Mexico ad the United States. With it, customers join a monthly auto-ship program with Organo Gold, where they commit to receiving product at the same time each month. Along with this commitment, each customer is able to secure a 25% discount on any orders they place that month. That means that they can earn more money when they sell those items.

Bernado Chua has a long history in multi-level marketing. Originally from the Philippines, Chua got his start as an executive with Gano Excel while still in the Philippines. He later worked to expand the company’s business to both Hong Kong and Canada, and then later to the United States. With the U.S. expansion, Chua relocated to the United States, where he became the president of Gano Excel in America. Gano Excel is now known as Organo.

The new rewards program can lead to huge increase in revenue for Organo Gold retail customers and distributors. Along with the discount, those that enroll in the program will also get access to specials and promotions that aren’t available elsewhere, another huge bonus for joining up. Signing up is as easy as going to Organo Gold’s website.

Organo Gold is a company that makes teas and coffee using ganoderma, a type of mushroom typically consumed in Asian countries such as Japan and China. In addition to their gourmet taste, the beverages are thought to have medical benefits. Organo Gold sells ganoderma in green tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages.

In 2013, Organo Gold was named the 55th largest direct selling company internationally. Chua has been honored in Philippines as being a global entrepreneur.  Check out Bernardo on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Why the Future of Ukraine Lies in the New Ukraine

As George Soros continues monitoring the European crisis, the billionaire financier and philanthropist closely follows the events unfolding in Ukraine. George has written widely about the new Ukraine that was born during the pro-European protests. It is these protests that helped oust President Viktor Yanukovych from power. He reports that the spirit is growing stronger and is inspiring thousands of Ukrainians to join.

George Soros speaks favorably about the new Ukraine particularly because of its aspiration to bring reforms in the country. The old Ukraine before it was not keen to allow reforms because of widespread corruption. As the founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, George supports the new Ukraine’s goal of introducing participatory democracy in the country. Thousands of people support this move, and that is why they have been gathering in Maidan in support of the opening of Ukraine to democracy, modernity and Europe.

As George Soros observes, many Ukrainians have sacrificed their well-paying jobs to volunteer in government and Parliament. It is these volunteers who are also helping thousands of internally displaced people in the country. However, the new Ukraine is under threat of suppression as it is being challenged by the old Ukraine that is comprised of the state bureaucracy that is supported by a business oligarchy. The reformists are also under direct military assault from Russians who are supporting separatists in the eastern side of the country. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is doing all he can to destabilize Ukraine.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

The new Ukraine remains a well-kept secret from the rest of the world. Although radical reforms have been put in place, their implementation is yet to take place. Sanctions against Russia continue to hurt its economy, but Putin has not relented in his hostilities against Ukraine. The new Ukraine is on the verge of getting destroyed even before it is fully established.

George presents this situation concerning Ukraine in his writings. He has managed to get this information owing to his close involvement in the country. He states that Ukraine is capable of defending its sovereignty militarily only if urgent financial assistance is offered. He estimates that Ukraine is in dire need of $15 billion, and for Western powers to commit to offering more financial aid depending on Russian hostilities and the success of the reforms. Just like in other democracies, the transition in Ukraine is moving slowly. However, the European Union is moving even much slower, and this has given Putin a foothold.

George observes that the future of Ukraine is highly threatened and even more, that of the European Union. Losing Ukraine to Russia will be very detrimental as it would make Russia believe that it can survive without the European Union. It will also see the rule of force triumph over the rule of law. However, if European countries will help Ukraine financially, Putin will not manage to continue with his aggressive acts. George suggests that a stable and successful Ukraine would render Putin’s narrative that Russia’s financial woes are due to the Western hostility, rather than his aggression, unconvincing to Russians.

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Seattle Genetics Hails As One Of The Top Therapeutic Companies In The Industry

Seeking Gal PHA recently reported in an online news article about the success of Seattle Genetics handing over their 10-Q financial records over to the SEC. This is a result of the Financial Awareness Conference that was recently held in New York City. Seattle Genetics aims to have the most transparent financial portfolio for their investors. NASDAQ has reported very good numbers for Seattle Genetics 2 quarters in a row. Clay Siegall, CEO of Seattle Genetics did a great job of providing the necessary documents for Executive Financial Officer, Peggy Pinkston to present to investors during the conference.

Clay Siegall did a great job of representing Seattle Genetics as a financially sound therapeutic company that is willing use scientific research in lymphoma studies to treat chronic pain. They’re proud to announce 5 upcoming clinical trials to continue their long history of helping the public remain healthy through profound medical technological advances. The primary goal is to advance the development of micro MRA based therapeutics which is still under extensive research. Seattle Genetics looks forward to working with the team to advance the healthcare needs of the people. Individuals suffering from chronic pain get the treatment that they deserve.

Seattle Genetics was confounded in 1998 and is currently under new leadership. They have create extensive therapies that address the medical needs of the people. You get specialized care from a list of services that will meet the demands of an aging community, the need for medical care, and people that have difficulty affording medical care. He has gotten a positive therapeutic response from the the community and continues to keep the interests of the people at the forefront. There is no other therapeutic provider that leads the industry in putting the needs of the patients first. You’ll get treatment that is designed to maximize your overall health. Siegall is a generous fundraiser that also believes in giving back to the community. He has helped disadvantaged youth all across the world and encourage other organizations to give back when they’re able to. Visit Seattle Genetics on more information to get healthy today.