Dherbs.com is Committed to Long Term Health

Dherbs.com is a company committed to helping us all onto a path of greater well-being and optimal health. It’s goal is to help educate people on the importance of fueling our bodies with the best nutritional options around. Understanding that lifestyle changes are challenging, they have developed several cleanses to jumpstart the new way of fueling our bodies.


After learning that he was ineligible to donate a kidney to his wife, Pastor Hosea Collins didn’t give up hope. Understanding that it was his weight that was the issue, he began using the Twenty Day Full Body Cleanse. Upon witnessing a dramatic difference with his weight, energy and clarity, he incorporated some more vegan cleanses into his life. Today, 100 days later, he is 130lbs lighter, and he feels healthier than ever before. Pastor Collins has vowed to continue with the cleanses and his new lifestyle, for himself and his family.


Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey has introduced these body cleanses to others, such as comedian Sheryl Underwood. Sheryl has several Youtube videos describing her positive experience using the Twenty Day Full Body Cleanse. She has lost weight and feels a lot more energetic. A viewer on the Steve Harvey Show named Susan has just begun the cleanse. Her goal is to lose 30lbs before the holidays. Blogger, Priddyihnpinc, enthusiastically chronicled her success on her video blog. In addition to losing weight, she was in awe of her increased energy level. Another blogger, Monica M. Reid was thrilled with her drop in blood pressure and her decreased appetite.


Here is a small sample of what is available:


* BLOOD CLEANSE ~ A 10 day program designed to rid the blood of toxins and improve liver function. It also shows noticable improvement to the skin’s appearance.


*ELECTRIC GREENS COMBONATION REGIMINE ~ 10 days to nourish and support lymphatic cleansing. Promotes clearer breathing and fresh breath.


*FULL BODY CLEANSE ~ 20 days to fully detoxify the body. Helps the body to lose weight, improve energy, enhance the immune system, and remove cravings.


This is just a small sample of cleanses that are available at Dherbs.com. Check out the Yelp reviews for another perspective on what they have available, but also the experiences that real people have had.

Raj Fernando Extensively Interviewed Trading Job Candidates

For many jobs, there is a clearly defined education and skill set someone needs to perform it. An accountant needs to know about income taxes, bookkeeping and how to calculate product costs. If someone doesn’t have the necessary education, they can’t be an accountant.

However, the path to becoming a successful market trader is not so clearcut. Trading is not taught in college. In a way, it’s the opposite, because college professors don’t encourage calculated risk-taking.

Some of the people applying for jobs as a trading assistant at Raj Fernando’s Chopper Trading are job seekers. They’re also applying for positions at investment banks and consulting firms. However, Chopper wants to hire the people who are dedicated to trading as their life’s career. Therefore, he interviews candidates extensively to make sure they will fit in. Partly that’s because there is no clear-cut, specific skill set for becoming a successful trader. It does require good math skills, but it also requires a temperament that students cannot learn in school. They must function well despite the pressure. They must be able to plan, and yet think quickly when events happen they didn’t plan for.

Therefore, Raj Fernando spends lots of time talking to the applicants. He poses brain teasers to see how flexible their minds are and how quickly they speak on their feet. He also sounds them out to determine whether they really have an indepth knowledge of how the financial markets work. That alone is not enough to make someone a successful trader. But if they don’t know how the exchanges work, they haven’t been really interested.

Fernando is also a philanthropist who has supported the Wounded Warriors charity helping soldiers wounded while serving. He also helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chicago. The Illinois Holocaust Museum, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and The Steppenwolf Theatre have also benefited from his charitable contributions. He has also donated to The Clinton Foundation.

He also works on issues of foreign policy and computer security. He is on the board of American Security Project. He’s with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com

Waiakea Volcanic Water

Waiakea water brand was established in 2012. The resonating Waiakea model is a lifestyle brand that creates a meaningful and brings positive change in the community. Waiakea is the first Hawaiian volcanic water of its kind. The brandy comes along with various benefits to the community includes health, ethical values, charitable attributes and community initiatives that are meant to inspire the residence. Learn more about Waiakea water: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/10/27/780527/10154219/en/Waiakea-Hawaiian-Volcanic-Water-Sees-a-5-000-Percent-Growth-in-Just-Three-Years.html

The primary objective was to initiate transformation within the bottled water, executive beverage and improve CPG industry with the triple bottom line model.

Specialty Foods has it that Waiakea water mission and vision is to produce natural health and delicious drink with as little impact as possible. The mission also seeks to support and contribute to conservative, easy accessibility of clean water and also contributing to education for the less advantaged across the world.

This is achieved with the Waiakea slogan that reads Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically. The volcanic water originates from snowmelt and also rain on the pristine peak of Mauna Loa volcano which is considered to be the purest surroundings on the earth.

The water then goes through a natural filtration process through the porous volcanic rocks while subsequently enriching the water with varieties of different minerals including natural alkaline and electrolytes before surfacing at its source at the quite Hilo town which is surrounded by the forest.

Waiakea water beverage is also the first American bottled water certified carbon neutral. This is due to its sustainable source, packed in a 100% RPET packages and also its multiple reforestation projects, hence the executive beverage meets the Hawaiian notice and culture which states respects and care for the land. The beverage is the most recognized water in North America.

According to Organic Authority, after three years of its establishment, the Waiakea water experienced a 5000% growth. The company also opened a new manufacturing facility to celebrate its development and its international emerging demand. The facility was opened in Hawaii and has been made pssible by the Waiakea spring.

The founded established by Ryan Emmons has continued to thrive and has been the most awarded beverage company in the North America. Ryan says that he is exceptionally proud of the growth and development of the enterprise.

He further explains that apart from selling 120,000 cases annually, more than 500 million litres of water has been supplied as donations to the underserved communities in Africa and across the world. The brandy sets high standards and also promotes an active lifestyle by bringing a bunch of positive change.

Tips to help you take Quality Photos Using your Smartphone by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

“If you want to take great photographs, you need a real camera other the one fixed on your phone.” A lot of people believe this statement. It has discouraged them from using their phone to take photos. Although real cameras are the best, you can use your smartphone camera to take great photos on YouTube. The type of the device used to take a photo doesn’t determine whether the photo is good or not. If you have the right skill to take pictures, you can use a smartphone and take great pics. This post has some tips to help you take great photos using your smartphone.

Don’t zoom, crop instead

Almost every smartphone has a zoom feature. The feature allows you to zoom before and after taking photos. To ensure that your photos are of great quality, you should avoid using this feature for Figueroa. Zooming makes photos seem blurred. If you want just a section of a photo, using crop tool is much better than the zoom tool.

Avoid using filters and edit photos instead.

Adding filters to the photos that you have already taken, harms the quality and the color of the image. Editing your photo contrast is encouraged instead. Instead of using filter apps, you should use photo-editing apps. They will help you edit your photos without compromising their quality.

Read more: Adrian Jose Velasquez | Facebook

Always keep your lens clean

Taking photos with dirty or moist lenses is likely to harm the quality of the photos. Cleaning your lenses before taking photos is highly encouraged.

If possible, avoid using camera flash

The flash made for smartphone cameras sometimes interfere with the quality of the photos. Ensuring that you are taking photos in a place where there is proper lighting will help you take more quality photos than using the flash on icrowdnewswire.com. You should ensure you follow rules of photography for quality photos.


For people who love traveling, they know Panama is one of the best destinations. The country has long beautiful beaches. Carrying your smartphone to Panama is rewarding according to Figueroa. You can take photos of the natural features. There are great resorts and beach hotels to spend your vacation.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessman who lives in the Panama. He is a president of five companies. He has business interests in real estate, hotels, and resorts. He has played a key role in building standard hotels that host tourists from all over the globe.

Learn more Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adrián-josé-velasquez-figueroa

The Fusion of Technology and Fashion

As we advance into the future of both technology and fashion, it is increasingly evident they influence and inspire one another. New tech pieces are enhanced with fashionable sense and style. In the same way, fashion products can be given a technological edge, making them more innovative. For example, bike helmets help keep cyclists safe, yet they are notorious for being quite unfashionable. To solve this problem, fashion and technology worked together to create an airbag for cyclists which they can wear around their necks. This piece is more appealing to consumers than hefty bike helmets and it is also safer. This integration of the two industries will help to pave the future for lifestyle, fashion and tech brands.

Before founding Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch was actively involved in entrepreneurial pursuits and investments. Along with his brother, Burch founded Eagle’s Eye apparel while still attending Ithaca College. The brothers started selling sweatshirts on Ithaca’s campus before expanding to other campuses and eventually retail stores. Burch even established Eagle’s Eye apparel’s own manufacturing facility to help meet the growing demand. Soon, the brothers had grown their business to be worth $165 million with 50 locations nationwide. They eventually sold the company to the Swire Group after growing it for over a decade.

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital in 2008 to help maintain his investments and businesses. One of his first creations under his new company was the C. Wonder home decor and accessories brand. The company ws later sold to the Xcel Group. It was this sale that pushed Burch over the ten figure mark, making him a billionaire. In 2012, he was featured in Forbes’ list of the World’s Billionaires. Burch was also instrumental in the creation of the Tony Burch fashion label, which he helped to grow to be valued at $3.5 billion. He served as co-Chairman of the company before selling a portion of his shares.

Burch Creative Capital is more than an investment firm. They work directly with their clients to help them realize their goals and ambitions. As a life-long entrepreneur, Chris Burch understands what it takes to turn a small idea and turn it into a thriving business. It is with this passion and expertise that he runs the Burch Creative Capital firm. The team thrives not only on providing their clients with financial support, but also with emotional support, strategies and guidance.

More for Chris Burch here:


Securus Demystifies Claims in Global Tel Link’s Press Release

Securus Technologies, the top provider of technology solutions in civil and criminal justice for corrections, public safety, monitoring and investigation, has moved to correct some claims by GTL. GTL had made some claims in its press release dated 7th June, 2016 regarding Securus Technologies. Securus released its own press release to clarify on the incorrect claims made by GTL.

GTL Allegations

GTL alleges that it seeks injunctions and damages from Securus in several pending lawsuits in the Texas federal court. Securus holds that these lawsuits have been stayed and therefore GTL has no way of seeking these reliefs. GTL alleged that it would be going back to court to prove to the jury the way in which Securus has infringed its four patents. Securus corrected this claim by stating that the parties would be going back to court for the jury to determine whether it uses the ‘816 patent belonging to GTL or not. Securus is confident that it does not use this technology. The other claim is on matters to do with damages that GTL is seeking for from Securus for using its patented video visitation policy. Securus on its part holds that it does not use the GTL’s facilities and hence no damages can be recovered from them. GTL alleges that Securus Technologies thrives on suing their industrial competitors. However, Securus disputes this claim and states that it enters into acceptable financial agreements and arrangements with companies that use their patents without license.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies. Securus serves more than 1,200,000 inmates found in North America and it is committed to offering incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response, investigation, public information, inmate self-service and products and services for monitoring. All the above services are aimed at making the world better and safe to live in. Securus Technologies always looks forward to “connecting what matters“.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njhhJG2StgA