Mikhail Blagosklonny: On A Mission To Defeat Cancer And Premature Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an experienced educator and scientist. His area of specialization is cancer and aging. An oncology professor at New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute, he is known for his theory on TOR’s role in aging and cancer and the potential for treating it with rapamycin. Blagosklonny has published almost 300 articles in peer-reviewed publications and was editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle, Aging and Oncotarget, and Cancer Biology & Therapy’s associate editor. He’s on Cell Death & Differentiation’s editorial board.

A graduate of First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, Blagosklonny has a PhD in Cardiology and Experimental Medicine and an M.D. in Internal Medicine. In 2002 he became a New York Medical College, Valhalla associate professor of medicine. He then became a senior scientist with Ordway Research Institute where he remained until 2009. Mikhail Blagosklonny was appointed a Roswell Park Cancer Institute professor of oncology. Part of what makes him such a good educator is his research and understanding of cancer, targeted cancer therapies to protect normal cells, anti-aging drugs and the mechanisms underlying aging.

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His theories on the use of rapamycin to treat aging related issues have created growing interest in Mikhail Blagosklonny. His major point of emphasis is the role TOR plays in signaling what is going on in the body with aging and cancer in the body. He’s also a proponent of the use of the cancer drug rapamycin to treat ailments related to aging and improve and lengthen people’s lives. His work has helped to distinguish Blagosklonny as longevity research’s most passionate advocates for the use of rapamycin.

Cancer research is a core element of Blagosklonny’s mission. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s played a major role in some of the groundbreaking research being done in the field. He has helped many students, doctors and researchers to gain a greater understanding of cancer’s nature and has led to major advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. His classes have provided students with a superior, comprehensive educational experience. Blagosklonny’s interests and research in molecular and cellular biology and their relationship to clinical investigations is legendary.

With the help of Mikhail Blagosklonny strategies like cellular senescence, cell cycle, signal transduction, and anticancer therapeutics which emphasize the creation of new anticancer treatments from the translation of basic science have grown in popularity. Blagosklonny has dedicated over 30 years of his life to the research and treatment of cancer and age related issues.

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Sapphire Engagement Rings: Symbol of Long-lasting Divinity

Most married people will say that engagement was one of the happiest days of their lives. As opposed to the notion that women enjoy the day more, the men make it happen. They first have to master all their confidence and do a soul search and put in words why they want the woman in their lives till death separate them. This gesture is not only honorable but also enviable to the peers. Be that as it may, proposals cannot be complete without a ring. This ring is a symbol of the friendship, intimacy and the love shared by the two. Therefore, so much time should be considered in picking the right ring that speaks of itself.

For so many years, engagements have been marked by diamond rings. This resulted in the availability of diamonds from Africa and Brazil which were saturated in the market. Most people therefore started using diamond rings for engagement. Sapphires on the other hand, were clouded by diamonds which made them rare as time went by. This leaves sapphire as an uncommon and unique gemstones. With the changes in consumer preference, women nowadays want to stand out, with the rare sapphire rings in their fingers.

Traditionally, sapphire rings have been associated with divinity, wisdom and royalty. In some traditions and in the ancient world, sapphires are associated with good fortune, strength and protection. A blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring was worn by Princess Diana and later by Princess Kate Middleton. These has increased their reviews and most women are now looking out for them.

Sapphires are admired for their qualities. First, they are hard gemstones which guarantees durability and long lasting experiences. More importantly, sapphires have a dazzling color. However, most people believe that sapphires are only found in blue color, which is not entirely true. The gemstone is blue however, the colors vary. They can also be found in pink, brown, purple and grey.

In 1939, The Natural Sapphire Company was established solely to give the world the natural sapphire experience. The company only deals in natural sapphire. It buys these natural gemstones from quality suppliers, cuts it and makes the world most unique and exquisite sapphire rings. The company is committed in uniqueness and guarantees you of excellent authentic rings.

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The Exemplary Life of John Goullet

John Goullet is an IT technician and an entrepreneur. John Goullet is an alumnus of Ursinus College and holds a masters degree in Info technologies. John started as an IT consultant but later moved to staffing where he obtained a broad perspective in the industry before he decided to start his company, Info Technology in 1993.

John Goullet started Info Technology in 1994 and served as its Chief Executive Officer from 1994 to 2010. He excelled in this initiative creating other several business opportunities in the IT field. His role in the company was based on understanding the corporate environment and matching the needs with the best skills, and personality of the consultant. The company also focuses on providing IT solution to other 500 fortune companies across the nation. Info Technology company was worth $30 million within five years in operation making it rank among the 500 most growing private business in the United States by Inc. magazine.

Diversant, LLC is a certified minority-owned business company and the largest African-owned company in the United States where John Goullet is the chairman. The firm came to be as a result of merging Info Technology and Diversant Inc. companies. It offers accessible IT staffing, and an assortment of products that includes; diversity solutions, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hire. The Diversant Inc. helps the clients in solving most problems by use of consulting methods and involving clients as the real business partner. The company source the IT experts in different fields and marches different talented professionals with relevant the company to coup with the fast growing technologies. John and the company obtain a healthy relationship between the clients and IT experts through matching the available IT experts based on their ability to fit in a distinct culture.

What to Consider when Hiring an Event Planner

Hiring an event planner can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to screen them. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself first:


What is the event objective?


Many individuals believe that hiring an outside caterer or event planner begins by determining one’s budget. The truth of the matter is that it will be helpful if you started by defining the purpose of the event. Note down the important goals that the event should meet before reaching out to that internal or external resource.


Why do you want to hire an event planner?


It is good to ask yourself what services and activities you would like the event planner to handle for you. Is it selecting the venue? Building menus? Or handling event registration?


What is your budget estimate?


Based on the objective of your event, it is possible to have a general idea of how much you will spend on different elements of your program. For instance, do not plan a champagne event based on a beer budget.


While sourcing for the best event planning companies in NYC, it is good to research and find someone who is qualified and has a strong reputation in the event planning industry.


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Twenty Three Layers boasts of coveted relationships with the most exclusive establishments as well as the most sought-after vendors. You will have a fun, worry-free and unmatched experience while planning your event with us. We combine creative inspiration and seasoned knowledge to give our clients memorable events that reflect current and best trends in entertainment, décor, and food. For weddings, galas, corporate functions and charitable gatherings, Twenty Three Layers is your go-to premier event planner in NYC and beyond.