How Did Wen By Chaz Bond Shampoo And Conditioner?

Wen by Chaz is a composite made from a shampoo and conditioner, and it is used to help women treat their hair when it does not cooperate as it should. A woman’s hair will continue to fall in the wrong places when it is not washed properly, and this article explains how the shampoo will save a woman’s hair when it sheds constantly. Women who have unruly hair will find what they need in a single shampoo that works well for all their needs.

#1: What Is The Shampoo/Conditioner Combo?

The shampoo and conditioner and conditioner are combined to ensure a woman’s hair comes clean, and the two products come together in one bottle. There is very little shampoo needed to wash hair, and the bottle will remain quite economical. Everyone who uses the shampoo will see the luster come back to their hair, and they will feel much better abut their hair once it has been styled.

#2: How Long Does Washing Last?

A woman who is washing her hair with Wen by Chaz will notice it will remain clean for long periods of time without any prodding. Women who does not want to fuss with their hair may wash with the product easily, and they may use it every day if they must. There are several different styles that may be completed once hair is clean, and a woman who is caring for her hair regularly will feel better about herself as a result.

#3: Why Did Chaz Dean Create The Product?

Wen by Chaz was created by Chaz Dean because he wanted to ensure every woman would have a product that cares for their hair well. Every woman who wishes to keep her hair in the best condition possible, and they will have a product that is easy to use every day. A lady must use the shampoo as much as possible, and she will keep her hair clean without worrying about the potential styling implications. Ladies who are struggling with their hair may use a better shampoo that will keep clean, and they will feel as though they are taking their hair back.

A woman who loves her hair will find it coming cleaner, shinier and softer. She will notice there is less hair in the bottom of the shower, and she will have a head of hair that she may be proud of when she leaves the house.

Covers.Com Will Take Care Of All Your Betting Needs

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Breaking the Mold of Beauty

In today’s world women are driven to hide imperfections and to force themselves to fit into a media encouraged cut out. This social trend has created a wave of discontent among women who are striving to ascertain an image that, more often then not, is altered by photoshop and other enhancements. The fabrication of beauty is hence a truly unattainable standard. Yet, there are those brave few who are taking this false ideology and are working to tear down the cookie cutter definition of desirability. They are bravely facing societal trends and paving the way for the celebration of individuality and self love and acceptance.

Doe Deere is one of those brave souls who is seeking to break women free from societal founded expectations by destroying the mold and striving to recreate femininity to build a new standard in beauty. After struggling to find her own path, Deere decided to rejoice in herself and her own uniqueness, and created Lime Crime cosmetics to help other women in their own journey. Her cosmetics are cruelty free to ensure that animals are not harmed in their creation, thus exemplifying Doe’s ethics and standards.

Lime Crime cosmetics are an exciting and bright line of makeup products, created specifically to encourage women to stand out, stand proud, and show off their own special attributes. Cutting edge colors, quality products, and a variety of selections, are just a few examples of why Lime Crime is such an exceptional cosmetic company. This company has a sales operation based mostly through online customers, women worldwide are able to learn to celebrate their own unique beauty, and boast makeup as vibrant and bright as they are.

Doe Deere is more then a exceptional entrepreneur, she also is driven to encourage and mentor other women who are pushing boundaries as they storm the business world. Her life experiences and commitment to assist others ripples outwards and is reflected in her treatment of her employees and customers alike. There is a unique soul in Doe that desire to reach out and touch lives by sharing her experiences, successes, failures, and all the lessons learned through the creation of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime cosmetics and its’ founder Doe Deere are pushing the boundaries of beauty and acceptance of one’s self. Her desire to break down the cookie cutter definition of attractiveness and celebrate individuality and uniqueness is something that should be applauded and recognized. Deere is a one of a kind entrepreneur that is breaking a path for women of all backgrounds, and encouraging self love and the celebration of unique beauty.

Learn more:

Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically


How One Dentist Took on a Killer

Ever since he was a child, Avi Weisfogel had a fire set within him. It was a desire to explore, conquer new domains and make a name for himself mixed with an obsessive fascination with medicine. So it went that after graduating from the New York University School of Dentistry, in 1998, he founded his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental.

Over the next 15 years he built his practice into one of the premier dental offices in the state of New Jersey. But even as he maintained puritanical work hours, he would spend his off time reading about new diseases that had just been discovered and old ones which were proving difficult to stymie, even for modern medicine. He came upon the insight that dentists are uniquely positioned to diagnose and treat a whole host of diseases and conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed. So many diseases have signs, symptoms and etiologies in the head and neck area, Weisfogel reasoned, that it only makes sense for dentists to be trained in their early recognition. Armed with this insight, he set about to find ways to train dentists to catch some of the most deadly diseases in their earliest stage, when the patients were least likely to be aware of their presence and when treatment would be most effective.

After intensive research, he came across a major killer, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, he learned, is a mechanical or neurological obstruction to breathing during sleep. It sounds harmless enough, but Weisfogel learned that sleep apnea is strongly correlated with a list of killers the length of a reaper’s scythe. These include, stroke, heart attack, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, diabetes and even certain types of cancer. If dentists could catch this insidious killer early enough, they could smother its first breaths, while it was still in the cradle.

Weisfogel then founded Dental Sleep Masters, an organization dedicated to training dentists in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. This effort has proven so successful that many of his first students have actually quit their traditional dental practices in lieu of the much more lucrative sleep dentistry variety. Through innovations like these, Avi Weisfogel is changing the face of medicine.

Brian Bonar – Business Analyst And Financial Expert With Four Decades Of Experience

Brian Bonar is a multi-talented personality with loads of knowledge and experience in the financial world and holds various high positions with different companies. He currently is the chairman as well as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp and Trucept, Inc.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from prestigious Stafford University. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar urther went on to complete Masters in Business Administration from Staffordshire University and continued to complete a doctorate in the same university.

His academic qualification exemplifies his brilliance in both technical as well as managerial skills, which in today’s corporate and business environment is the perfect recipe for growth and success. Add with it over four decades of experience, and you can never go wrong, and this is what in short defines Brian Bonar.

He has working experience of around 18 years with IBM alone, where he worked as a procurement manager. From IBM he switched to becoming the Director of Engineering at another multi-national company named QMS, where he was managing a team of over 100 people.

After working for another company named Adaptec as a sales manager, he quit starting his company named Bezier Systems. After shifting to and from many different companies and working at various high ranking positions, he gathered knowledge and skills, not to mention invaluable experience as well, which helped him, carve his story of success later in life.

After a few years of shuffling to and from different jobs, he finally found a place where he achieved sustainable career growth, momentum and success at a company called Dalrada Financial Services.

One of his major business skills that he is popularly known for in the business circuit is for his extensive experience and strategic skills in merger and acquisitions, helping create a very balanced negotiation and developing a mutually beneficial merger framework. One of his notable achievements also includes receiving Who’s Who in America award (2000).

Personally, he is known to his friends and colleagues as a very friendly, helpful and intrinsically intelligent personality, who doesn’t mind taking risks and draws the outcome of his actions beforehand through his years of experience in finance sector. His current company Trucept helps provide businesses of small to large sized get the comprehensive business and management solution they require along with a range of financial consulting services.

The main aim of Trucept is to help the client company focus on their business growth and goals while letting the Trucept handle the backend and sideline business activities.

Managing taxes, handling employee’s benefits and payroll as well as providing in-depth financial parameters through data mining and reporting, are few of the many core services Brian Bonar’s Trucept provides.

When he is not busy with his professional commitments, Brian loves to go fishing or play Golf, and makes it a point to spend quality time with his family at every chance he gets.

Flavio Maluf Looks To Continue The Success Of The Environmentally Friendly Eucatex Brand

Flavio Maluf has been at the front of the movement towards a new and better way of living in the 21st century through the work he completes with Eucatex, a historic company in Brazil that has been in existence since 1951. The Eucatex brand has always been concerned with the impact the company has on the environment, but under Flavio Maluf’s leadership this need to protect the delicate balance of the world has become a driving force in the work of the company; Maluf took charge of Eucatex in 1997 after spending much of the previous decade working in different areas of the business to learn as much as possible about the brand before reaching executive level.

There is mush to admire in the approach Flavio Maluf has taken to his role as the leader of the Eucatex brand,including his dedication to seeking out new areas of business that are both profitable and ethical. The history of Eucatex takes in the production of a wide range of wood products using the eucalyptus tree as the basis for the majority of products, an area of business Flavio Maluf has maintained as he believes anchoring Eucatex in its historical business sectors remains a priority.

For Flavio Maluf the need to keep pushing forward with Eucatex has led to him seeking new areas of business to maintain the growth of the company, including the development of educational programs based on the sustainable forestry techniques the brand employs. The CEO of the wood based product group also believes a growing export business is important and has sought out global partnerships to develop the brand for a successful period during the 21st century. During recent years, Flavio Maluf has also used his position to make sure Eucatex is producing goods in an environmentally friendly was by updating the facilities used to craft wood based items; new factories have been created in the Brazilian cities of Salto and Botucatu that Flavio hopes will bring greater levels of success to the company in the coming years.

Securus Technologies- Christmas Should be a Special time for Inmates

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to be with a family member. I usually live hundreds of miles from my family. It is usually a great deal to know that I can be able to see them during the holidays. It is hard for family members to come from their places and see me. However, I find it very challenging for people in correction facilities to maintain this type of unity with their loved ones. For people that are behind bars, it has to take the effort of the entire family to schedule a visit. Securus Technologies has strived to change. The firm has introduced a video visitation program that improves communication within correction facilities.


Apart from the convenience that comes with the video visitation, the program has been beneficial to children. Children and even adults do not like the environment in correction facilities. Children get uncomfortable and may not understand why they cannot go home with their parents. Such an environment is never good for the child’s growth. The availability of the visitation program has made it possible for parents to be with their children. The visitation comes without inconveniencing the child or their family. The program can be especially important during the holiday season.


Securus Technologies has created a significant change in inmate communication. The company has gone beyond the call of duty to enhance better communication and thus improve family visitation. Traditional communication made use of a voice call. The voice call was always difficult to hear, had an annoying electronic operator and always reminded you that your time was up. Things are different with the video visitation program. One has to schedule a visit, and the inmate will be informed of the date of visit. Communication has been enhanced to come with a quality video call. The call is of the best quality. It allows inmates to feel as though they are with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is a leading company in the provision of communication services. The company has shown that one can use technology to create a shift in how we conduct our daily lives. The firm has made use of the latest technology systems to transform the world. Anyone can achieve almost anything through the use of smart devices or computers. Securus has tapped this technology to ensure communication with friends, families and loved ones. People no longer have to be tied to cables to become connected.




Sam Tabar Joins the FullCycle Energy Fund to serve as the Chief Operating Officer

Sam Tabar is the current Chief Operating Office of the FullCycle Energy Fund. He has been serving the company since December 2015, and his primary responsibility at the firm is to oversee fund administration plans. From the time that he was appointed, Mr. Tabar has been focused on assisting the company to achieve its mission, which is to stop the use of expensive fuels that pollute the environment and advocate for cheap ecological friendly fuels. He has spent most of his career in the financial industry where he has been evaluating budget policies. @samtabar_ formerly worked for the Merrill Lynch of the Bank of America, where he was in charge of the firm’s capital strategy. The obligations of Mr. Sam Tabar at the company include helping fund administrators in meeting with organization investors such as institutions, funds of funds, pensions, family offices, and endowments. He was also an employee of the Sparx Group (PMA), where he served as a co-head of marketing, and he managed all international marketing efforts of the firm.

Besides his work as a financial administrator, Mr. Sam Tabar also served as an attorney in different law firms. These companies include Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom, and the prestigious Schulte, Roth & Zabel. He attended the Oxford University where he graduated with a degree in arts, and he holds a master’s degree in law from the Columbia Law School. He served the Columbia Business Law Journal as an editor while he was in college. Sam Tabar also invests in various ventures, and he was among the first individuals to capitalize in the Tribute and SheThinx, which is a woman empowering company that is focused on their hygiene.

FullCycle Energy Fund is a committed to funding and maintaining various developments that build a good relationship between people and waste by transforming the environmental problem into a clean fuel that is sold at a pocket-friendly price. The organization was established in 2013. The fuel that is created from environmental waste is precious, and it is usable to various communities across the globe. The institution is dedicated to capitalizing in conventional retrofit companies that can generate power from municipal solid waste.