Sheldon Lavin’s Impeccable Career in the Meat Industry

When describing Mr. Sheldon Lavin, one cannot heap enough praises to a man that has transformed the meat processing industry. His rise to the helm of the sector is one that started out in an easy way having been new in the field. He was seen as an outsider since he had ventured to a very different domain from what he was used to an investor in the financial sector. Initially, he was an executive and an investor in the banking industry and in addition to it he also owned his financial consulting firm.

Owing to an experience that has lasted more than forty-three years in sector Lavin went on to become Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group, LLC. Through his leadership, he transformed he was able to transform it from a small company that supplied meat to the McDonald’s to a very successful worldwide food supplier. As the CEO he also expanded the company to other nations, and as a result, he increased the number of employees to well over 20, 000. Mr. Sheldon has always taken pride of his employees who mostly maintain their jobs till retirement.

On March 3, 2016, Lavin went on to receive the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision Academy. This award honors people that have been deemed visionaries in various fields that were able to turn their dreams into reality successes. They look at a person’s persistence and perseverance through the many challenges they might have gone through to achieve their goal. Also under his exemplary leadership, the OSI Group was able to receive many awards among them being the prestigious Globe of Honor in 2016. This award was from the British Safety Council since the OSI group, LLC, had shown exemplary environmental management risks.

At the age of 81, Sheldon is still very active in the management of OSI Group and continuously pushes for its growth as a profitable business.

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Positivity of Smart Technology and Internet by Jason Hope

Jason Hope recently wrote about Technology companies as a commentator on technological trends. Other than being a commentator he has a place in the corporate world through his entrepreneurial venture and is a writer too. He belongs to the school of thought that believes that technology is not only the best alternative but also the only way forward in the near future.

In his piece, he refers to the Internet of Things as the technology that links up various devices. They may include home appliances, electronic devices, motor vehicles and the street lights. This helps share information and network. Jason Hope sees a lot of optimism in the Internet of Things with chances of radicalizing the business operation and potential to arise as the greatest achievement in the Tech Industry.

The smart technology will stir up competition among corporate which will lead to the creation of effective and reliable apps. Consumers will benefit from the, through their input in their daily lives and optimize utility. The advantage of embracing technological trends is that; it makes life safer, activities and business operation run smoothly, and there is less wastage of resources if any. The SYNC of devices will reduce public roads congestion, pollution and traffic accidents.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He went to the Arizona State University and graduated with Honors in Finance. Still at the institution, in the Carey School of Business, he did his Masters Degree and completed. Immediately after completing education he launched his own mobile communications company but now has graduated to dealing with biotechnology, investment, and philanthropy.

He has a grant program that is about to release new products in 2017. SENS Research Foundation was some time back funded Jason to study more about; the possibility of drugs being able to reverse the cellular aging specs of the skin. He explains the secret to his success in business and investment as valuing customers, quality services, keeping up with Market trends and referrals have helped a great deal. According to him, there are prime business opportunities in social media and internet marketing.

George Soros: Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundation

George Soros is considered as one of the greatest business leaders of all times. His leadership skills have been noted to be innovative when he was working at a local hedge fund management company in the country. During this period, there were limited sources of finance. He has always used his innovative mind to develop working solutions for the hedge fund management industry. For this reason, he is recognized as one of the greatest investors in the world of business and hedge fund management. Working with him will always give you the retired business results in a manner that has no paralleled solutions. In this case, you might consider using your money to develop fast income in the world of business and strategies.

When George Soros landed in the United States, his first business destination was working at two local hedge fund management companies. He wanted to increase his education and business experience. However, money became sweeter. For this reason, he went on to develop a working relationship in the hedge fund management industry. His education at the London School of Business was more proficient in this industry. For this reason, he was massively adopted as the best manager in the world of finance and hedge fund management. George Soros attracted the greatest investors who had more money to access these capabilities. Because of his innovation skills, George Soros has always developed fast income in the world of business and strategy. George Soros worked at a local hedge fund management company to help it gain success. However, the owner of the company refused to increase his incentives and salary. For this reason, George Soros went on to work at the next hedge fund management company. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros has always developed his business in a manner that depicts the true leadership in the hedge fund management industry. For this reason, few people understand the true nature of this capability. If you are always developing fast income, be sure to achieve this through accessibilities and canopies. George Soros gained success through the revolutionized management capabilities. For over three years, George Soros worked at the next level of management in the industry to help it gain favor and adoption as profitable. The owner of the company appreciated him with increased incentives and salaries in this category of business solution. George Soros went on to develop his first mission as a world-class hedge fund manager. Know more on CNBC about

George Soros Has An Outstanding Record In Philanthropy

Many have always wondered what inspires billionaire George Soros. George Soros is among the few billionaires who are always in the limelight for all the right reasons. From donating millions of dollars to charities across the globe to funding campaigns that seek to bring about political change in various countries across the world, George Soros always dominates the business and philanthropy world, to say the least. During Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016, George Soros was listed among the top donors to her campaign.

According to records from the Federal Election Commission, George Soros not only supported Hillary Clinton, but other Democratic Party aspirants also benefited a great deal from his financial aid. George Soros, an expert in the financial services sector, has recorded immeasurable social and economic success over the time he has been on the Wall Street. George was expected to make an appearance at the Democratic convention when Hillary Clinton was expected to accept the Democratic Party Presidential ticket formally but was unable to due to work engagements. Read his profile at Washington Times.

In as much as George Soros has always been involved in the US politics, pundits would agree that her involvement in the 2016 American elections was more heightened than previous ones. Soros believed that a Trump presidency would devastate the world economy and nurture intolerance within communities in America. The issues he has been vocal about such as criminal justice and immigration reform were the main agendas on the ballot. Soros was not ready to let down the drain the progress that America had made on these matters.

His donation of $25 million towards the Clinton campaign catalyzed other high-net-worth individuals into contributing for Hillary’s campaign. Elite liberals such San Francisco, Don Sussman and Fred Eychaner, could not be left behind, they all followed suit and donated millions to the Clinton campaign.

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George Soros has redefined the term philanthropy. Soros has been making donations to the vulnerable and marginalized since time immemorial. His creation, the Open Society Foundations has a presence in over 70 national destinations across the globe. Soros is keen on nurturing societies that are governed by transparent governments that are accountable to their citizens. George is one of the leading advocates of social justice, democracy, and accountability.

As the President of OSF, George Soros has channeled resources to different organizations and charitable courses. He is one of the primary donors of institutions such the Earth Island Institute, Alliance for Climate Protection and Tides Foundation. When young black men could not access necessities such as education during the period of Apartheid in South Africa, George Soros came out strongly to support them by providing scholarships and grants for them. George also helped immigrant communities in America who were affected by President Trump’s remarks against immigrants. Know more on about George Soros.

Sawyer Howitt success in business

Sawyer Howitt is a passionate entrepreneur whose main aim is to make the globe a better place. He is one of the entrepreneurs who is currently working with other experts from different parts of the globe to come up with better and affordable technology which will be a game changer.

Howitt is currently the Project Manager of Meriwether group. He started the company a decade ago. Over the years the company has been growing and thus it is currently one of the biggest entity in the country. With the help of his team, David has been coming up with the most suitable startups to finance. Most venture capitalist always make huge losses when making their investments. It’s hard for someone to predict the returns which a startup will make in the long run.

With the experience he has in the market, he has mastered the art of coming up with the right firm to invest at. Some of the firms which are now working with Howitt include coffee, Klimt, Salomon, and Doughnut. With the help of his connection in various sectors, he is now promoting the brands of the firms so as to perform better in the near future.


When growing up Sawyer Howitt never through him will be a business person in future. His parent divorced while he was still young and thus he was forced to provide for his family. This created an entrepreneurship culture, and thus he started thinking about various ventures while in his tertiary level. After completing his tertiary level, he later joined a law firm. The company was quite big, and thus he did not fill comfortable in that entity. He was later employed by Adidas. In the years 2004, he decided to quit and start his own company. It’s in that year when he formed Meriwether.

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At the moment he is focusing on expanding to the international market. With the economic growth being recorded at the moment in the Middle East it’s essential for everyone to consider investing in such a market. Besides from performing greatly in the business market, he has also been supporting the less fortunate all over the globe.



Mike Heiligenstein: Steering CTRMA to Greater Success

With jurisdictional authority in Travis and Williamson counties, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is one of the leading public agencies in Texas dedicated to solving the perennial problem of traffic congestion.

To achieve its objective of de-congesting the roads, the company has adopted a raft of innovative measures, which incorporates the use modern and futuristic technologies. Their approach consists of a broad range of solutions including simple yet effective initiatives such as encouraging residents to walk or pedal to reduce traffic.

It has constructed bike and pedestrian bridges, paths and trails. CTRMA has also expanded the number of toll roads and the lanes of non-toll roads while also including Express lanes. This ensures smooth traffic flow.

Some of the technologies adopted by CTRMA include developing an application in partnership with Metropia that is compatible with most mobile phones. Users of the app enjoy a real-time update on the traffic situation on various roads while also offering alternative. The agency is currently developing a mobile phone app that will help users locate travelers, friends and neighbors who are interested in carpooling.

This will significantly reduce the number of cars on the roads. Plans are also underway to upgrade its current smart roads into improved versions capable of communicating with vehicles. This is in anticipation of the launch futuristic vehicle models capable of directly communicating with their surroundings including infrastructures such as roads.

Mike Heiligenstein’s Career and Educational Background

According to Crunchbase,  Mike Heiligenstein has over three decades experience as a public officer primarily within Texas. He is a visionary leader who has guided Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority to greater success. He has transformed the urgency into a market leader in the area of toll roads management incorporating innovative ideas and technologies in its operations.

Before his appointment to the transportation agency in 2003, Mike Heiligenstein worked as a Round Rock City Council Member before being appointed Williamson County Commissioner. Previously, he served as the vice chairman and board member of Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council.

He has also held board membership for several projects including Clean Air Force and Envision Central Texas. This is in addition to his duties a member of the National Association of Counties subcommittee dedicated to monitoring air and water quality.

In addition to his current duty as the executive director of CTRMA, he is also serving as a member of board of management at International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and Texas Transportation Institute. Mike is an alumnus of University where he graduated with three degrees.

U.S. Money Reserve unveils new 24/7 gold news headquarters

U.S. Money Reserve, the nation’s largest seller of gold coins, has just unveiled a new website that promises to revolutionize the selling and buying of precious coins across the United States and the rest of the world.


The website has a number of novel features, none of which have ever been implemented before by major seller of gold coins. One of the most exciting features is the new news portal that U.S. Money Reserve has implemented on its website. This features 24/7 news update about all things related to the buying, selling and trading of gold and other precious assets throughout the world. The news network will feature constant price update as well as all new stories that materially affect the global gold trade.


The new website will also employ a team of the world’s most recognize experts in their respective fields. This will include an economist, a financial analyst and a team of coinage & currency experts, who will be able to provide insightful analysis and up to the minute, crucial information that will not be able to be found anywhere else on the internet.


This news interface, which U.S. Money Reserve is referring to as Headline Gold Newsroom, will be the first of its kind and will allow all of U.S. Money Reserve’s potential customers to make the most informed decisions possible in their purchase of precious coins from the website. The website will also include a state-of-the-art user interface, which is the first of its kind and will allow extreme ease in buying and selling gold coins and other precious metals.


First founded in the early 2000s, U.S. Money Reserve quickly rose to become one of the most respected and largest sellers of gold coins and other precious currency items in the United States. Founded by Phillip Diehl, the 35th director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve has always sought to hire the absolute best talent in the field, delivering top-quality service to all of its customers.


One example of U.S. Money Reserve’s willingness to go above and beyond all other competitors is its employment of certified financial planners. These talented staff members help U.S. Money Reserve’s customers formulate plans for their retirement and create strategies that will best help them to reach those goals.


This has been seen in U.S. Money Reserve’s product line, which includes a unique form of retirement account called a Self Directed Individual Retirement Account. These accounts enable the account holder to retain total control over the asset allocation within the account, allowing for a highly diversified and bulletproof long-term retirement planning strategy.

End Citizens United- Uniting Behind Free and Fair Elections

End Citizens United, a PAC (Political Action Committee), is committed to solving one major problem in US elections: Corporations using “Free Speech” in the form of bribes to politicians. Established by the Supreme Court decision in 2010, Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission, Corporations are considered individuals and are allowed the right to free speech, in the form of money directly to election campaigns. Per their website, they state that they were formed “to counter the disastrous effects of the Citizens United decision and protect the integrity of our elections against big money, secret money and foreign influence.” They have a large, dedicated base- despite the massive amount of funds raised by the PAC, the average donation per person is $12, and grow mostly by word of mouth and grassroots efforts.


Recently released on their blog, Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director, has reacted to the Justice Department appointing a Special Counsel to investigate claims that President Trump and his campaign have coordinated and colluded with Russia before and during the election. Her statement goes on to state that all Americans of every political affiliation and creed that demand all elections be free of all undue influence, domestic (through Citizens United ruling which grants corporations Personhood and the right to free speech) or foreign, have made their collective voice heard, and that an investigation through Special Counsel will be the only way an investigation will bring any true answers. End Citizens United has united with Every Voice, whom together have submitted many petitions and have spent large sums of money in advertising calling for this investigation after former FBI Director James Comey was fired in the middle of conducting an investigation.


According to USA Today, who received the story direct from End Citizens United, the PAC has collected more than $4 million in the first quarter of this year, and expect raise more than $35 million to support issue- similar candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. As what is known as a “traditional” PAC, they are limited to accepting no more than $5,000 from any individual for a specific election, and can only give $5,000 to any candidate within the same constraints. They can, however, urge their regular donors to donate to specific campaigns, such as that of Jon Ossoff, who has surpassed the expectations of both political parties by raising more than $4 million for the April 18 special election in former Representative, now Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s District. The PAC is currently considering which candidates to support, and whom to withdraw from for lack of commitment to their central issue for the midterm election.