Andrew Rolfe; a Real and Reknown Humanitarian

In the recent Ubuntu Educational Fund Charity Gala held in London, Andrew Rolfe aided the charity to raise over £603,000. The charity gala was made for the worthy cause of helping the African children that are disadvantaged, faced with challenges and adversities. In South Africa, the total amount that was donated at the gala would come to a close estimate of about R10 million. Initially, the target donations for the gala was £600,000. The donations from the gala are intended to increase the number of the students in the Port Elizabeth Campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Aside from this, they intend to use part of the donation to upgrade the paediatric clinic that is connected with the Port Elizabeth Campus.

The Ubuntu Educational Fund taps into its resources as well as manpower to tend to more than 400,000 people in Africa who are disadvantaged. The campus in Port Elizabeth has a unique program for children that are disadvantaged which is aimed at the assuring of the children’s educational and health needs, ensuring they are met from when they join to the point when they are ready to start their careers. The Ubuntu Education Fund was launched in 1999 and it begun as a small charity that only focused on ensuring availing educational tools. The founders later on came to the realization that other dire issues were also facing the nation’s people, such as HIV and hunger that held back the children from realizing their capabilities via education. Therefore, they went ahead to broaden their reach therein including nutrition, home stability, and health.

The gala saw the attendance of about 300 top philanthropists and socialites from London. Andrew Rolfe, welcomed the audience but it was the story of Sinesipho Rabidyani was what melted all the hearts in attendance. She spoke of how her father’s drinking problem affected her as a child. She did not like going home because of her father’s issue and the problems it brought to their family. At the close of the event, the CEO of the fund, Jacob Leif stated that within the 20 years of seeing the suffering, they had learnt what the people need, such as nutrition, education, supplies and healthcare.

The chairman of the Fund, Andrew Rolfe, is also TowerBook Capital Partners’ Managing Director. At Harvard, he studied administration and business economics, attaining his Master’s Degree in 1992 and another one at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.


Tips on how to be a successful trader according to Greg Secker

Being a successful entrepreneur like Greg Secker is not an easy feat. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, anyone can become. This has article has curated six tips by Greg Secker that will help you become a successful trader.

Who is Greg Secker?

He is an entrepreneur, international speaker, master trader, and a father. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group that consists of several companies. They are Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, Greg Secker Foundation, and Capital Index. All these foundations are a representation of Greg’s passion for making the world a better place.

Greg is also a great philanthropist. He got recognition for his charitable deeds and was named to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. In addition to that, Greg was appointed to the list of “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

Below are the tips

  • Have a thorough understanding of trading basics – most individuals want to make money fast without getting the right knowledge. It is wise to have the necessary knowledge before starting. Learn how Forex Market works and the terminologies needed.
  • Find a mentor whom you can emulate. Most successful traders have a high figure they emulate.
  • Have one strategy, master it, and stick to it. Do not switch up your strategy just because you have seen another person succeeding in his. It might cause confusion, and you will end up losing focus.
  • Do not trade using emotions. When businesses are not working, do not make deals with emotions. Emotions are the enemy of trading.
  • Have realistic goals – you cannot be a multi-millionaire with a small budget. Yes, you can make real money, but the process will take time.
  • Define your Goals – no one can get to a point without having detailed plan to get there. It applies to trading. Each trading method has its methodology to use and its risk, and you need a specific plan to make sure it is successful. As a newbie trader, you have to decide a budget, daily plan of action and much more.

In conclusion, Greg Sucker has vast experience in trading. Following the above tips will be helpful to our trading career.


Financier and philanthropist- Mathew Autterson

When naming financiers in the United States of America his name cannot miss from the list. He Is among the experienced and prominent individuals in the nation. Autterson Matthew has a vast of experience in the financial sector which runs for more than 25 years. Mr. Matthew was passionate about finance and banking from an early age and immediately after his High School graduation he attended Michigan State University and graduated with a B.A in Finance. For the love of finance, Autterson got a golden chance to attend the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program to further his education.

After his graduation from Denver Graduate Tax Program, Mathew began his career serving at First Trust Corporation which was then a subsidiary of Fiserv. Mathew Autterson really wanted to gain skills in the industry and with that, he also had to face new challenges in his career as a financier. Later in 1982, he moved to Colorado State Chartered Trust Company which an affiliate of New York based Financial Services Company Integrated Resources Inc. Mr. Autterson is very committed and hardworking individual who puts all his effort and energy to whatever he has undertaken. Through his devotion, he climbed the career ladder and later in 1986 he became the President of the Resources Trust Company. Later in 1989 the firm was acquired by Broad Inc. and changed its name to SunAmerica which was then acquired by AIG in 1998.

The Resource Trust Company can well be described as one of the largest state-charted, insured depository trust companies in the United States of America. In 2001 the financial organization’s status took another turn when it was purchased by Fiserv from AIG Company. The group was responsible for offering depository as well as safekeeping services in the country. Ever since its creation, it served more than 200000 customers who were introduced to the company by over 150000 registered financial advisory firms. The Resource trust firm prides its self for being a custodian of over $20billion assets and deposits of more than $1billion. The organization offered equal employment opportunity to over 700 individuals.

Mathew Autterson is a leader who ever since he began his career in the financial sector has shown positive leadership skills. He has been appointed to several boards including being a member of the Board of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystem. He sits on the Board as leader of Colorado Business Community. Mathew is not only a businessperson and financier but he so much involved in the community activities and part of his activities as a philanthropist is being a leader in the Denver Zoo as well as Denver Zoology Foundation among others. Currently, he is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. a group which was created in 2013.


Fabletics Continues Growing

Fabletics, a fitness clothing subscription service, is fervently competing with Amazon. No small feet considering the powerhouse Amazon continues to be. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics offers brands consumers trust at a price that is cheaper than many of their competitors. The subscription part of the Fabletics business has allowed the company to give costumers what they want at a much lower cost. Becoming a member means the customer will get a great fitness outfit set for $49.95 each month. There is never any obligation to continue membership, and members can skip a month any time they need to save a buck or two.

The clothing company has been a huge success because of the flexibility of their service and their great customer service. The company has utilized a new technique referred to as reverse showrooming. Essentially this means Fabletics started out online to build a relationship with its users, and now they are opening physical locations where already loyal members can come in person. A customer can come in the physical store and try on an item, and the item will be added to their online account membership. Fabletics plans on adding more physical locations in the coming years. Already, physical stores have been opened in Hawaii, Florida, California and Illinois.

Fabletics recently collaborated with Demi Lovato, who is a huge fan of the company. Even though the company started up only three years ago, it has grown to be known all over the world in part thanks to Kate Hudson. Kate, known for her role in “Almost Famous,” joined the Fabletics team after they realized she embodied what they wanted in a company partner and spokesperson. They wanted someone who was genuine and had the unique style they were looking for.

Kate took an active role in the company, approving clothing design and developing marketing strategies. Kate wanted Fabletics to be about the customers and helped to implement better customer service strategies. Demi Lovato’s love of Fabletics has much to do with Kate’s vision of empowering women to be the best they can be by loving how they look and inspiring them to be active.

Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads in Developing Safe Communication Gadgets for Inmates

Rick Smith is a committed leader. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. He took up the role in 2008. According to the staff at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith was the best candidate for the position following his experience and commitment to finding solutions. With his focus as well as drive Rick Smith is focused on developing modern strategies for solving problems. He understands the importance of initiating progress in the company. From working with the finance department, operations, project management, information technology, business operations as well as telecommunications, Smith has excellent leadership skills that set him apart.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, a profit organization, based in America, is a technology company. The company was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing a powerful technology for communication. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With an employee base of approximately 1,000 people, Securus Technologies serves about 2,600 prisons across America. These services extend to Canada. A testament to the reflection of Securus Technologies commitment to providing excellent communication and safety services, the company invested $ 600 million towards technologies, patents as well as acquisitions. That was possible with the help of Rick Smith.


Rick Smith is a scholar with a strong education background. His academic credentials played a pivotal role in his appointment as the head cheerleader. Smith holds an associate’s degree. This he attained from the Institute of Rochester Technology. He also attained a level in engineering. This was from the New York State University. Being visionary, Smith advanced his studies by the Simon School for an MBA.


Rick Smith’s career began in early 1972 when he held various executive positions. He worked at Global Crossing North America. Rick’s roles included being the chief controller as well as the chief information officer of the company. He worked at Frontier Information Technologies as the president. He also worked at Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. Rick was the director of business for Network Plant Operations. At Securus Technologies, he has led the company in achieving various communications gadgets. These devices have assisted prisoners to enjoy comfortable environments during the reformation.


Smith has a rich background of leadership coupled with a set of strong skills as well as experience. He has led Securus for years. With a series of executive positions, he has been able to incorporate new ideas in developing a safe communication platform. He worked at Eschelon as the chief executive officer. He grew the revenue of the company to about $ 30 million. Eschelon marked an enormous growth in one year. Rick continues to guide the management of Securus Technologies. He is in charge of critical decision making in the company. His staff delights in the fact that he is reasonable when it comes to offering solutions.

Meriwether Group And Sawyer Howitt Provide Expertise To Startups

Meriwether Group knows the demands of a new business startup both inside and out. At one time they were exactly that, a new startup, but they have since blossomed into a powerhouse which helps bring ideas to life.

Sawyer Howitt has experienced the entrepreneurial life firsthand throughout his days. He is now developing his talents as a project manager for Meriwether.

Meriwether is a business which has cultivated an impressive array of expertise. They are able to offer a wide range of services to help businesses at every stage of development. They have successfully guided companies from the emerging startup phase, assisted with capital needs, or have helped implement a succession plan to name just a few of their skills.

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Meriwether Group has a service group which is known as Accelerators. Just as it sounds, it’s a way for businesses to get moving quickly by working with Meriwether’s seasoned experts. They are able to take a client’s vision and make it their own by infusing their own energy into the project. This could also involve sourcing, product development, retail rollout, or a defined exit strategy.

Sawyer Howitt possesses a business sensitivity which belies his age. He’s already put down a solid foundation regarding the operational and financial needs of cutting edge businesses. While the business nuts and bolts are crucial, he’s also quite adept at determining a brand’s resonance and connection to the customer. His willingness to work at any task to further the business is quite remarkable. This kind of sacrifice and teamwork ethic is rarely understood by someone his age.

A business mindset is certainly noteworthy, but Sawyer Howitt brings more than that to the table. He’s involved with philanthropic endeavors and community projects. He’s mentored in the past and supports women and their quest for equality throughout all strata of society. He’s forward-looking in business and in life.

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