The Stunning Return and Rise of George Soros

It can be hard to measure exactly how much a single person can impact the world, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. George Soros comes to our attention thanks to the impacting way he has gotten involved in politics as well as philanthropy over the past 50 years. Founder of the Soros Hedge Fund, George Soros is one of the wealthiest investors on the planet. Of course, Soros hasn’t stayed within his realm of financial business. Instead, Soros has used his life story in order to branch out and try to bring quality change to the world. This has taken up in the form of two big hallmarks of his success: the Open Society Foundation and his work as a staunch progressive.

We’ll start by talking first about how George Soros returned to the realm of United States politics in order to make a difference within the country. George Soros has always been politically engaged because he fundamentally believes in the core tenants of progressive ideology: equality, transparency in government, social justice, and democracy. Soros had initially gotten his political start as a vocal and financial backer of Al Gore during the Democrats election campaign against George Bush so many years ago. Now, Soros returned from his measured hiatus in order to throw in his support to Hillary Clinton in order to directly oppose the campaign of Donald Trump, the reality show candidate that Republicans had bizarrely embraced.

George Soros’ return to politics was as much about necessity as it was anything else. George Soros saw the violent and hateful rhetoric that Donald Trump was using on his campaign and he knew right away that Trump was a dangerous person not just for the world but the people in it. So, Soros jumped out of his semi political retirement in order to donate nearly $25 million to progressive politicians throughout the country, including a hefty amount right into Pro-Clinton political action committees. Soros would waste no time returning to form as he went in hot after the dangerous Trump campaign while also pledging money to important causes.

If you took time to look at the early life of George Soros you would understand why he so vocally condemns the acts of violent rhetoric and extreme nationalism that Donald Trump has made popular. Soros was born in Hungary where he would eventually grow up to see the brutal Nazi occupation first hand. The Nazis would roll into the country and sit there for a year, murdering Hungarian Jews to the total of 500,000 innocent lives. Soros saw firsthand what violent, mobilized nationalism could do and vowed early on to stop it where he could. Soros and his family would eventually flee the country and emigrate to London.

Rick Smith Making His Mark in the Tech Industry

Mr. Rick Smith took over the leadership of SECURUS Technologies as its company CEO on June 23rd, 2008. Chairman Richard Falcone, the company Chairman, welcomed Smith to the family and praised him for his successful career. Mr. Smith holds masters in mathematics which he got at Brockport, State University of New York, and Bachelor’s of Science in electrical engineering at Buffalo, State University of New York.Mr. Smith also has an MBA from the Simon School University of Rochester. Rick Smith has held a different position in a variety of industries, and before joining Securus Technologies, he worked at Frontier Corporation in various disciplines like IT, business development, finance, and operations. Rick Smith is a board member of Integra Telecom Company Ltd.

Mr. Rick Smith has sufficient skills and experiences in telecom, and for more than nine years he held a position of CEO at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. During his period in Echelon, he rapidly helped in revenue growth from a mere $30million to more than $350 million. He also grew the EBITDA to around $80 million and 48% to CAGR. With such success, Rick Smith successful led Echelon in summer of 2005 to one of the most successful IPO in the telecom industry.In July 2015 Securus led by its chairman Mr. Smith led a successful acquisition of JPay Inc with an ultimate goal of offering digitalized communications, payments, entertainment and education all in one correctional space. JPay Inc operates in more than 33 states offering prison systems. Additionally, it’s among the first technology companies to have introduced email, host of entertainment, electronic payments, and education-related apps. This entire app collection is meant to give prisoners a better life and taste of technology.

According to Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, the transaction makes Securus one of the fastest-growing companies in correction segments of email, payments, and inmate tablets. Mr. Rick said that the completion of the operations gives them license to offer virtually software and high-tech correction agencies that new prison needs to operate efficiently. The CEO of JPay stated that Mr. Smith would run JPay as one of an owned subsidiary of Securus and he believes with years of skills and experience Rick hold; he will move the company to huge profits.Since becoming the CEO of Securus Technologies, Smith has continued to invest deeply in developing improvements in information, communications, access, collection and focusing on the inmates and their families. This has made it possible for the company to maintain leadership in the ever competitive technological innovations.Securus Technology opened its door in 1986 and with years of giving service to the ever-changing needs of law enforcement, and correction industry it has grown tremendously under the leadership of Rick Smith. It now boasts of 140 patents and a leading innovator in criminal justice technology system.

NexBank For Financial Flexibility

For readers not in the know, NexBank is a business that aids their clients in bolstering their financial portfolios with different investment strategies. NexBank also provides customers with savings programs that include wealth-building programs. They advertise that they welcome the opportunity to specifically cater to the various financial dealings of hard workers everywhere.

NexBank customers are provided with new ways to save money with a financially secure bank that has more than $40 million dollars worth of assets. The company reportedly has thousands of online clients who use NexBank’s online banking platform. The official online website offers all of NexBank’s banking services. All of the services are available online. Users can access through specific tabs for each service available for purchase.

NexBank can even assist people who have government student loan debt. There are over 1,600 different college savings program offered. NexBank can also provide practical ways of saving more money than those offered by their competitors. NexBank’s mission is essentially to help their customers get the very most from their money.

NexBank is teamed up with the College Savings Bank. This enables them to assist their clients to save money on all of their college expenses. In general, NexBank provides financial solutions for individual, industrial and commercial account holders. Customers can even sign up for investment accounts to help them save for retirement.

Additionally, NexBank provides free direct deposits, free checks, investment accounts, online bill pay, anytime account access, and more. The NexBank customer service representatives who will help customers with their various at any time. Customers are also able to check their account summary or money transfers or complete transfers of funds from all of their electronic devices. NexBank clients only need to navigate to the NexBank website and register for their own online account. They will then be able to handle their funds online within 24 hours.


How Seattle Genetics Hopes to End the Cancer Menace Once and for All

People that have been to Bothell’s Cascade Business Park will tell you that nothing about the beige group of buildings indicates that they are the headquarters of one of the largest clinical trials company in the world. The only telltale sign that one gets as they enter the building is that triangular structure that many mistake for a Greek cred. The reality is that the structure is a simplified model of the human antibody, the central focus of all the studies carried out by Seattle Genetics. They have been developing antibodies and packaging them into a therapy that has proven itself very successful in delivering a lethal dose to cancer and destroying it from within.

Seattle Genetics has more than 900 employees and an asset base of more than $10 billion. This makes the company one of the largest Biotechs in Seattle. Some people fear that as the company continues catapulting into the big leagues, they may graduate into big pharma and leave Seattle behind as Ammunex did after its acquisition, but the founder, CEO and Board Chairman, Clay Siegall seems sure that the company is there to stay. The company is hoping to recruit more than 200 new employees this year alone, which is another indication that the company is well past their hardship days.

The fortunes seem to have changed for Seattle Genetics when their drug, Adcetris got a nod from the FDA. The drug mainly treats Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is a lymph cancer that can spread to several other parts of the body. In addition to the drug, Seattle Genetics has about 11 more which are in different stages of development. It is an indication that the company wants to build a brand and presence as opposed to selling out to bigger companies, which is common among other biotech companies.

Siegall is an ambitious leader, when he started out at Seattle, lack of capital to inject into the research of Adcetris forced him to sell rights to Takeda Pharmaceuticals. But he has opened a branch in Switzerland with the hope that the company will manage to market their brand internationally. Currently, the company is listed on NASDAQ as SGEN and has been trading their shares publicly for a while now. It is easy to see that with the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics will achieve a lot in cancer research and provision of treatments and therapies.