Stream Energy Expanding Twice in Four Months

Stream Energy is a popular provider of electricity and other household utilities and services. The company recently brought their services to Delaware, and the sate can now enjoy the energy services, wireless, protective, and the home services of Stream Energy. The expansion was made in early December 2017. In September, Stream Energy became available in Illinois as well.

As of December, Stream Energy is available in 8 states, others on the list being, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Washington D. C., Georgia, and Illinois. The Chief Operating Officer of the corporation Mr. Dan O’Malley expressed the collective excitement of Stream Energy from the moment the company has gathered through two expansions so close to one another. CFO Dan O’Malley added that Stream Energy is experiencing a boost in operations and will be working towards more expansions in the upcoming year of 2018. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

Stream Energy was established in Dallas, Texas in 2005. The business is working in direct selling. It is impressive that the firm has managed to generate a lifetime revenue of $8 billion in only 12 years. That has put Stream Energy among the faster growing and most significant companies in direct selling on the global energy market.

The company was co-founded by Mr. Rob Snyder and Mr. Pierre Koshakji. The former has had decades of experience working with private equities, investment, and transactions. Mr. Rob Snyder is operating as the controlling stockholder of the firm.


Mr, Pierre Koshakji has played a vast number of executive roles in Stream Energy. Mr. Pierre Koshakji is currently operating as the Executive Vice President of the company and also works in the division of Strategic Projects and Governmental Affairs, as well as an Executive Board Member. Mr. Pierre Koshakji has had extensive experience in handling and growing businesses. Before co-founding Stream Energy, he was a Chief executive officer for startup companies and other private and public companies.

Stream Energy has had a busy year. The company achieved two expansions, and in the meantime, it also did several charity events and planned for the upcoming year. The Stream Energy is aiming to become a leader in its line of work and to expand across all states. View the Company reviews at

Rick Smith: Driving Securus Technologies to Success

The chief executive officer is one of the most important people inside the company. They serve as the leader of the company who has to make important decisions and the driver who will lead the company to success. The chief executive officer has to be knowledgeable, or else, the business would fail. The leader of the company should also have the skill to decide whether it is time for them to break of the rules and depend on previous experiences to ensure that the company’s interest would still prevail for the benefit of the business. Being a chief executive officer is a challenging task, and one has to be creative and wise to keep the company going. The responsibility is also tremendous, and if someone who breaks quickly would become a chief executive officer, they would never be able to make it through. Rick Smith is one of those people who possess what it takes to be a company chief executive officer. He was elected to the position by Securus’s Technologies board of directors because they saw the characters of a good leader in him. Read more articles at

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith had many experiences with telecommunications companies. He was contributing significantly to the growth of his previous workplaces even if he is only in the lowest ranks. When he transferred to Eschelon Telecom Inc., Rick Smith showed how it is like to be a leader and the company management unanimously chose him to serve as the president. For several years, Rick Smith Securus showed the company the leadership that they deserved. The annual revenue of Eschelon Telecom Inc. jumped from $30 million to around $350 million, and the small startup became one of the most successful telecommunications company overnight. His passion for driving the company to success caught the attention of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States, and he was offered positions to work for them. He chose Securus Technologies because of their impressive background in providing communication services to correctional facilities, and he wanted to see how he would fare in serving prisons and inmates. Read more on

Under his leadership, Rick Smith let the employees at Securus Technologies think, and design products they think would leave a significant impact on society. The company has hundreds of patents and inventions, and they are spending more than $600 million just to protect these properties. One of the most in-demand service from Securus Technologies would be their video calling technology, which is installed inside the correctional facility as a kiosk which the prisoners can use to call their loved ones outside. Rick Smith revealed that the company still has a long number of inventions and products waiting to be manufactured. He expressed his gratitude to those who are appreciating their efforts and promised that the company would continue the excellence that they showcased for the benefit of the industry.


Anthony Petrello Ups The Ante In Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello has been very generous regarding his donations as of late, recently giving $5 million, with the promise of an additional $2 million, to a new research incentive. In addition to his monetary donations, Mr. Petrello has been very active in the fundraising efforts regarding the incentive.

According to Mr. Petrello’s active commitment to this new incentive can be attributed to the close relationship that he has with his daughter. Each morning, Mr. Petrello witnesses a miracle when witnessing his daughter eat breakfast. Eight-year-old Carena, who was born prematurely, was eventually diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia and developed cerebral palsy. Because of this, his daughter experienced developmental delays that significantly impeded her ability to learn the things all children learn over time. Recently, after hours of practice, Carena developed the ability to chew and swallow solid food. Mr. Petrello, along with his wife Cynthia, has been dedicated to the search for answers regarding Carena’s condition and discovering new research methods.


As the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, the world’s largest drilling contractor, Anthony Petrello has discovered that along with his business interests, one of the most important aspects of his day-to-day activities includes his involvement with the Texas Children’s Hospital. As a member of their Board of Trustees, Mr. Petrello is intimately involved, but he initially discovered the Texas Children’s Hospital after an intense search for a pediatric research institution that could adequately handle his daughter’s needs; unbeknownst to him, the solution was a local hospital.

Anthony Petrello is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, receiving his degree in Mathematics from Yale University. In 1979, Mr. Petrello decided to take a position with Baker and McKenzie; a law firm that placed its central focus on taxation, internal arbitration, and corporate law. In 1986, he would become the managing partner at Baker and McKenzie, holding that position until 1991, when he decided to resign and join Nabors Industries as President. In 2011, Mr. Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries and in 2012 he became the Chairman of the Board, as well as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board.

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Miami Real Estate Entrepreneur Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a real estate broker and investor who is based in Miami, Florida. He has spent his career helping people find properties to live in or own for commercial purposes. As well as being involved in the real estate industry, Samuel has also worked in the banking industry. These two industries have given him a solid professional background which has allowed him to help people achieve their dreams of property ownership. In terms of his educational background, Samuel graduated from Hofstra University, Erasmus University and Harvard. In order to achieve his success, Strauch has revealed a number of things that have enabled him to consistently reach many of his goals.

During the first part of his career, Samuel Strauch spent a number of years working in the banking field. While this was a successful career for him, he developed a passion for real estate and decided to pursue opportunities in this field Samuel would begin working at a real estate company that was owned by his family. Within a few years, he decided to start up a real estate business of his own. Strauch started up his own company and looked to take advantage of the thriving real estate market in Miami, Florida. Using his connections from previous endeavors, Samuel was able to quickly build his company and make it into one of the most successful in the real estate industry.

Over the years, Samuel Strauch has adopted certain strategies in order to maximize his success. One of the things that Samuel does in order to remain successful is to make sure that he is knowledgeable about the most recent technology in the real estate industry. He also looks to find investment opportunities and properties that will make his company profitable on a regular basis. As well as staying up to date with technological trends and finding profitable projects, Samuel also looks to complete a number of projects to benefit younger generations of people who are looking to either buy or invest in real estate.

Along with finding ways to succeed through effective strategies, Samuel Strauch has certain habits that contribute to his productivity. He regularly does a lot of meditation to clear his mind and relax. This gives him a stronger focus on his professionals and personal tasks during the day. Samuel also takes time every morning to reflect about all of things he has been given. It also enables him to set his goals and work towards meeting them consistently.

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Bruno Fagali – The Top Legal Expert in Brazil

In the last few years, the field of law has become highly competitive especially in Brazil. This has led to a high number of lawyer and establishment of many law firms to choose from when hiring a lawyer in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is one of the Brazilian lawyers who has achieved greatly within a very short period of time. He is termed as the authority in the field of law. Bruno Fagali has pursued law form one of the leading Universities in Brazil by the name Pontifical Catholic University. After he was through with the study of law, he went to work with some of the top law firms such as Ramirez, Manesto, Azevedo and Marques Advogados. By working under the leadership of some of the most senior lawyers in Brazil, Bruno Fagali skills that are needed to excel in the law department.

Currently, Bruno Fagali is recognized as a professional in the field of risk management, compliance law. Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, administrative law, financial law and much more. Bruno Fagali established his own law firm by the name Fagali advocacy after having served as an associate for several years in various law firms. In the early stages, Fagali Advocacy was just a small law firm that began with a small office which later grew to the brackets in a short period of time. This growth is all attributed to his dedication and commitment of Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali is tremendously known for keeping himself at the forefront of updates with the new guidelines in conjunction with amendments in the field of law. This ensures that he offers the most accurate and beneficial guidance to his clients. Bruno Fagali has been able to overcome the most challenging cases in the history of Brazil credibly. Bruno Fagali also serves as the business integrity Officer at the Nova/SB Advertising agency. Fagali Advocacy stands to be the highly sought-after law firms in Brazil today. It handles the legal department of various small to large sized companies.

Bruno Fagali stands to be one of the most reliable lawyers you will come across in Brazil. He plays a big role in legal matters that helps to maintain the position of the nation compared to the other nations across the world. For more information on Bruno Fagali visit:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Take On A More Influential Role At Banco Bradesco In The Coming Months

The financial industry in Brazil was last month rocked by some astonishing news coming from Bradesco. The large bank announced that its current president Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be promoted to the position of chairman. Consequently, a new president would be chosen from within the bank’s ranks.

Overview of the Bradesco Brand

Bradesco was founded by Amador Aguiar in 1943 in the city of Marilia, Brazil. At the time of its formation, Aguiar envisioned Bradesco as a bank that would help in the advancement of the social welfare of its customers. The bank has since largely stayed true to this initial objective. Today, Bradesco is the second largest private lender in the country. Its enviable customer portfolio is just a little shy of 30 million, and it directly employs about 100,000 employees. Further, it is one of the most stable financial institutions in the country with its asset-base standing a considerable $400 billion. With Brazil still having a considerable portion of its population, Bradesco has increasingly positioned itself to absorb these new customers and thus pushing it to become the largest private bank in the country.

A New President

Despite being in existence for more than seven decades, Bradesco has thus far only had four presidents. The relatively low number of leadership replacements points to the fact that the bank often gets it right with its leadership decisions. However, with the bank now bigger than it has ever been before, it is more important than ever that it chooses the right person to assume the position. Fortunately, there is already a large pool of leadership talent within the bank. The bank will likely, therefore, have an easy time selecting a new president from among its seven vice presidents.

More on Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in the small city of Marilia, Brazil in 1951. A talented individual, he was employed by the Bradesco branch in his local town as a clerk in 1969. At the time, he was only 18 and thus lacked an education in banking, finance, accounting or related field. However, one could not tell this fact as his work consistently above that of his peers in quality. Consequently, only two years after joining the bank, he was singled out for a promotion that saw him transfer stations from Marilia to the bank’s headquarters in Sao Paulo. His star only continued to shine brighter in the city as he was in 1984 named to become the department director for the marketing department – thus making him one of the youngest departmental heads in the bank’s history. As with his previous postings, Luiz Carlos Trabuco thrived in his new position despite having relatively no background or prior experience in it. His greatest contribution, in particular, was mending the relationship between Bradesco and the press, thus making the Bradesco brand more visible to members of the public. Slightly more than a decade after being promoted to another post, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was then named the president of Bradesco Seguros, an insurance company owned by the bank. In total, he spent six successful years at the company. Over the course of his tenure, the insurer doubled in size and cemented its position as the undisputed market leader.

In 2009, having spent close to four decades at the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named its president. His appointment followed the retirement of Marcio Cypriano. He has now held the position for nine years, consistently expanding the brand, even in tumulus economic conditions. As he now assumes the position of chairman, there is little doubt that he will be looking to build on the foundation work he did as president and continue to expand the bank even more. Read more:


What Igor Cornelsen Says Investors Should Do

Igor Cornelsen used to be one of Brazil’s top investors. So great, that he held the investment portfolios of some of the largest organizations in the South American country. Today, he’s retired, and does little outside of playing golf. However, he still shares loads of great tips with the world regarding investing in Brazil’s financial markets.

Here are three tips that Igor Cornelsen tells his followers – and new readers, alike – to adhere to when placing their money in the unique financial markets of Brazil.

Ask investors with financial experience native to Brazil

If you live in Brazil, you’re probably not reading this article. People that have lived in Brazil all their lives are likely far more familiar with financial markets, given they’re investors, than those from other countries. As such, you should ask people who’ve lived in Brazil for all their lives about investing in the country.

Mr. Cornelsen states that Brazilians are naturally easy to talk to. As such, it shouldn’t be difficult to solicit seasoned investors’ opinions about how they invest their money, do’s, and don’t’s. Igor also says that around one-quarter of Brazilian residents have started their own businesses, so approaching them with commerce-related conversations should make things easier.

Keep a close eye on government regulations

Most consumers aren’t fans of government regulations. However, more are in play within Brazil’s borders than most other nations. As such, it’s important to study up on them to fully understand what you can and can’t do in the nation’s financial markets.

If you aren’t sure of where to find a complete list of them, ask somebody who’s experienced in Brazilian investing. If that’s not possible, consider hiring a consultant – money can get you to talk to virtually anyone. Learn more on about Igor Cornelsen.

Brazil is home to currency restrictions

To invest in Brazil, you need Brazilian reals. To get reals, you must purchase them. To purchase reals, you have to pay hefty fees that the Brazilian government requires foreigners to fork over prior to getting reals. Ask around to learn them prior to buying Brazilian reals. Know more: