Matt Badiali’s Contribution to the Mining, Energy and Agriculture Industries

Matt Badiali is the name behind the Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter that provides investment advice regarding metals, energy and natural resources. With an aim to help the average American who struggles with fruitful investing, Matt partnered with a friend to develop successful investment opportunities. His articles have helped readers make double and triple earnings. As explained by Matt Badiali, his education background and experience made it easy for him to come up with his newsletter.

Matt’s ideas are from his personal experiences. He uses these experiences to make subjects relevant. Travelling around the world has also helped him come up with real and new ideas. Among the places visited by Matt include Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Peru, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea and Haiti. Travelling also enables him to meet with experts physically.

With the current shift in energy consumption, Matt Badiali believes that new and more efficient energy supplies will be developed. The same way energy shifted from whale oil to kerosene, Matt explains that the upcoming technology will be enormous and more disrupting. His ability to focus on one thing at a time enables him to be more fruitful. Matt says that working on one thing at a go allows one to block distractions and put maximum concentration thus avoiding delays.

One of the crucial aspects that Matt urges the young generation to do is to stop sitting back and wait for employment to come their way. Instead, they should seek for internships and work for free in order to grow their experience. He further advised people to read as much as possible. Frequent reading equips one with knowledge on new trends that can help make informed decisions. Exceeding people’s expectations is one of the productive strategies adopted by Badiali. He considers the strategy an effective way to create a good relationship with clients.

Mark Badiali is an expert in the industry of energy, agricultural and mining. He graduated with a B.S in Earth Sciences and Master in Geology from Penn State and Florida Atlantic University respectively. Matt has worked as a geology lecturer at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He has also worked for an environmental company as a consultant and a geologist for a drilling company. Matt frequently meets with other key personalities in the mining industry to share latest trends, technologies and innovations.

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Logan Stout: IDL Moments

Logan Stout is not a character from Marvel Comic’s “X-men.” Logan Stout is, according to some sources, one of the United States’ most successful entrepreneurs. He is also currently the chief executive officer or CEO of the reportedly popular and successful fitness & health company named IDLife. IDLife offers all of their potential customers varied and numerous complete health and nutritional supplements that reportedly can balance the different levels of various substances in a human’s body.

IDLife: Details

Online sources indicate that the reason why IDLife’s product line is as popular as it is is due to how most individuals run their lives today. Many people today just do not get an adequate amount of rest, often eat poorly, and have busy and stressed lives. The company was first launched as a means of offering potential customers individual, customized health and fitness regimens and to educate them about which specific IDLife products were most appropriate for each person’s specific personal needs.

Logan Stout has been in charge of more than one successful business venture. Stout’s current business helps clients obtain the specific vitamins and minerals that their bodies are lacking because of personal deficiencies in their daily diets. Reliable sources reveal that Stout is responsible for bringing in “billions of dollars” in revenue, too. IDLife is merely his latest successful business. Read:

Logan Stout And Celebrities

Logan Stout has worked with such well-known people as Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason. He employed them to ensure the continued growth of the company. This particular threesome provides an element of diversity because they come from different backgrounds. They do have one rather obvious commonality. They are some of the top individuals in their professions.

Still More About Stout

Additionally, Stout is a known writer. He has authored several books. His most popular book concerns teambuilding. Reliable sources note that Logan Stout is also one of the most influential and popular keynote speakers on the planet. He recently joined John C. Maxwellin order to complete a development training course. Follow Logan Stout on Facebook for more updates.


Ted Bauman Explains More About The Current Crisis And The Possibilities With Investing In Bitcoin

Ted Bauman has explained that if bitcoin remains as it is now, it will either function extremely slow in the future or it will simply disappear, altogether. As a decentralized network it is only in existence inside of different computers all over the world, and it cannot be tampered with by the government. These bitcoins are created through a computer process that can be slow sometimes, because people have to wait for a process called “mining” to be completed before anything happens on a transaction. When comparing the possible amount of transactions for bitcoin versus credit cards, the number is small, and this means something needs to change to make them faster.

Ted Bauman has suggested that one possible solution to this problem could be to decrease the amount of data that mining blocks process while also making data blocks bigger. One solution was tried where part of the data was moved to another area, but this makes bitcoin not as secure as before. Others have looked to blockchain technology, which increases block sizes to eight megabytes, in turn, speeding up the process of verifying a transaction. This is being called Bitcoin Cash, and this currency is increasing in value while bitcoin is dropping. At this time, Bitcoin Cash is the only fork that can be invested in, but it is expected that other opportunities will rise. The reason for this is that people are having a hard time finding one solution that everyone agrees on. While Ted Bauman is skeptical about investing to heavily in bitcoin, at this time, he does point out to the possibility that it could be something huge. Learn more at about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club as well as a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. His life’s mission has been to guide people to the resources they need to live a life of freedom from the greed of corporations and the oversight of the government. He was born in Washington D.C. but emigrated to South Africa when he was younger. While there, he earned postgraduate degrees in History and Economics while attending the University of Cape Town and also worked with numerous nonprofits as their fund manager. Eventually, he came back to the United States and worked as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. In 2013, he struck out on his own to pursue his passion to become a writer and researcher. Read:


Sahm Adranji’s Exceptional Career As an Investment Expert

Sahm Adrangi’s career began many years ago. He worked for major financial institutions early in his career, and he was an analyst at one of them. These positions allowed him to gain experience that he used to start a business of his own. The business that he started has become extremely successful.

What Companies Did He Work For Before He Founded His Own Company?

Prior to starting a business, Sahm Adrangi was an employee at Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. He was an analyst at Longacre Fund Management.

How Did He Start Kerrisdale Capital?

He started Kerrisdale Capital with a much smaller amount of money than many investment companies had when they got off the ground. He used one million dollars to create the company, but it grew quickly. In fact, Kerrisdale Capital has amassed a savings of more than 150 million dollars.

Who Invests With Kerrisdale Capital?

People from all walks of life use the company’s services. While they have something for every investor, many of their services are designed with the needs of retired people in mind.

Publications That Sahm Adrangi Wrote:

Sahm Adrangi has written about hedge funds and short selling. He also is an expert on conducting research of small businesses. Accessing these publications is extremely easy. In fact, the articles that he has written are available on the internet. You don’t have to pay to access his research either.

He Has Advocated For Ethical Business Practices:

Sahm Adrangi believes that all businesses should be honest. He takes action when he sees a company that is engaged in unethical business practices. China Biotics and China Education Alliance were engaged in practices that were dishonest and in violation of the law. As soon as he became aware of this, he immediately informed the general public. This prevented more people from falling victim to the fraud, and it allowed the SEC to shut down the illegal activity.

Ted Bauman Career in Finance

Ted Bauman is a professional who has been working with Banyan Publishing for a long time. The businessman got the position to serve at this prestigious organization in the year 2013, and he has been the editor of several newsletters. For more than five years, the finance expert has been writing publications for Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. All of these magazines focus on privacy, asset protection, international migration activities and low-risk investment methods. At the moment, the stock expert is based in Atlanta, and he lives with his family.

In his successful career life, Ted Bauman has been focusing on helping the people in the international community to get in touch with their right resources so that they can lead a fulfilling life. The businessman wants to empower the society so that people do not have to deal with corporate greed and government oversights. Ted Bauman was born and raised in Washington. When he was still very young, he went to Maryland eastern shore for his education. More info on Ted Bauman:

Before he could complete his education, the businessman moved to South Africa where he went to the prestigious University of Cape Town for his studies in economics and history. The skills he acquired at the learning institution played a leading role in the new country. After spending twenty-five years in South Africa, Ted chose to move back to his home country to assist the middle-class investors. While in the country, the businessman has worked in various executive roles, especially in the nonprofit making department. Ted Bauman helped the needy people in the society to access low-cost housing. Many people in the country benefited from the projects carried out by the businessman. The most significant beneficiaries were slum dwellers who were living his harsh environments.

Ted Bauman has a very busy schedule for most of his days. After getting up in the morning, the businessman takes his daughter to school before heading to his basement office. Bauman can work from home because this is the ideal location for him. Ted Bauman does not have to walk or drive to the office, and this means that he doesn’t have to waste any time. Ted says that he is more productive in the morning compared to other times of the day. Whenever he is not working in the office, the businessman prefers to spend time with his family and children. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles


Exploring Base Metals with Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali, geologist turned investor and a editor of the Real Wealth Strategist reminds us that as an investment silver, gold and platinum are not the only metal investment options available and that the savvy investor will look past the glitter and promise and will explore other metals.

Copper and zinc, together with their alloy brass, are some of the most sought after metals today. Highly conductive and anti-corrosive, copper and zinc form the backbone of our infrastructure, electrical and plumbing networks. As the demand housing and electrical devices, including the demand for electric cars, increases, the need for these under-appreciated and often disregarded metals will also increase.

Using his geological expertise, Matt Badiali has been scouring geological data and investigating mining operations throughout the world. Utilizing his love of travel and his passion of earth science, Matt Badiali presents a comprehensive picture of the current investment opportunities available within the commodities market.

As editor of the Real Wealth Strategist and a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali is a formidable ally in your wealth attainment. As a former professor of geology at the University of North Carolina he has the scientific knowledge and experience to perceive the importance and demand of base metals.

After watching a decreasing lack of investment within the copper and zinc mining industries, coupled with the knowledge of zinc and coppers importance within the electrical and construction industries, he has predicted that 2018 is the year for investment in the often overlooked zinc and copper markets and while some many consider other more glamorous investments, Matt Badiali recognizes the important function these metals play within our basic and necessary infrastructure. And consequently, the vital role these metals will take continue to play in our future development.

Matt Badiali’s dedicated quest for accurate information, his impressive scientific background and his more than a decade worth of experience have led him to suggest that copper and zinc as the markets to watch and the investments to consider adding to an investment portfolio. With the increased forecast of new construction and increased demand in electrical components currently expected it is hard to question his logic. Learn more:


Ted Bauman and Strong Investment Methods

A lot of people have no idea what the stock market actually is or means. Children often have questions about the whole concept. Adolescents in particular have curiosity regarding the stock market. It can be tough for parents to answer their questions properly, too, and understandably so. They often respond by saying that it’s a platform that enables individuals to sell and purchase company shares. Youngsters, however, often have zero comprehension of “shares.” There are so many different facets that make up the stock market. People who want familiarity with the stock market should make a point to learn all about the S&P 500. They should learn all about ETFs (exchange-traded funds) as well. These subjects are only where things start. The reality is that the stock market is a vast universe that has so many nooks and crannies. It can be tough to answer questions about the stock market in a few short and concise sentences. It can actually be next to impossible at times.

There are so many diverse systems in place for committed people who want to soar in stocks as well. The Smart Money system is one major example. This system can do a lot for people who care about intelligent gains. It can do a lot for people who care about extra security as well. The investment world can be a truly intimidating one, after all. It’s critical to search for gains that can do well in the long run. It’s critical to look for gains that have the ability to surpass the market. These things are often easier said than done, though. Check this article at to know more about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman works as The Bauman Letter’s adept and astute editor. He’s clearly the newsletter’s namesake, too. Bauman is a dedicated member of the Banyan Hill Publishing crew. Banyan Hill Publishing is in warm and inviting Delray Beach, Florida. It’s a company that aids individuals who want helpful and reliable investment guidance. People who are eager to invest like experts often keep tabs on the Banyan Hill Publishing team. Bauman has been with the organization since 2013. He doesn’t only edit The Bauman Letter. Other newsletters he edits are Alpha Stock Alert and the Plan B Club. He gives his attention to a dazzling range of pertinent subjects. Bauman concentrates on problems that revolve around global migration. He concentrates on the safeguarding of all kinds of assets. He even concentrates on investment methods.

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How Matt Badiali Sees One Natural Resource Growing By A Lot In 2018

Matt Badiali is an investor with over 20 years of experience in the natural resources industry. Among the sectors in this industry he is very experienced in are energy, agriculture, and mining. His experience has included working on drill rigs and researching abandoned mines as well as owning some oil wells. As a researcher he has been around the world visiting everywhere from the Yukon to Papua New Guinea to Iraq.

As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali shares his research about the natural resources industry. He also has a blog where he shares his insights in the industry. One resource he has his eyes on is uranium. He notes that the price has plummeted for uranium, beginning in 2011. At the beginning of that year it was worth $72.50 a pound while now it’s now about $20 a pound.

The problem with uranium, he says, is that using it can result in really big disaster like what happened to the Fukushima reactor in Japan when it was hit by an earthquake followed by a tsunami. The water destroyed backup generators which meant that the water used to cool the plant couldn’t get into the core. What resulted was a meltdown of the reactor which is the last thing anybody wants to see happen.Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

When the Fukushima disaster happened the demand for uranium started to swiftly drop as countries around the world abandoned their plans to build plants or even closed existing ones, as is what happened in Germany. Matt Badiali says that this resulted in one of the biggest uranium producers, Cameco Crop, to slow its efforts. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook

Now, Matt Badiali says that he has seen the other major uranium producer, Kazatomprom in Kazakhstan, also cut their production. He thinks this is going to result in a huge bull market for uranium. He says that demand is going to exceed supply due to these moves. He has already seen one company in the industry, Uranium Participation Corp., have their stock soar by more than 30% in just six weeks as a result of the contraction of supply.

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Troy McQuagge Continues to Set the Standard for Excellence

One Planet Awards has named Troy McQuagge as this year’s prestigious Gold Winner. The award is a global award that recognizes and honors professional and business excellence across the globe in every industry. Any organization around the world can submit a nominee from the public, for-profit, non-profit, or private workplace. This includes large, small, or start-up companies.

McQuagge teamed up with USHEALTH in 2010 and his first task was to turn the company around by working with and recapturing the company’s captive distribution network: USHEALTH Adivisors. His success led to his promotion as President and CEO of the company in 2014. His track record with the company is one of success, profitability, and growth. The health insurance industry remains highly competitive.

While McQuagge feels it is an honor to receive the Award, he also recognizes that everyone at USHEALTH Group has a hand in the company’s success. Everyone pitched in to help solve the affordability challenge of healthcare. The company’s mission is to provide customers with affordable coverage as their healthcare needs change or grow.

Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance holding company that provides pioneering health coverage for self-employed individuals and owners of a small business. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

The company relies heavily on its talented employees to market it insurance products in a profitable way. The company also holds customer service practices near and dear. USHEALTH Group strives to make customer service a part of every company offering.

Mr. McQuagge has a great deal of energy and passion for the Captive Insurance industry. These products help people live a higher standard of life. He brings three decades of experience, and his leadership skills and business acumen are as sharp as ever. It is this type of commitment, knowledge, and experience that has helped make his company profitable.

He keeps winning because he keeps proving that people are his business. He gives them the insurance products they want, need, and deserve. He has also given to numerous charities throughout his career. For anyone looking to define success and what creates it, Troy McQuagge is an excellent role model to follow.

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Why Rick Smith of Securus Technologies bought JPay

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of technology to law enforcement and the correctional systems in Canada and the United States. It is based in Dallas, Texas, and has contracts with over 2,600 correction agencies and law enforcement departments. It has a made a number of big acquisitions in recent years so that it can provide even more to its clients. One of the biggest occurred in April 2015 when they acquired another company in the industry, JPay Inc. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

JPay was a company that provided a number of technologies to their customers and was used in over 33 state prison systems. Their technology allowed their customers to take electronic payments and they provided email hosting. Additionally, they provided apps that inmates could use to either increase their education or to have fun with. When announcing the acquisition, CEO Rick Smith Securus said that by buying JPay his company was entering one of the fastest growing spaces in the industry. He and his team at Securus Technologies had been following developments at JPay for several years and the time seemed great to join the two companies together. Both the products that Jpay offered and the team that worked there joined Securus Technologies after the transaction was completed. Read more on

In 2016, Rick Smith released a batch of the customer comments his team had received from those that use his company’s products and services. The letters express how Securus Technology’s customers are using their technology to make society safer as well as both inmates and their families. Being a socially responsible person, CEO Rick Smith is focused on how his company can help eliminate problems in prisons and help police officers prevent and solve crimes.

Rick Smith spent many years in the telecommunications industry after graduating from college. For over 25 years he worked for Global Crossing North America in increasingly higher levels of authority and responsibility. The first company he was the chief executive officer of was Echelon Telecom where he stayed for seven years. He was President of this company for the first four years and CEO for the remaining thre years. It was after this that he joined Securus Technologies as its top executive. In addition to being the CEO he is also the Chairman of the Board.