Tony Petrello, a Famous Texas Philathropist

Tony Petrello happens to be the most famous CEO Nabors Industry has ever had. He is the person who took over the leadership of the company when things were not ok. He exercised his leadership skills accompanied by his analytical and law expertise until Nabors regained its glory. Tony joined Nabors Industry in the year 1991 and began serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He was lucky he used to attend company’s board meetings of the World’s leading oil and gas driller.

Tony Petrello did not take long and he was selected or rather promoted to the rank of a President in the year 1992. He achieved greatly in the two positions he was given. His success was evident in every stage. He helped in the purchasing of a firm by name Grace Drilling in the year 1993 which cost the company $32 million. On October 2011, he became the Nabor’s Chief Executive Officer. His star continued to shine and in June 2012, he became the board chairman as well as executive committee’s board chairman. He has made the company remain the industry giant and still moving stronger. He is a master when creating strategic visions of the company.

Tony Petrello did not just start as a CEO, he worked for his success without giving up. The man Tony is a great mathematician and also a lawyer. He did not have the privilege to attend prestigious schools like many people may think. He went to public schools both primary and high schools that are located in New Jersey. He was famous because of his skills and expertise in mathematics subject. He was a genius and was able to solve anything that came along his way as far as it was a mathsquestion. People at his home town had discovered his ability. He was later awarded a scholarship to the famous University of Yale. He studied bachelors in mathematics under the mentorship of a great professor who also happened to be a mathematician and a lawyer. He did masters degree from the same University.

Tony Petrello after graduating surprised his Yale professors and mentors when he decided to join Havard School of Law. He did it with a passion but people thought that he was joking. He successfully completed his degree and was employed by America’s major law firm known as Baker & McKenzie. He worked until he was promoted to the rank of the managing partner. In the process, he happened to represent Nabors Industries and that is when they discovered his skills.

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Meet George Soros and his Grand Return to Political Engagements

George Soros is well known for his acts of giving and supporting the community as a whole. However, in the recent past, the renowned philanthropist has been involved in politics in one way or another. In 2004, the billionaire investor donated a huge sum of money to support the democratic politics. Reliable sources indicated that Soros gave about $27 million to fund the Democratic campaigns.However, George’s support for the democratic politics did not end with the 2004 elections. In the previous US’s elections, George’s influence was profoundly felt. The prominent investor fully backed Hillary Clinton and her campaigns. On the first phase, Soros gave more than $25 million to cater for Clinton’s campaigns and party meetings. Close sources say that Soros went ahead to donate an addition to the $25 million.

During that period, Soros, a renowned trader had invested more than $24.9 billion on the risky currency trades as the Election Day neared. Both Hillary and Soros share more than 25 years of friendship and Soros had promised to attend Clinton’s nomination as the party’s presidential candidate. However, based on the dynamic state of European economic situation, Soros had decided to cancel his trip.In the recent past, Soros has actively played a role in the US elections. As professionals would say, in the past election, Soros was driven by a strong faith in Clinton and believe that she is the only candidate suitable to hold the US leadership.

About George Soros

Globally, George Soros is a renowned and successful investor. Soros was ranked by Forbes among the top richest investors in the world with a Net Worth of about $25.2 billion. Soros past is filled with challenge, but all that did not hinder him from becoming the man he is today. The 85-year’s old investor was born and raised in Hungary. However, while growing up, Soros and his family fled the country and Soros went to the London School of Economics.At a very tender age, Soros had a character of working smart, an exceptional character that he holds till date. While schooling, Soros worked as a railway porter and waiter to raise his cash.

Later, Soros moved to New York and started serving at Wall Street. In 1969, Soros launched his hedge fund which was later rebranded to Quantum Fund. George Soros works in close cooperation with Dawn Fitzpatrick, who acts as a CIO in the daily management of the Soros Fund Management. Dawn joined the firm a few months ago and had a working experience with Soros. Before, Dawn used to work at the Wall Street and hence the fact that Soros brought her means that she is more than talented in what she does.

The Stunning Return and Rise of George Soros

It can be hard to measure exactly how much a single person can impact the world, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. George Soros comes to our attention thanks to the impacting way he has gotten involved in politics as well as philanthropy over the past 50 years. Founder of the Soros Hedge Fund, George Soros is one of the wealthiest investors on the planet. Of course, Soros hasn’t stayed within his realm of financial business. Instead, Soros has used his life story in order to branch out and try to bring quality change to the world. This has taken up in the form of two big hallmarks of his success: the Open Society Foundation and his work as a staunch progressive.

We’ll start by talking first about how George Soros returned to the realm of United States politics in order to make a difference within the country. George Soros has always been politically engaged because he fundamentally believes in the core tenants of progressive ideology: equality, transparency in government, social justice, and democracy. Soros had initially gotten his political start as a vocal and financial backer of Al Gore during the Democrats election campaign against George Bush so many years ago. Now, Soros returned from his measured hiatus in order to throw in his support to Hillary Clinton in order to directly oppose the campaign of Donald Trump, the reality show candidate that Republicans had bizarrely embraced.

George Soros’ return to politics was as much about necessity as it was anything else. George Soros saw the violent and hateful rhetoric that Donald Trump was using on his campaign and he knew right away that Trump was a dangerous person not just for the world but the people in it. So, Soros jumped out of his semi political retirement in order to donate nearly $25 million to progressive politicians throughout the country, including a hefty amount right into Pro-Clinton political action committees. Soros would waste no time returning to form as he went in hot after the dangerous Trump campaign while also pledging money to important causes.

If you took time to look at the early life of George Soros you would understand why he so vocally condemns the acts of violent rhetoric and extreme nationalism that Donald Trump has made popular. Soros was born in Hungary where he would eventually grow up to see the brutal Nazi occupation first hand. The Nazis would roll into the country and sit there for a year, murdering Hungarian Jews to the total of 500,000 innocent lives. Soros saw firsthand what violent, mobilized nationalism could do and vowed early on to stop it where he could. Soros and his family would eventually flee the country and emigrate to London.

Rick Smith Making His Mark in the Tech Industry

Mr. Rick Smith took over the leadership of SECURUS Technologies as its company CEO on June 23rd, 2008. Chairman Richard Falcone, the company Chairman, welcomed Smith to the family and praised him for his successful career. Mr. Smith holds masters in mathematics which he got at Brockport, State University of New York, and Bachelor’s of Science in electrical engineering at Buffalo, State University of New York.Mr. Smith also has an MBA from the Simon School University of Rochester. Rick Smith has held a different position in a variety of industries, and before joining Securus Technologies, he worked at Frontier Corporation in various disciplines like IT, business development, finance, and operations. Rick Smith is a board member of Integra Telecom Company Ltd.

Mr. Rick Smith has sufficient skills and experiences in telecom, and for more than nine years he held a position of CEO at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. During his period in Echelon, he rapidly helped in revenue growth from a mere $30million to more than $350 million. He also grew the EBITDA to around $80 million and 48% to CAGR. With such success, Rick Smith successful led Echelon in summer of 2005 to one of the most successful IPO in the telecom industry.In July 2015 Securus led by its chairman Mr. Smith led a successful acquisition of JPay Inc with an ultimate goal of offering digitalized communications, payments, entertainment and education all in one correctional space. JPay Inc operates in more than 33 states offering prison systems. Additionally, it’s among the first technology companies to have introduced email, host of entertainment, electronic payments, and education-related apps. This entire app collection is meant to give prisoners a better life and taste of technology.

According to Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, the transaction makes Securus one of the fastest-growing companies in correction segments of email, payments, and inmate tablets. Mr. Rick said that the completion of the operations gives them license to offer virtually software and high-tech correction agencies that new prison needs to operate efficiently. The CEO of JPay stated that Mr. Smith would run JPay as one of an owned subsidiary of Securus and he believes with years of skills and experience Rick hold; he will move the company to huge profits.Since becoming the CEO of Securus Technologies, Smith has continued to invest deeply in developing improvements in information, communications, access, collection and focusing on the inmates and their families. This has made it possible for the company to maintain leadership in the ever competitive technological innovations.Securus Technology opened its door in 1986 and with years of giving service to the ever-changing needs of law enforcement, and correction industry it has grown tremendously under the leadership of Rick Smith. It now boasts of 140 patents and a leading innovator in criminal justice technology system.

NexBank For Financial Flexibility

For readers not in the know, NexBank is a business that aids their clients in bolstering their financial portfolios with different investment strategies. NexBank also provides customers with savings programs that include wealth-building programs. They advertise that they welcome the opportunity to specifically cater to the various financial dealings of hard workers everywhere.

NexBank customers are provided with new ways to save money with a financially secure bank that has more than $40 million dollars worth of assets. The company reportedly has thousands of online clients who use NexBank’s online banking platform. The official online website offers all of NexBank’s banking services. All of the services are available online. Users can access through specific tabs for each service available for purchase.

NexBank can even assist people who have government student loan debt. There are over 1,600 different college savings program offered. NexBank can also provide practical ways of saving more money than those offered by their competitors. NexBank’s mission is essentially to help their customers get the very most from their money.

NexBank is teamed up with the College Savings Bank. This enables them to assist their clients to save money on all of their college expenses. In general, NexBank provides financial solutions for individual, industrial and commercial account holders. Customers can even sign up for investment accounts to help them save for retirement.

Additionally, NexBank provides free direct deposits, free checks, investment accounts, online bill pay, anytime account access, and more. The NexBank customer service representatives who will help customers with their various at any time. Customers are also able to check their account summary or money transfers or complete transfers of funds from all of their electronic devices. NexBank clients only need to navigate to the NexBank website and register for their own online account. They will then be able to handle their funds online within 24 hours.


How Seattle Genetics Hopes to End the Cancer Menace Once and for All

People that have been to Bothell’s Cascade Business Park will tell you that nothing about the beige group of buildings indicates that they are the headquarters of one of the largest clinical trials company in the world. The only telltale sign that one gets as they enter the building is that triangular structure that many mistake for a Greek cred. The reality is that the structure is a simplified model of the human antibody, the central focus of all the studies carried out by Seattle Genetics. They have been developing antibodies and packaging them into a therapy that has proven itself very successful in delivering a lethal dose to cancer and destroying it from within.

Seattle Genetics has more than 900 employees and an asset base of more than $10 billion. This makes the company one of the largest Biotechs in Seattle. Some people fear that as the company continues catapulting into the big leagues, they may graduate into big pharma and leave Seattle behind as Ammunex did after its acquisition, but the founder, CEO and Board Chairman, Clay Siegall seems sure that the company is there to stay. The company is hoping to recruit more than 200 new employees this year alone, which is another indication that the company is well past their hardship days.

The fortunes seem to have changed for Seattle Genetics when their drug, Adcetris got a nod from the FDA. The drug mainly treats Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is a lymph cancer that can spread to several other parts of the body. In addition to the drug, Seattle Genetics has about 11 more which are in different stages of development. It is an indication that the company wants to build a brand and presence as opposed to selling out to bigger companies, which is common among other biotech companies.

Siegall is an ambitious leader, when he started out at Seattle, lack of capital to inject into the research of Adcetris forced him to sell rights to Takeda Pharmaceuticals. But he has opened a branch in Switzerland with the hope that the company will manage to market their brand internationally. Currently, the company is listed on NASDAQ as SGEN and has been trading their shares publicly for a while now. It is easy to see that with the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics will achieve a lot in cancer research and provision of treatments and therapies.


Andrew Rolfe; a Real and Reknown Humanitarian

In the recent Ubuntu Educational Fund Charity Gala held in London, Andrew Rolfe aided the charity to raise over £603,000. The charity gala was made for the worthy cause of helping the African children that are disadvantaged, faced with challenges and adversities. In South Africa, the total amount that was donated at the gala would come to a close estimate of about R10 million. Initially, the target donations for the gala was £600,000. The donations from the gala are intended to increase the number of the students in the Port Elizabeth Campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Aside from this, they intend to use part of the donation to upgrade the paediatric clinic that is connected with the Port Elizabeth Campus.

The Ubuntu Educational Fund taps into its resources as well as manpower to tend to more than 400,000 people in Africa who are disadvantaged. The campus in Port Elizabeth has a unique program for children that are disadvantaged which is aimed at the assuring of the children’s educational and health needs, ensuring they are met from when they join to the point when they are ready to start their careers. The Ubuntu Education Fund was launched in 1999 and it begun as a small charity that only focused on ensuring availing educational tools. The founders later on came to the realization that other dire issues were also facing the nation’s people, such as HIV and hunger that held back the children from realizing their capabilities via education. Therefore, they went ahead to broaden their reach therein including nutrition, home stability, and health.

The gala saw the attendance of about 300 top philanthropists and socialites from London. Andrew Rolfe, welcomed the audience but it was the story of Sinesipho Rabidyani was what melted all the hearts in attendance. She spoke of how her father’s drinking problem affected her as a child. She did not like going home because of her father’s issue and the problems it brought to their family. At the close of the event, the CEO of the fund, Jacob Leif stated that within the 20 years of seeing the suffering, they had learnt what the people need, such as nutrition, education, supplies and healthcare.

The chairman of the Fund, Andrew Rolfe, is also TowerBook Capital Partners’ Managing Director. At Harvard, he studied administration and business economics, attaining his Master’s Degree in 1992 and another one at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.


Tips on how to be a successful trader according to Greg Secker

Being a successful entrepreneur like Greg Secker is not an easy feat. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, anyone can become. This has article has curated six tips by Greg Secker that will help you become a successful trader.

Who is Greg Secker?

He is an entrepreneur, international speaker, master trader, and a father. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group that consists of several companies. They are Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, Greg Secker Foundation, and Capital Index. All these foundations are a representation of Greg’s passion for making the world a better place.

Greg is also a great philanthropist. He got recognition for his charitable deeds and was named to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. In addition to that, Greg was appointed to the list of “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

Below are the tips

  • Have a thorough understanding of trading basics – most individuals want to make money fast without getting the right knowledge. It is wise to have the necessary knowledge before starting. Learn how Forex Market works and the terminologies needed.
  • Find a mentor whom you can emulate. Most successful traders have a high figure they emulate.
  • Have one strategy, master it, and stick to it. Do not switch up your strategy just because you have seen another person succeeding in his. It might cause confusion, and you will end up losing focus.
  • Do not trade using emotions. When businesses are not working, do not make deals with emotions. Emotions are the enemy of trading.
  • Have realistic goals – you cannot be a multi-millionaire with a small budget. Yes, you can make real money, but the process will take time.
  • Define your Goals – no one can get to a point without having detailed plan to get there. It applies to trading. Each trading method has its methodology to use and its risk, and you need a specific plan to make sure it is successful. As a newbie trader, you have to decide a budget, daily plan of action and much more.

In conclusion, Greg Sucker has vast experience in trading. Following the above tips will be helpful to our trading career.


Financier and philanthropist- Mathew Autterson

When naming financiers in the United States of America his name cannot miss from the list. He Is among the experienced and prominent individuals in the nation. Autterson Matthew has a vast of experience in the financial sector which runs for more than 25 years. Mr. Matthew was passionate about finance and banking from an early age and immediately after his High School graduation he attended Michigan State University and graduated with a B.A in Finance. For the love of finance, Autterson got a golden chance to attend the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program to further his education.

After his graduation from Denver Graduate Tax Program, Mathew began his career serving at First Trust Corporation which was then a subsidiary of Fiserv. Mathew Autterson really wanted to gain skills in the industry and with that, he also had to face new challenges in his career as a financier. Later in 1982, he moved to Colorado State Chartered Trust Company which an affiliate of New York based Financial Services Company Integrated Resources Inc. Mr. Autterson is very committed and hardworking individual who puts all his effort and energy to whatever he has undertaken. Through his devotion, he climbed the career ladder and later in 1986 he became the President of the Resources Trust Company. Later in 1989 the firm was acquired by Broad Inc. and changed its name to SunAmerica which was then acquired by AIG in 1998.

The Resource Trust Company can well be described as one of the largest state-charted, insured depository trust companies in the United States of America. In 2001 the financial organization’s status took another turn when it was purchased by Fiserv from AIG Company. The group was responsible for offering depository as well as safekeeping services in the country. Ever since its creation, it served more than 200000 customers who were introduced to the company by over 150000 registered financial advisory firms. The Resource trust firm prides its self for being a custodian of over $20billion assets and deposits of more than $1billion. The organization offered equal employment opportunity to over 700 individuals.

Mathew Autterson is a leader who ever since he began his career in the financial sector has shown positive leadership skills. He has been appointed to several boards including being a member of the Board of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystem. He sits on the Board as leader of Colorado Business Community. Mathew is not only a businessperson and financier but he so much involved in the community activities and part of his activities as a philanthropist is being a leader in the Denver Zoo as well as Denver Zoology Foundation among others. Currently, he is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. a group which was created in 2013.


Fabletics Continues Growing

Fabletics, a fitness clothing subscription service, is fervently competing with Amazon. No small feet considering the powerhouse Amazon continues to be. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics offers brands consumers trust at a price that is cheaper than many of their competitors. The subscription part of the Fabletics business has allowed the company to give costumers what they want at a much lower cost. Becoming a member means the customer will get a great fitness outfit set for $49.95 each month. There is never any obligation to continue membership, and members can skip a month any time they need to save a buck or two.

The clothing company has been a huge success because of the flexibility of their service and their great customer service. The company has utilized a new technique referred to as reverse showrooming. Essentially this means Fabletics started out online to build a relationship with its users, and now they are opening physical locations where already loyal members can come in person. A customer can come in the physical store and try on an item, and the item will be added to their online account membership. Fabletics plans on adding more physical locations in the coming years. Already, physical stores have been opened in Hawaii, Florida, California and Illinois.

Fabletics recently collaborated with Demi Lovato, who is a huge fan of the company. Even though the company started up only three years ago, it has grown to be known all over the world in part thanks to Kate Hudson. Kate, known for her role in “Almost Famous,” joined the Fabletics team after they realized she embodied what they wanted in a company partner and spokesperson. They wanted someone who was genuine and had the unique style they were looking for.

Kate took an active role in the company, approving clothing design and developing marketing strategies. Kate wanted Fabletics to be about the customers and helped to implement better customer service strategies. Demi Lovato’s love of Fabletics has much to do with Kate’s vision of empowering women to be the best they can be by loving how they look and inspiring them to be active.