Will My Dog Like Beneful Wet Dog Food

Is your dog tired of eating plain old dry dog food? If so, it’s not because wet dog food is any better. Most likely, your dog is either encountering some stomach problems or is simply just seeking for a new dish to satisfy his or her palette. What alternative can you offer? The solution is available. Try providing your dog with a fresh new dish consisting of wet dog food instead of dry dog food. They’ll love the taste and you’ll love the price. More so than being tasty for dogs, it is also formulated to be very healthy for them.

The best flavor of Beneful wet dog food is really up to your dog. You can try them all and decide for yourself, but all dishes were meant for dog consumption. Beneful wet and dry dog food is meant for all breeds of dogs. With a healthy formula always consisting of the number one ingredient of either real beef or chicken, it will immediately catch the interest and appetite of any dog you choose to put it in front of. Though it’s pretty affordable already, coupons for Beneful wet dog food can be found online and in your local ads.

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Avaaz Grows Its Membership to Reach 44 Million Worldwide & Its Implications

Avaaz is a globally acclaimed activist group intent on making a profound positive impact on the world. The non-profit focuses on promoting social justice courses for all citizens. According to The Guardian, Avaaz is presently the world’s most influential human and animal rights organization on the globe. The group has a robust online presence which brings together an estimated 44M plus volunteers and contributing members.

How it Works

Avaaz is a free-to-use platform where you, as a member, can achieve a great deal of good to humanity in several ways. One, you start an online petition revolving around the issue you feel aggrieved with. It could be a petition to save the world’s oceans from plastic bag pollution. Or, you could be raising an awareness about animal cruelty in your city. What matters the most is whether the admins of the Avaaz website agree to post on your behalf to the millions of kindred spirits all passionate about saving the planet.

The intriguing stories and encounters from people spread out on the four corners of the planet will keep you glued to the blog page for hours on end. Learning the environmental challenges and obstacles experienced by other communities, and, most importantly, the innovative solutions adopted, is a prudent action for any deserving climate warrior.

Donations and Pledges

To really make a difference, members often donate to one or more of the courses and campaigns posted on Avaaz. The funds go into facilitating a barrage of activities, for instance, it’s used to pay the staff who send the millions of emails to the members. The contributions are utilized in paying for the expensive ads placed on the media to raise awareness about pertinent issues.

Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and transparency are among the definitive attributes of Avaaz. The reformist group is uniquely different from most of the Super PACs out there. For starters, it is not in any way affiliated with any corporation. Avaaz doesn’t accept donations, of any kind, from political parties. The outfit strives to remain neutral in dispensing the core objectives it was founded on in 2007. That allows it to maintain complete autonomy in their operations. One of the key founders is Ricken Patel. Mr. Patel is a perfect epitome of a citizen of the world. Ricken’s from Canada but, he’s lived and volunteered in far-flung nations like Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Sudan and Liberi.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Bruno Fagali – Specialist Lawyer in Compliance and Administrative Law in Brazil

Bruno Fagali is the name to reckon with in the legal consultancy field of Brazil. Over the years, Bruno Fagali has successfully handled many cases for his clients, which mostly includes top corporate companies and large organizations. Bruno Fagali heads the law firm he started, named Fagali Advocacy.

He is considered to be one of the top lawyers in Brazil and is highly preferred by large-scale organizations and companies operating in the country. Bruno Fagali studied law from one of the top law schools in Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University based in Sao Paulo. After completing his studies in law, Bruno Fagali joined many top law firms in the country to do an internship, which gave him to work with some of the reputed and senior lawyers in the legal industry. It is what helped him gain practical experience in the field and gain insight on how to go about dealing with different types of lawsuits, irrespective of how challenging it seems to be.

He is also associated with the Novo/SB Advertising Agency, where he serves as the Business Integrity Officer, and handles compliance and administrative issues. Bruno Fagali is considered an authority on many different sub-legal fields, such as regulatory law, Ethics, Compliance law, resource management, risk management, civil law, administrative law, litigation, and more. For enterprises, it is imperative to follow the state compliance guidelines, and it is where the Bruno Fagali and his team can help legally to ensure that the business operations don’t overlap state laws.

Check out Bruno Fagali’s YouTube Channel for more information.

Few of the law firms Bruno Fagali has worked in the past includes Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia and also one of the top law firms in Brazil named Manesco, Perez, Azevedo, and Marques law firm. Bruno Fagali thoroughly understands the case of his clients before offering them any legal advice. He works along with his team to find out merits in the case and then investigates the case further through his vast network in the corporate and legal arena.

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A Pair of Tight End Sleepers for the 2017 Fantasy Football Draft

The draft position for tight ends on your fantasy football team usually doesn’t cross your mind until the late rounds, except for Rob Gronkowski. However, since every fantasy football roster has a tight end spot, you’re going to need one. The perfect scenario is to steal a sleeper in one of the last two rounds, usually the place where other team owners are drafting their kicker.



In this year’s rookie draft class, some intriguing tight ends left the big board during the first three rounds. Teams that use a pick in the top 100 on a tight end, usually have plans for that player. Here are two tight ends taken in the second and third rounds, which might prove themselves worthy as late-round draft fliers, quickly providing steady TE production.



  • Jonnu Smith


A competitive weight lifter in high school, Jonnu Smith has the brute strength to block in the NFL. The questions have surrounded his ability to catch the ball from the tight end position. He also comes to the Tennessee Titans with a little extra baggage. He had his share of difficulties during his college career at Florida International University.



NFL teams are prone to ignore some potential personality issues that a player may have, focusing on raw talent. Raw talent certainly exists with Smith, since he led all NCAA pass catchers in 2014 playing as a tight end. At the NFL combine, Smith displayed speed close to wide receiver numbers, with a 38-inch vertical leap.



Smith may not immediately impact the Titan’s offense, but he is walking into a potentially productive situation on a team that likes ball control. He will also be groomed to be the heir apparent at tight end, matched with their young quarterback Marcus Mariota. The future could be very bright for the former Panther tight end, and there’s a strong chance he could go undrafted in your fantasy league. Keep your eye on this one.



  • Gerald Everett


With all the algorithms and calculations used to rate players, every good fantasy team owner should at least use them as a reference. Everyone seems to feel that former Alabama tight O.J. Howard is going to be an immediate success. However, the Rams chose a tight end that actually has better projected numbers according to the software.



The Rams staff took what they thought was the 44th best overall player coming out of college in 2017 and drafted a tight end. Gerald Everett slipped under many draft day projection radars since he played for a second tier school at South Alabama. Added to his intrigue, Everett is still green to the gridiron, having only played one year of high school football.



Obviously, the Rams focused on his outstanding athletic ability. Teams don’t usually spend a 2nd round pick on a player who they do not have an immediate plan for. Keep your eyes on Gerald Everett, as he might be available on the free agent boards in your fantasy league after draft day. If nothing else, he’s worth a late-round flier, especially in keeper leagues.


NFL rookie camps don’t open until July, however now is as good a time as any to break from the humdrum of daily MLB lineup choices and begin to strategize for the 2017 fantasy football season. Keep on the developments over the summer for these three definite sleeper tight end options. One of them might surface as a strong pickup for your fantasy roster.


Julia Jackson: To The (Wine) Estate Born

Julia Jackson, daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, and proprietor of Sonoma County’s largest wine empire, Jackson Family Wines, was born in San Francisco in 1988. She grew up surrounded by, working in, and learning, the vineyards.

She graduated from Scripps College, part of the Claremont Colleges, in Southern California. There Julia obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. She then attended Stanford Graduate School where she completed an intensive Summer Institute for General Management. Returning home after travelling to the Bordeaux and Champagne regions of France, Julia returned home to complete the Master Sommelier Introductory Course.

Jackson Family Wines encompasses a wide array of vineyards and wineries, the best-known is Kendall Jackson. There are some lesser known brands as well. Cambria Winery was founded in 1987 on the Santa Maria Bench in Santa Barbara County. Now overseen by Julia Jackson, her sister, Katherine, and their mother, Barbara, Cambria Winery remains family-owned and sustainably farmed. Every Cambria wine has been grown, produced and bottled on the Estate. Cambria winery is home to Julia’s Vineyard, devoted to Pinot Noir. The winemakers that take part in the Julia’s Vineyard Artisan Program believe it is one of Santa Barbara County’s best.

Julia, and her sister, Katherine, cofounded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit organization that honors, what she refers to as, “Warrior Women”, women who have inspired others to succeed and overcome adversity. Cash grants of $100,000, yearly, are presented to non-profit groups that uphold the ideals of equality, community and spirit.

Visit arcanumwine.com for more info.

Though steeped in many varieties of wine, Jackson maintains that La Joie, a cabernet dominant-Bordeaux blend, from Verite Winery in Sonoma County, is the best. She states, “Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but we believe it’s the best place for Cabernet.”


OSI Group Makes A Positive Impact On The Environment

OSI Group was recently awarded the Globe of Honor. The award is handed out by the British Safety Council. It is designed to recognize those organizations that have taken forward step towards environmental safety. Large companies are often held accountable for the environmental footprint that they leave on the communities they work in.

OSI Group showed initiative by conducting itself in the proper manner to ensure that their processes do not endanger their surroundings. Eighteen other organizations worldwide were presented with the Globe of Honor in 2016. The British Safety Council wanted to make sure that these organizations receive the acknowledgement that they deserve for making a noble effort to implement safe working conditions and procedures.

OSI Group began as a meat market. They opened their doors in the early nineteen-hundreds. It is a US-based corporation that started out as a family business. The organization’s success is directly tied to the food giant McDonald’s. The two companies developed a working relationship. Innovations such as the patty making machine and cryogenic freezing put OSI Group at the forefront of its industry. They soon became the primary supplier of meat to the McDonald’s organization as the company continued to expand and grow to an international level.

OSI Group has several plants throughout the country and operates business branches around the world. The company is constantly recruiting top talent for career opportunities. Their operations in Europe have shown the growth of OSI. The organization acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Foods. These acquisitions will assist OSI in expanding its reach across the European region.

Samuel Strauch Is Trusted Real Estate Investor

Samuel Strauch is a successful a real estate agent in Miami Beach, FL. Samuel Strauch has been running successful businesses and is well known in the real estate arena. Samuel Strauch is highly knowledgeable in the investment field, particularly real estate, and is willing to offer his help in this regard.

Considered by investment experts a safe and proven way to start investing, real estate investment can involve a variety of highly creative and potentially lucrative forms.

If you are considering real estate investment as a way to build wealth or achieve financial freedom, you made a great decision. There are many opportunities to earn a great income or become financially independent as a real estate investor.

The real estate industry has provided numerous opportunities to achieve great financial success. Countless individuals and businesses have taken advantage of the lucrative opportunities presented by this fabulous industry and have amassed huge fortunes.

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The real estate markets across the nation are booming nowadays, and one of the best places to take into consideration when getting into this business is Miami Beach, FL. Many people nowadays are excited to learn that this area is a prime destination for real estate purchase and investment.

Samuel Strauch has been investing in real estate for many years. Samuel Strauch believes that any ambitious person can make it big in this industry. Many people have benefited tremendously from the advice and guidance he provided to them.

Samuel Strauch is a clear choice for anyone real estate investor who wants to learn effective strategies for reaching his goals. His proven strategies and techniques for success can help take your business to the next level. All you need to do is get in touch with him and he will offer his assistance to you.

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Important Insights About Financial Expert Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is one of the most prominent and emerging business leaders in this generation. He has used the skills gained from Oxford and Columbia Law School, (two top universities in the world) to reveal his potential and capabilities in the years to come.

Sam has worked tirelessly to produce results, regardless of whether he is working as a legal counsel or a capital strategist. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Sam began his career as an Associate for Skadden, Meagher, Arps, Slater and Flom LLP.

He provided legal counsel to clients and investors on general regulatory issues required during formation of hedge funds. Although Sam was very successful in the legal professional, he decided to divert and specialize mainly on financial investment and strategy in 2004, where he joined SPARX Group Co. Following his achievements at this company, he was appointed to the position of MD & Co-Head of Business Development.

Major Accomplishments of Sam Tabar

While working at PMA Investment, Sam was responsible for managing about $2 billion hedge fund. As a result of his marketing strategy, he placed this hedge fund on the same level with the best on the sector. Sam targeted both individual and corporate investors, and managed to create a rolodex of over 2,000 potential clients.

He went an extra step to generate a rolodex of more than 400 investors that had potential of investing in the hedge fund. Due to his achievement, the company assigned him additional responsibility of collaborating with the CEO and founding partners of the firm.

Other Tabar’s Investment Portfolios

Apart from hedge funds and legal profession work, Sam Tabar has also generated wide experience in start-up businesses and property investment. This enabled him to add another start-up, THINX to his investment portfolio. This is a platform that specializes in fashionable undergarments for women, as a way of supporting African women who are not able to manage their menstruation.

Today, THINX underwear are offered in five different fashionable styles following a successful initial Kickstater campaign. Customers who purchase these products are able to support other women, particularly young girls who are unable to attend school during their menstruation cycle.

Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.slideshare.net/SamTabar

Troy McQuagge: An Outstanding C.E.O

2017 is turning out to be an excellent year for Troy McQuagge. The year is still young, and Troy has won different awards for his excellence service as a C.E.O. One of the notable awards that he has won is the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards.The One Planet Awards are the most coveted awards in the business world. These awards seek to honor and recognize C.E.Os for their excellence. The various organizations are also recognized for their products and services.One Planet honors all the different business whether they are small businesses, large enterprises, or the Non-Profit Organizations. All persons are urged to submit their nominations for the annual awards.Troy McQuagge was honored for his tremendous work at the USHEALTH Group. He won gold in the Best C.E.O of the year in 2016. In his comments, Troy said that he was honored and that the award was a team effort.USHEALTH Group was also honored for their excellent customer service. They also won gold in their category.

About Troy

Troy is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH. Troy joined the Company in 2010, and he has managed to lead the Company to greater heights. It is through his leadership that the Company increased their clientele. Troy is responsible for providing the Company with strategic growth and profitability ideas.Troy is a dynamic individual with excellent skills in sales and marketing. Through the years, he has managed to develop startups into successful businesses.Follow him on Twitter:https://twitter.com/troymcquagge

He also serves as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Advisors. Troy has managed to lead the Company into the largest Captive Sales Organization. USHEALTH Advisors is the marketing group of the USHEALTH Group. The team has managed to grow the Company’s revenue by enhancing their marketing strategies. They have been honored for their excellent customer service.Troy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Apart from being an outstanding C.E.O, Troy has developed a wide range of interests. He has participated in different charitable occasions as a volunteer. The various organizations that he volunteered include the Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids in Dallas and Phoenix, Crisis Nursery in Phoenix, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, and the Phoenix of New Orleans.Visit his Facebook account:Click here.

Honors and awards

Troy has led the USHEALTH Group to attain great success. Because of that, the Company was honored at the Stevie Awards as the National Sales Team of the Year. The Company was also recognized at the Golden Bridge Awards as the Company of the Year.In 2016, Troy won different awards including the CEO Worlds Awards as the C.E.O of the Year and the Most Innovative C.E.O of the Year

Squaw Valley is Taking Measures to Clear Up the Water Issue


On November 8, reports came in from Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that there was an issue with the water system. E. coli and coliform was detected in the water system shortly after a heavy rain. The heavy rain fall in Placer County affected several water systems in Squaw Valley. They had upgraded the water systems but it caused severe flooding that eventually led to the contamination of the water. So far, just High Point and Gold Coast were the only systems contaminated. The others remain safe and free of E. coli and coliform.


On November 30th, a full statement was issued by a Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Liesl Kenney. It gives a more detailed look at what is going on; what is being done to resolve the issue. Routine testing is done and they are actively treating the water. They have been in contact with water safety experts so that they can get this under control. Water usage at High Point and Gold Coast will remain shut down until the Placer County Department of Environment Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District deems the water safe to consume and all traces of coliform and E. coli are gone. The water systems have been tested and its been ruled out that the cause of contamination was caused by a faulty water system.


The ski resort is allowed to remain open as long as no water usage occurs and bottle water is offered to the guests. They are taking the safety of each guest to the highest level. Area restaurants remain closed because of their need to use water for cooking and cleaning areas inside the restaurant. The water at the Upper Mountain is showing signs of improvement. The last test showed that there was no levels of E. coli detected and a low level of coliform. Out of the four wells routinely tested, only 3 are showing the low levels of coliform.