Avaaz Grows Its Membership to Reach 44 Million Worldwide & Its Implications

Avaaz is a globally acclaimed activist group intent on making a profound positive impact on the world. The non-profit focuses on promoting social justice courses for all citizens. According to The Guardian, Avaaz is presently the world’s most influential human and animal rights organization on the globe. The group has a robust online presence which brings together an estimated 44M plus volunteers and contributing members.

How it Works

Avaaz is a free-to-use platform where you, as a member, can achieve a great deal of good to humanity in several ways. One, you start an online petition revolving around the issue you feel aggrieved with. It could be a petition to save the world’s oceans from plastic bag pollution. Or, you could be raising an awareness about animal cruelty in your city. What matters the most is whether the admins of the Avaaz website agree to post on your behalf to the millions of kindred spirits all passionate about saving the planet.

The intriguing stories and encounters from people spread out on the four corners of the planet will keep you glued to the blog page for hours on end. Learning the environmental challenges and obstacles experienced by other communities, and, most importantly, the innovative solutions adopted, is a prudent action for any deserving climate warrior.

Donations and Pledges

To really make a difference, members often donate to one or more of the courses and campaigns posted on Avaaz. The funds go into facilitating a barrage of activities, for instance, it’s used to pay the staff who send the millions of emails to the members. The contributions are utilized in paying for the expensive ads placed on the media to raise awareness about pertinent issues.

Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and transparency are among the definitive attributes of Avaaz. The reformist group is uniquely different from most of the Super PACs out there. For starters, it is not in any way affiliated with any corporation. Avaaz doesn’t accept donations, of any kind, from political parties. The outfit strives to remain neutral in dispensing the core objectives it was founded on in 2007. That allows it to maintain complete autonomy in their operations. One of the key founders is Ricken Patel. Mr. Patel is a perfect epitome of a citizen of the world. Ricken’s from Canada but, he’s lived and volunteered in far-flung nations like Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Sudan and Liberi.

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