Breaking the Mold of Beauty

In today’s world women are driven to hide imperfections and to force themselves to fit into a media encouraged cut out. This social trend has created a wave of discontent among women who are striving to ascertain an image that, more often then not, is altered by photoshop and other enhancements. The fabrication of beauty is hence a truly unattainable standard. Yet, there are those brave few who are taking this false ideology and are working to tear down the cookie cutter definition of desirability. They are bravely facing societal trends and paving the way for the celebration of individuality and self love and acceptance.

Doe Deere is one of those brave souls who is seeking to break women free from societal founded expectations by destroying the mold and striving to recreate femininity to build a new standard in beauty. After struggling to find her own path, Deere decided to rejoice in herself and her own uniqueness, and created Lime Crime cosmetics to help other women in their own journey. Her cosmetics are cruelty free to ensure that animals are not harmed in their creation, thus exemplifying Doe’s ethics and standards.

Lime Crime cosmetics are an exciting and bright line of makeup products, created specifically to encourage women to stand out, stand proud, and show off their own special attributes. Cutting edge colors, quality products, and a variety of selections, are just a few examples of why Lime Crime is such an exceptional cosmetic company. This company has a sales operation based mostly through online customers, women worldwide are able to learn to celebrate their own unique beauty, and boast makeup as vibrant and bright as they are.

Doe Deere is more then a exceptional entrepreneur, she also is driven to encourage and mentor other women who are pushing boundaries as they storm the business world. Her life experiences and commitment to assist others ripples outwards and is reflected in her treatment of her employees and customers alike. There is a unique soul in Doe that desire to reach out and touch lives by sharing her experiences, successes, failures, and all the lessons learned through the creation of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime cosmetics and its’ founder Doe Deere are pushing the boundaries of beauty and acceptance of one’s self. Her desire to break down the cookie cutter definition of attractiveness and celebrate individuality and uniqueness is something that should be applauded and recognized. Deere is a one of a kind entrepreneur that is breaking a path for women of all backgrounds, and encouraging self love and the celebration of unique beauty.

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