Bruno Fagali – The Top Legal Expert in Brazil

In the last few years, the field of law has become highly competitive especially in Brazil. This has led to a high number of lawyer and establishment of many law firms to choose from when hiring a lawyer in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is one of the Brazilian lawyers who has achieved greatly within a very short period of time. He is termed as the authority in the field of law. Bruno Fagali has pursued law form one of the leading Universities in Brazil by the name Pontifical Catholic University. After he was through with the study of law, he went to work with some of the top law firms such as Ramirez, Manesto, Azevedo and Marques Advogados. By working under the leadership of some of the most senior lawyers in Brazil, Bruno Fagali skills that are needed to excel in the law department.

Currently, Bruno Fagali is recognized as a professional in the field of risk management, compliance law. Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, administrative law, financial law and much more. Bruno Fagali established his own law firm by the name Fagali advocacy after having served as an associate for several years in various law firms. In the early stages, Fagali Advocacy was just a small law firm that began with a small office which later grew to the brackets in a short period of time. This growth is all attributed to his dedication and commitment of Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali is tremendously known for keeping himself at the forefront of updates with the new guidelines in conjunction with amendments in the field of law. This ensures that he offers the most accurate and beneficial guidance to his clients. Bruno Fagali has been able to overcome the most challenging cases in the history of Brazil credibly. Bruno Fagali also serves as the business integrity Officer at the Nova/SB Advertising agency. Fagali Advocacy stands to be the highly sought-after law firms in Brazil today. It handles the legal department of various small to large sized companies.

Bruno Fagali stands to be one of the most reliable lawyers you will come across in Brazil. He plays a big role in legal matters that helps to maintain the position of the nation compared to the other nations across the world. For more information on Bruno Fagali visit: