Middle Age Warfare And The Trabuco

The trabuco is a powerful artillery and siege weapon that has been around since 400 B.C. This weapon was created in China but perfected by various European kingdoms during the middle ages. The following information will describe how armies used the Trabuco to attack and defend against enemies.

Trabuco were used as a part of the artillery detachment of ancient armies. Many war groups would have a special artillery force that would tow the weapons behind the main force. They would line them up out of the range of archers and ground troops. Once the trabucos were put into position, it would take between 20 and 60 soldiers to operate the weapon. The amount of men needed for this weapon would be depend on the size of the trabuco.

According to priberam.pt large trabucos could hurl large pieces of stone weighing as much as 200 pounds. The projectiles could travel anywhere from 300 to 800 yards. Some armies had developed trabucos that could hurl objects at least a mile away from a target. These long range weapons could effectively tie up a city and lay siege to it for weeks or even months. In some cases, armies could hurl objects as far as a mile away.

Most trabucos were defended by the men who operated them on redetrabuco.com.br. They typically were lightly clad troops that used bow and arrows and/or short swords and spears. Artillery troops were not the best warriors on the battlefield but they did have enough skill to hold back less experienced troops that attacked their position.

Trabucos were fairly heavy pieces of machinery to move around during the middle ages. The machine operators had to be skillful with setting up and tearing down the machines use them effectively on the battlefield. A good crew could assemble and dismantle a trabuco in under a half an hour.

Warfare using the trabuco was fairly complex written on banco.bradesco. A good team would need to know how to coordinate their attacks. They would have to strike the enemy’s line and defenses without killing too many of their own troops. Siege and artillery warfare was perfected with the use the trabuco.

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