Skout Introduces Skout Travel

Skout has become a virtual site that people flock to because they have like to make friends online. The site has become quite impressive because there are so many people that are coming here to look for friends and stay in contact with old friends. Recently, Skout has released a new feature called Skout Travel that is bound to get even more people interested in the site.

Skout Travel is perfect for this booming social media app because there are already millions of users that are connected to the site. It has been reported that more than 10 million users have started taking on these virtual trips around the world since the feature was released. This is an interesting way for many people to visit hundreds of different cities in places around the world. That is just another aspect of the app that will make even more people notice this social media playground for teenagers and young adults.

The travel feature is a cool addition, and it is easy to use. All that users have to do click the airplane icon to get a ticket. At this time they can purchase a 24 hour ticket and go to many virtual cities and find out about these areas. This is going to be ideal for people that may have plans to travel of a particular area. They may be looking for ways to learn about different cultures. There may be a need to find out which city is going to be the best city to visit. This is why Skout has become such a popular app.

Skout has started to show a lot of growth over the years as people search for an exciting new way to meet people. Facebook has already been overly saturated with more than a billion users. Many people, however, will find out that they are just meeting friends that they already know there.  They have the time to actually get to know someone that they may have not seen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

People are also using Skout to connect with others for job opportunities. This has become a common thing that those people that are trying to build their networking skills. People that are moving can find jobs easier with Skout.

Video Chat by Talk Fusion Reaches Global Success

Talk Fusion Video Chat is a recently launched video communication program that is already becoming one of the most popular video communication programs in the world. AppBrain, Android Market’s discovery tool, has ranked Talk Fusion Video Chat as being the 1st place app in Indonesia, the 5th place app in Japan, and comes in at 20th place in Switzerland.

Talk Fusion Video Chat can be used to communicate around the world and will be launching a 30 day free trial this month. The app is already free in the Google Play and iTunes stores, and when the free trial starts Video Chat will also be available for free directly from This free trial will also include 30 days free access to Talk Fusion’s full product line of video communication and video meeting services. Video Chat is already getting very positive reviews from users like Grand Blue Diamond Nancy Burling who said, “Love this product! HD quality; nothing else like it in the market! We use it to communicate all around the world!”

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reiner and the company is a world leader in video communication and marketing solutions. It was also the first company in the world to introduce the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Talk Fusion is dedicated to change and improve the lives of people and businesses through their proprietary video technology. Talk Fusion is also committed to practicing business with the highest ethical standards and contributes to many charities that work toward positive global change. Read more about Talk Fusion and their innovative Video Chat program here.

The Vision That Oisin Hanrahan Has For Handy

Oisin Hanrahan is the co-founder and CEO of Handy, a house cleaning and maintenance application. Next Web Insider caught up with him in Ireland where he was attending the Web Summit.

Surprisingly Oisin Hanrahan was not drawn by the need to clean homes nor was he in pursuit of money. He stated that while he was in college in Hungary he tried to develop a real estate company and realized that cleaning apartments was hard. Handy materialized in Boston while he was pursuing his MBA in Harvard. He lived with its co-founder and another friend who was messy. The two worked on formation of Handy in their first and second semesters then dropped out of college. After raising 500,000 dollars they decided Boston did not have enough to offer and moved to New York. He stated that there is a lot of competition but Handy is better by a long shot and added that they are not worried about competition but are focused on service delivery. He was of the opinion that two-way companies like Handy did not exist a decade ago and that was an advantage for Handy. He emphasized on importance of balancing customer rights and that of the contractor. He quoted that Handy raised 50 million dollars which will be used to spread the company and experiment on new areas.

The company has 160 permanent employees and over 10,000 contractors. It was evident that he was very proud of the company and its achievements. The company has recently employed very experienced and competent people and plans to continue hiring so as to better its services. He finished by stating that Handy would continue to offer quality and affordable service.