Mike Heiligenstein: Steering CTRMA to Greater Success

With jurisdictional authority in Travis and Williamson counties, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is one of the leading public agencies in Texas dedicated to solving the perennial problem of traffic congestion.

To achieve its objective of de-congesting the roads, the company has adopted a raft of innovative measures, which incorporates the use modern and futuristic technologies. Their approach consists of a broad range of solutions including simple yet effective initiatives such as encouraging residents to walk or pedal to reduce traffic.

It has constructed bike and pedestrian bridges, paths and trails. CTRMA has also expanded the number of toll roads and the lanes of non-toll roads while also including Express lanes. This ensures smooth traffic flow.

Some of the technologies adopted by CTRMA include developing an application in partnership with Metropia that is compatible with most mobile phones. Users of the app enjoy a real-time update on the traffic situation on various roads while also offering alternative. The agency is currently developing a mobile phone app that will help users locate travelers, friends and neighbors who are interested in carpooling.

This will significantly reduce the number of cars on the roads. Plans are also underway to upgrade its current smart roads into improved versions capable of communicating with vehicles. This is in anticipation of the launch futuristic vehicle models capable of directly communicating with their surroundings including infrastructures such as roads.

Mike Heiligenstein’s Career and Educational Background

According to Crunchbase,  Mike Heiligenstein has over three decades experience as a public officer primarily within Texas. He is a visionary leader who has guided Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority to greater success. He has transformed the urgency into a market leader in the area of toll roads management incorporating innovative ideas and technologies in its operations.

Before his appointment to the transportation agency in 2003, Mike Heiligenstein worked as a Round Rock City Council Member before being appointed Williamson County Commissioner. Previously, he served as the vice chairman and board member of Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council.

He has also held board membership for several projects including Clean Air Force and Envision Central Texas. This is in addition to his duties a member of the National Association of Counties subcommittee dedicated to monitoring air and water quality.

In addition to his current duty as the executive director of CTRMA, he is also serving as a member of board of management at International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and Texas Transportation Institute. Mike is an alumnus of University where he graduated with three degrees.