Reason behind the Success of Roberto Santiago in the Entertainment Enterprise

Brazil has been experiencing increased rapid economic growth in the past few years. This has been brought about by the increased business opportunities that have been opening up since the world adopted the digital migration. Many businesses have been established in the entire South America region leading to increased employment opportunities for the residents. As such, investment and business personalities have evolved and have been contributing positively towards ensuring the country progresses economically. Roberto Santiago is a renowned business personality in Brazil that has been hitting the headlines in the recent years. He was born in Brazil and since then, Roberto Santiago has invested in enterprises development that has been at the center of transforming lives of many people in Brazil. He is the founder of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping that was established in 1989. Since then, the company has been expanding and has employed many people across the country. The company has developed into many stores that have been designed to help in family satisfaction. This is done through ensuring every family members finds whatever he is buying in one store. The company has also grown and opened over 78 branches in other cities in Brazil. This has been termed as a major success under the leadership of Roberto Santiago.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has invested in the modern and state of the art movie equipment. The center has designed room that have been installed with television screen for watching the latest movies in town. It has also set aside VIP rooms for people who prefer class and high standards when 3D movies and animation. The shopping center has integrated everything that would be needed from entertainment purposes. There are rooms fitted with over 200 video games that have been proven to satisfy the needs of children thus making it an ideal place to visit. The shopping center has been seen as the desired and familiar spot in the city where many people have always found it as a one stop shopping mall. The shopping mall is also considered as a social place where people get to meet and interact while sharing many issues in life.

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Breaking the Mold of Beauty

In today’s world women are driven to hide imperfections and to force themselves to fit into a media encouraged cut out. This social trend has created a wave of discontent among women who are striving to ascertain an image that, more often then not, is altered by photoshop and other enhancements. The fabrication of beauty is hence a truly unattainable standard. Yet, there are those brave few who are taking this false ideology and are working to tear down the cookie cutter definition of desirability. They are bravely facing societal trends and paving the way for the celebration of individuality and self love and acceptance.

Doe Deere is one of those brave souls who is seeking to break women free from societal founded expectations by destroying the mold and striving to recreate femininity to build a new standard in beauty. After struggling to find her own path, Deere decided to rejoice in herself and her own uniqueness, and created Lime Crime cosmetics to help other women in their own journey. Her cosmetics are cruelty free to ensure that animals are not harmed in their creation, thus exemplifying Doe’s ethics and standards.

Lime Crime cosmetics are an exciting and bright line of makeup products, created specifically to encourage women to stand out, stand proud, and show off their own special attributes. Cutting edge colors, quality products, and a variety of selections, are just a few examples of why Lime Crime is such an exceptional cosmetic company. This company has a sales operation based mostly through online customers, women worldwide are able to learn to celebrate their own unique beauty, and boast makeup as vibrant and bright as they are.

Doe Deere is more then a exceptional entrepreneur, she also is driven to encourage and mentor other women who are pushing boundaries as they storm the business world. Her life experiences and commitment to assist others ripples outwards and is reflected in her treatment of her employees and customers alike. There is a unique soul in Doe that desire to reach out and touch lives by sharing her experiences, successes, failures, and all the lessons learned through the creation of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime cosmetics and its’ founder Doe Deere are pushing the boundaries of beauty and acceptance of one’s self. Her desire to break down the cookie cutter definition of attractiveness and celebrate individuality and uniqueness is something that should be applauded and recognized. Deere is a one of a kind entrepreneur that is breaking a path for women of all backgrounds, and encouraging self love and the celebration of unique beauty.

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Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically


The Exemplary Life of John Goullet

John Goullet is an IT technician and an entrepreneur. John Goullet is an alumnus of Ursinus College and holds a masters degree in Info technologies. John started as an IT consultant but later moved to staffing where he obtained a broad perspective in the industry before he decided to start his company, Info Technology in 1993.

John Goullet started Info Technology in 1994 and served as its Chief Executive Officer from 1994 to 2010. He excelled in this initiative creating other several business opportunities in the IT field. His role in the company was based on understanding the corporate environment and matching the needs with the best skills, and personality of the consultant. The company also focuses on providing IT solution to other 500 fortune companies across the nation. Info Technology company was worth $30 million within five years in operation making it rank among the 500 most growing private business in the United States by Inc. magazine.

Diversant, LLC is a certified minority-owned business company and the largest African-owned company in the United States where John Goullet is the chairman. The firm came to be as a result of merging Info Technology and Diversant Inc. companies. It offers accessible IT staffing, and an assortment of products that includes; diversity solutions, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hire. The Diversant Inc. helps the clients in solving most problems by use of consulting methods and involving clients as the real business partner. The company source the IT experts in different fields and marches different talented professionals with relevant the company to coup with the fast growing technologies. John and the company obtain a healthy relationship between the clients and IT experts through matching the available IT experts based on their ability to fit in a distinct culture.

Raj Fernando Extensively Interviewed Trading Job Candidates

For many jobs, there is a clearly defined education and skill set someone needs to perform it. An accountant needs to know about income taxes, bookkeeping and how to calculate product costs. If someone doesn’t have the necessary education, they can’t be an accountant.

However, the path to becoming a successful market trader is not so clearcut. Trading is not taught in college. In a way, it’s the opposite, because college professors don’t encourage calculated risk-taking.

Some of the people applying for jobs as a trading assistant at Raj Fernando’s Chopper Trading are job seekers. They’re also applying for positions at investment banks and consulting firms. However, Chopper wants to hire the people who are dedicated to trading as their life’s career. Therefore, he interviews candidates extensively to make sure they will fit in. Partly that’s because there is no clear-cut, specific skill set for becoming a successful trader. It does require good math skills, but it also requires a temperament that students cannot learn in school. They must function well despite the pressure. They must be able to plan, and yet think quickly when events happen they didn’t plan for.

Therefore, Raj Fernando spends lots of time talking to the applicants. He poses brain teasers to see how flexible their minds are and how quickly they speak on their feet. He also sounds them out to determine whether they really have an indepth knowledge of how the financial markets work. That alone is not enough to make someone a successful trader. But if they don’t know how the exchanges work, they haven’t been really interested.

Fernando is also a philanthropist who has supported the Wounded Warriors charity helping soldiers wounded while serving. He also helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chicago. The Illinois Holocaust Museum, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and The Steppenwolf Theatre have also benefited from his charitable contributions. He has also donated to The Clinton Foundation.

He also works on issues of foreign policy and computer security. He is on the board of American Security Project. He’s with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee.

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Tips to help you take Quality Photos Using your Smartphone by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

“If you want to take great photographs, you need a real camera other the one fixed on your phone.” A lot of people believe this statement. It has discouraged them from using their phone to take photos. Although real cameras are the best, you can use your smartphone camera to take great photos on YouTube. The type of the device used to take a photo doesn’t determine whether the photo is good or not. If you have the right skill to take pictures, you can use a smartphone and take great pics. This post has some tips to help you take great photos using your smartphone.

Don’t zoom, crop instead

Almost every smartphone has a zoom feature. The feature allows you to zoom before and after taking photos. To ensure that your photos are of great quality, you should avoid using this feature for Figueroa. Zooming makes photos seem blurred. If you want just a section of a photo, using crop tool is much better than the zoom tool.

Avoid using filters and edit photos instead.

Adding filters to the photos that you have already taken, harms the quality and the color of the image. Editing your photo contrast is encouraged instead. Instead of using filter apps, you should use photo-editing apps. They will help you edit your photos without compromising their quality.

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Always keep your lens clean

Taking photos with dirty or moist lenses is likely to harm the quality of the photos. Cleaning your lenses before taking photos is highly encouraged.

If possible, avoid using camera flash

The flash made for smartphone cameras sometimes interfere with the quality of the photos. Ensuring that you are taking photos in a place where there is proper lighting will help you take more quality photos than using the flash on You should ensure you follow rules of photography for quality photos.


For people who love traveling, they know Panama is one of the best destinations. The country has long beautiful beaches. Carrying your smartphone to Panama is rewarding according to Figueroa. You can take photos of the natural features. There are great resorts and beach hotels to spend your vacation.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessman who lives in the Panama. He is a president of five companies. He has business interests in real estate, hotels, and resorts. He has played a key role in building standard hotels that host tourists from all over the globe.

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Bob Reina Is A Real Gem Of A Person

Quite frankly, if we had more Bob Reina’s, the world would be a much better place and a much happier place. Talk Fusion was founded and created by him back in 2007 and now, here, in 2016, it is growing at a rapid pace. Bob is a humble guy that just wanted to send out a video email and I don’t think he could have ever imagined it would blossom to what it has become now, where it is winning awards and gaining so much mainstream publicity out there. Good things happen to good people and Bob Reina is not a good person, he is a great person. He is all about giving back to communities, such as when he made a record shattering $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That is a lot of animal lives that were saved. Learn more about Bob Reina at Home Business Magazine.


The thing that separates Bob from other CEO’s is he walks the walk and talks the talk. When he says something, you better believe he is going to back it up and follow through with it. He believes that his word is his bond and without his word, he is nothing. He stays true to his word at all times and never likes to let people down or lead them astray. He is as honest as they come and when he looks someone in the eye and shakes their hand, you know he is sincere and authentic.


He recently gave his employees the chance to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. Again, this is all about giving back, changing lives, and making the world a bigger and better place. There might be someone out there that needs Talk Fusion, but they can’t afford it. By him allowing his employees to donate it, it could possibly change a life, which is something Bob Reina has preached since day one.


That is a powerful thing when you have the ability to change someone’s life and change it for the better. Bob Reina always wants to do more and is always seeking out charities that need his help.

Many Swiss Technology Startups Enabled By Mike Baur

Mike Baur established the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) to help mentor younger people in becoming successful business entrepreneurs in their own right. After serving with a distinguished career for many years at Clariden Leu and Sallfort, Baur left to found a number of different startups. His Accelerator business development program at SSUF has enabled many others to follow suit. When people really listen and apply the coaching advice he directs them to take, they are consistently successful in their startup efforts.

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It is the Fintech startup technology companies that are benefiting the most from the Accelerator. This is not an accident, as SSUF is officially partnered with the acclaimed Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion. Baur is a former banker who had earned accolades and respect throughout the world. He is an expert in world finance and capital building investment strategies. So, not only does he invest in Fintech startups, he also uses SSUF to directly mentor his protege clients. From the beginning, Baur has confidently invested his own money and worked hard to build up his stellar reputation of over two decades of professional service.


Mike Baur Co-Founded SSUF in Zurich, Switzerland. He remains a Managing Partner at SSUF. His European business acumen, coupled with his experience in world wide marketing and transactions, has led him to become a fount of wisdom to many young and talented entrepreneurs. He makes sure all his clients learn to do their homework and complete all the tasks of business in a successful process. From him many will learn the proper way to handle payroll and resolve accounts receivables issues. They learn to do bookkeeping, produce financial statements, and pay VAT and other taxes, as well as present accurate reports about a businesses total cash flow picture and overall health.


 SSUF’s Accelerator helps client companies in a scheduled period of three months. SSUF coaches the new startups in getting financed and renting offices. They also offer access to a network of entrepreneurs and fellow investors. The Accelerator that ran in the Summer of 2016 was quite successful. Another set of startups are planned for the Fall. Applications are being accepted from small tech startups. SSUF will happily be adding many to their portfolio.

JustFab Discovers New Ways to Attract Customers

The subscription business can be a difficult business to be in if selling clothes by subscription is the business. It can be difficult primarily because people are fickle when it comes to clothes and trends. They may be thrilled about some shipments of new clothes, but they may not like all the trends that are hitting the market.

These consumers are typically the ones that will cancel subscriptions because they prefer to shop for clothes on their own. Fortunately, JustFab has gained a loyal number of customers that trust the input from the stylists that are selecting clothes for subscribers.

According to Bloomberg, the LA Times states that JustFab executives are gearing up for an IPO even as other businesses in the subscription service arena lose customers and struggle to maintain an audience. This subscription service business can be a nightmare for companies that have not make the commitment to actually work to get loyal customers, but JustFab executives have done their homework.

Executives at JustFab know that plus-sized women were interested in clothes and accessories from this company. That is why this plus-sized expansion of Just Fab clothes was put in place this year. It would be the thing that would entice a whole new group of subscribers.

Just Fab has also brought in a new leader that could bring fresh ideas to the table concerning the strengthening of subscription services. These changes within the internal structure shows that JustFab founders were interested in building up a brand that would continue to survive even when the economy forced people to minimize their shopping.

The great thing about the subscription is that people look at this as another bill that they pay along with everything else. They don’t have to go out to the store and spend money.

It doesn’t feel like they are making silly impulse buys. With this subscription service that get the new garments that fit the style that they have chosen, and they don’t have to waste time in stores trying to buy something that is overpriced. The affordability of JustFab clothes has kept the subscription service strong.

Flavio Maluf on the Consequences of UK exit from the EU

After the famous Brexit vote towards the end of June this year, there was an immediate effect that was felt across Europe in the stock markets. There are some stocks that fell with over 12% and the Sterling Pound underwent great devaluation, reaching its lowest level ever since 1985. Various experts commented on the effects of British exiting the European Union to the global economy and Flavio Maluf was one of these experts that discussed the move in an interview I had to translate from the Portuguese language.

Flavio observed that the UK used to contribute more to the EU than it used to get from the union and UK felt that this was increasing the inflationary pressure on itself. However, the move to exit from the union could see the investments it receives drop and the free movement of people and goods could harbor negative results. The foreign trade of UK with the union members will suffer the impact of new tariffs as well as extra quotas on their products. However, UK will be able to enter into bilateral agreements that it could not before.

When UK departs from the EU, Brazil will stand to benefit from the move according to Flavio Maluf. It will be possible for the two countries to enter into bilateral agreements without referring to EU rates, impediments and standards. The EU will suffer a great loss as the UK was one of the three countries (others being France and Germany) that had well established structures of the union. In this translate from Portuguese language; Flavio observes that Germany has to sustain the EU block economically as the economy of France is showing signs of fatigue. Flavio observes that this may present an uncertainty due to the impact it will generate on the positioning of the other countries forming part of the remaining block.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman and a Mechanical engineer by profession. He was born on December 2, 1961 to Brazilian politician, Paulo Maluf, as the eldest son. He is an Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) graduate. He is currently the award winning company president of Eucatex and the GrandFood group that owns the Golden and Premier Pet feed brands.

Bellamy’s, Ponsaty, and Brian Bonar

To further Bellamy’s, his downtown Escondido restaurant, Brian Bonar made famed French chef Patrick Ponsaty the culinary head of the establishment. Although a very fine dining restaurant, Bellamy’s has a very rustic setting, having been formed from an 1880s adobe building.

This already charming setting was given a huge boost by the hire of Ponsaty who is one of the most revered chefs in the world and has been given the rare title, Meilleurs Ouvrier de France, which is so rare and prestigious that only 11 other chefs in North America have had it bestowed upon them.

Many are amazed that Ponsaty even accepted the offer to cook at Bellamy’s at all. Ponsaty is so masterful and famed a chef that he could get a position wherever he wanted in the world. However, two things won him over: 1) The setting of Escondido, California reminded him of home and 2) Brian Bonar gave him complete control of his menus. This second is so rare in restaurants that Ponsaty jumped at the chance.

So Ponsaty gave Bellamy’s his desired style which is French in nature, approachable, and inspired. Ponsaty was previously the executive chef at El Bizcocho where he trained and mentored the now famous chef Gavin Kaysen.

In fact, Kaysen eventually replaced Ponsaty as executive chef of the restaurant in 2004. Before coming to Bellamy’s, Ponsaty would be head chef at La Bastide, Bernard’O, and the Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Picking Ponsaty to take his restaurant to greater heights was not a difficult decision for Bonar, who was already a huge fan of the chef. Ponsaty does more than serve as head chef at Bellamy’s. Bonar has a restaurant empire in Escondido and has incorporated Ponsaty’s culinary assistance at several of them.

In the area of business, Brian Bonar definitely knows what he’s doing. Beginning in 1984, Bonar served in business leadership with several businesses. He has been with Dalrada Financial since 1994, its director since 1995, Its CEO since 1998, and its Chairman of the Board since 1999.