No Health Issues Reported After Drinking Water Issues At Squaw Valley

Officials from the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which is often considered the first North American winter sports location to use the European style of winter vacation destination, have recently stated a recent isolated well water contamination is being handled successfully by a range of experts. The main contamination was quickly discovered and limited to four wells serving the Upper Mountain region of the resort where a major storm pushed large amounts of contaminated water into the system bringing trace levels of E.Coli and Coliform with them.


Wesley Nicks of Placer County Environmental Health has been explaining his department has been working alongside Squaw Valley officials and independent experts employed by the resort to find a speedy solution to the problems caused by the arrival of bacteria in the well water system; under a month after the contamination was discovered Wesley Nicks explained the well system had been returned to no levels of E,Coli and reduced levels of Coliform in three of the four affected well systems. Efforts are still continuing to return the water quality level to its normal state in the Upper Mountain region of the resort where complimentary bottled water is being offered to visitors skiing the upper Mountain region of the resort.


Alongside the information supplied by Wesley Nicks, the Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has also been providing regular updates on the issues with water contamination. Kenney explains the resort is proud of the fact its own regular testing procedures identified the contamination before any water was offered to the Upper Mountain locations of Gold Coast and High Camp; Kenney went on to explain all restaurants would remain closed in the Upper Mountain area would remain closed until the water quality to the sites could be assured for all to enjoy.


The testing of well water on a regular basis has paid off for Squaw Valley as officials from the resort have explained no health issues have so far been linked to the contamination. Water supplies were cut off before any visitors arrived in the area making sure each individual visitor was safe from harm at all times during their stay at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.