My Review Of FreedomPop Services Proves They’re Great

I’ve read reviews before about FreedomPop, but I only recently chose to get the services myself in order to review them to see if the services were as good as others have said. I first started by getting the free phone service, which I must say is very reliable because it’s on the Sprint network. I had a Samsung Galaxy for Sprint that I chose to use on the network, which meant that I didn’t have to buy a new phone. Even if I decided to buy a new phone from FreedomPop, I would get one at a great rate because they have the phones available for low prices.

I received free minutes as well as text messages on the network, and I was happy with the 500 MB of data that I got too. Since I quickly used the 500 MB of data up within a few days, I chose to switch over to the unlimited plan. I’ve been on unlimited plans before, but FreedomPop has the absolute best price. For only $19.99 I can call as many places as I want all over the United States and send all the text messages I please as well as using unlimited data.

The data will be at 4G speeds for the first 1 GB, but even the 3G speeds that it goes to after my 1 GB of 4G speeds is finished is still very fast. FreedomPop also has hotspots that they provide, and these hotspots can pick up Internet service anywhere. I purchased the hotspot to use it while I’m on the go, and it’s been a lifesaver to me when I wasn’t able to get to some locations to get Internet connections. FreedomPop also has an unlimited Wi-Fi network that I only pay five dollars each month to use.

I also have free Internet service within my home from FreedomPop. Since I mostly use the unlimited Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop or the portable hotspot, I can stay within the limits of the free Internet I get from FreedomPop at home. All in all, I must say that FreedomPop has gone out of their way to make their services accessible and low in cost for many customers. The fact that I can get free Internet, free cell phone service, and I can get low-priced Wi-Fi service means that I will choose FreedomPop over other cell phone carriers.

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