Andrew Rolfe; a Real and Reknown Humanitarian

In the recent Ubuntu Educational Fund Charity Gala held in London, Andrew Rolfe aided the charity to raise over £603,000. The charity gala was made for the worthy cause of helping the African children that are disadvantaged, faced with challenges and adversities. In South Africa, the total amount that was donated at the gala would come to a close estimate of about R10 million. Initially, the target donations for the gala was £600,000. The donations from the gala are intended to increase the number of the students in the Port Elizabeth Campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Aside from this, they intend to use part of the donation to upgrade the paediatric clinic that is connected with the Port Elizabeth Campus.

The Ubuntu Educational Fund taps into its resources as well as manpower to tend to more than 400,000 people in Africa who are disadvantaged. The campus in Port Elizabeth has a unique program for children that are disadvantaged which is aimed at the assuring of the children’s educational and health needs, ensuring they are met from when they join to the point when they are ready to start their careers. The Ubuntu Education Fund was launched in 1999 and it begun as a small charity that only focused on ensuring availing educational tools. The founders later on came to the realization that other dire issues were also facing the nation’s people, such as HIV and hunger that held back the children from realizing their capabilities via education. Therefore, they went ahead to broaden their reach therein including nutrition, home stability, and health.

The gala saw the attendance of about 300 top philanthropists and socialites from London. Andrew Rolfe, welcomed the audience but it was the story of Sinesipho Rabidyani was what melted all the hearts in attendance. She spoke of how her father’s drinking problem affected her as a child. She did not like going home because of her father’s issue and the problems it brought to their family. At the close of the event, the CEO of the fund, Jacob Leif stated that within the 20 years of seeing the suffering, they had learnt what the people need, such as nutrition, education, supplies and healthcare.

The chairman of the Fund, Andrew Rolfe, is also TowerBook Capital Partners’ Managing Director. At Harvard, he studied administration and business economics, attaining his Master’s Degree in 1992 and another one at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.