Dherbs.com is Committed to Long Term Health

Dherbs.com is a company committed to helping us all onto a path of greater well-being and optimal health. It’s goal is to help educate people on the importance of fueling our bodies with the best nutritional options around. Understanding that lifestyle changes are challenging, they have developed several cleanses to jumpstart the new way of fueling our bodies.


After learning that he was ineligible to donate a kidney to his wife, Pastor Hosea Collins didn’t give up hope. Understanding that it was his weight that was the issue, he began using the Twenty Day Full Body Cleanse. Upon witnessing a dramatic difference with his weight, energy and clarity, he incorporated some more vegan cleanses into his life. Today, 100 days later, he is 130lbs lighter, and he feels healthier than ever before. Pastor Collins has vowed to continue with the cleanses and his new lifestyle, for himself and his family.


Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey has introduced these body cleanses to others, such as comedian Sheryl Underwood. Sheryl has several Youtube videos describing her positive experience using the Twenty Day Full Body Cleanse. She has lost weight and feels a lot more energetic. A viewer on the Steve Harvey Show named Susan has just begun the cleanse. Her goal is to lose 30lbs before the holidays. Blogger, Priddyihnpinc, enthusiastically chronicled her success on her video blog. In addition to losing weight, she was in awe of her increased energy level. Another blogger, Monica M. Reid was thrilled with her drop in blood pressure and her decreased appetite.


Here is a small sample of what is available:


* BLOOD CLEANSE ~ A 10 day program designed to rid the blood of toxins and improve liver function. It also shows noticable improvement to the skin’s appearance.


*ELECTRIC GREENS COMBONATION REGIMINE ~ 10 days to nourish and support lymphatic cleansing. Promotes clearer breathing and fresh breath.


*FULL BODY CLEANSE ~ 20 days to fully detoxify the body. Helps the body to lose weight, improve energy, enhance the immune system, and remove cravings.


This is just a small sample of cleanses that are available at Dherbs.com. Check out the Yelp reviews for another perspective on what they have available, but also the experiences that real people have had.