Flavio Maluf Looks To Continue The Success Of The Environmentally Friendly Eucatex Brand

Flavio Maluf has been at the front of the movement towards a new and better way of living in the 21st century through the work he completes with Eucatex, a historic company in Brazil that has been in existence since 1951. The Eucatex brand has always been concerned with the impact the company has on the environment, but under Flavio Maluf’s leadership this need to protect the delicate balance of the world has become a driving force in the work of the company; Maluf took charge of Eucatex in 1997 after spending much of the previous decade working in different areas of the business to learn as much as possible about the brand before reaching executive level.

There is mush to admire in the approach Flavio Maluf has taken to his role as the leader of the Eucatex brand,including his dedication to seeking out new areas of business that are both profitable and ethical. The history of Eucatex takes in the production of a wide range of wood products using the eucalyptus tree as the basis for the majority of products, an area of business Flavio Maluf has maintained as he believes anchoring Eucatex in its historical business sectors remains a priority.

For Flavio Maluf the need to keep pushing forward with Eucatex has led to him seeking new areas of business to maintain the growth of the company, including the development of educational programs based on the sustainable forestry techniques the brand employs. The CEO of the wood based product group also believes a growing export business is important and has sought out global partnerships to develop the brand for a successful period during the 21st century. During recent years, Flavio Maluf has also used his position to make sure Eucatex is producing goods in an environmentally friendly was by updating the facilities used to craft wood based items; new factories have been created in the Brazilian cities of Salto and Botucatu that Flavio hopes will bring greater levels of success to the company in the coming years.