Empowering the society

Richard Dwayne Blair was born in Texas a state in the United States of America. During his young age, he developed a love for impacting knowledge to other people as he was born of a family full of teachers that is his grandmother, mother, and his wife were all teachers by profession. His passion for teaching and impacting knowledge did not die after graduating college, later in 1994 he had this idea educating his fellow citizens of Texas on how to deal with financial issues which ranged from retirement plans, risk management and insurance covers and how to protect themselves from uncovered risks. That is when he started his company Wealth solutions.

Richard Dwayne Blair is currently a registered investment advisor who is paid to advise people on matters concerning securities. Being an investment advisor also means he can be able to manage investment portfolios or other financial planning services. Richard Dwayne Blair has also taken extensive exams in financial planning, estate planning, and retirement. As at now he is under contract with wealth solutions, with his 24 years’ experience he acts as an independent contractor in helping iron the financial problems of his wide client base.

Currently, there is a rising way of making money in Texas and America as a whole where people who own large houses can be able to rent those free spaces to other customers, for a given period mostly usually short term. This helps these people to access quick and easy money simply by hosting travelers. The temporary renters of these houses sometimes may cause unnecessary damages to these properties that may not be covered by their insurance covers, this may end up being a problem to these new renters as they are left with significant legal and financial issues that they were not aware they would occur.

Challenges and issues like these is where Richard Dwayne Blair comes in. Through his major experience, he helps find strategies that will help the people renting the houses to be somehow covered throughout, no matter the damages, hence they enjoy the money they get from the houses without a lot of concerns that risks will hit them that they are not anticipating.

Richard Dwayne Blair has also come up with strategies to help his clients in investing their money wisely. He also comes up with ways on how they can manage their assets making sure they do not go broke after retirement.

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