Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools

Dynamics Search Partners, with Keith Mann at the head, held a fundraising event to support Uncommon schools, raising over $22,000 to support the educations of low-income students. People from the financial sector came together at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden to support the cause.

Uncommon Schools is opening a new school in Brooklyn, NY in the next year and needed a fundraiser to allow them to test their students for the new year. The money raised will go toward AP and PSAT testing for this new school. Prior to this fundraising event, Dynamics Search Partners had raised $10,000 for their organization. Uncommon Schools looks to close the achievement gap for low income students in New England, with schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and has been working with Dynamics Search Partners since 2013.

Keith Mann sat in during classes, talked with teachers, and even spoke with high school seniors, impressed by the students’ passion for learning and desire to go to college to fulfill their personal ambitions. He is an expert on hedge fund compensation, and Dynamics Search Partners is an Executive search firm dedicated exclusively to finding talent for alternative investment firms. His expertise is in hiring investment, marketing and internal strategy professionals for companies countrywide, in Europe and Asia. They fill out around 200 client mandates a year.

Dynamics Search Partners is one of the biggest staffers in the hedge fund industry. He founded the company in 2009 when he discovered the hedge fund industry as an under served branch of the financial world that wasn’t being utilized by the search industry. The company is not only successful but also serves the community, supporting various causes in the New York/New England area. Uncommon Schools is a cause that is especially dear to Mann’s heart.

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Are Scholarship Programs By Keith Mann Helping Kids?

There is no better way to help kids when they are trying to go to college than to give them a scholarship. Keith Mann started Dynamic Search Partners after college because he wanted to help companies find the greatest talent. Keith has started something called the Scholarship for Professional Achievement to help kids from charter schools in Brooklyn. There are several charter schools in Brooklyn that are trying to get kids to college, but there is no guarantee that these kids will be able to afford college.

Keith Mann is paying up $5000 every year to one lucky kid for their college education, and that will help any kid who wants to go to a school in the state system. Kids who have bigger dreams can use Keith’s scholarship as a way of starting their journey to college, and Keith even helps out in these schools to show kids the value of college.

Keith understands that not every kid should go to college, but he wants the kids who are ready for college to go there. He is providing money that he earned himself for kids who want to go to college, and he is accepting hundreds of applications for the Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Kids can start with a goal of winning the scholarship, and then they can make future goals after they win the prize.

Keith Mann knows that New York City is very competitive, but he also knows that a lot of kids will not be able to get out of the city without some kind of financial help.

The Scholarship for Professional Achievement is just one way that kids can make their way out of Brooklyn and into college. The message that college is possible is being sung really loudly in every school in the city, and the kids that believe in that message finally have another way of paying for a college education that could turn out to be very expensive.

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