Why Businesses Are Using Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool

This has to do with Wikipedia being an open site that allows users to edit a Wiki page to reflect the most current, unbiased information known and make any necessary Wikipedia revisions as new information about the company comes up. Also, consumers in the current age of technology are used to doing quick searches on the internet, and if a company does not come up in the top few items in the search engine, they will be quickly dismissed. Wikipedia’s popularity helps boost search engine ranking to guarantee business pages get seen.

Recently, Wikipedia hit the headlines because of a new specialized “text to speech” software that is being created for them by a research group in Stockholm, Sweden that will help the blind be able to read their pages. Those who are seeing impaired depend upon brail in books, but that isn’t possible on a computer. The software will read the pages to them in their language. There are millions of people in the world who have complete or partial blindness who are considered an untapped market of potential customers. The software will allow them to learn information about businesses they previously couldn’t before. Because of this, there is a rush to create a Wiki page on the site, but it isn’t easy. Wikipedia has very high standards, and many submissions to them are rejected. Some companies are choosing to hire Wikipedia editors from a company called “Get Your Wiki” to write their pages for them because they guarantee work done by them will be approved by Wikipedia. Besides writing Wikipedia pages, Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia editing service, which means their Wiki experts can also edit, translate, create titles, and much more, which makes hiring them worth every penny.