How People Use Online Reviews

According to this link,, customers are likely to read online commentaries and have positive experiences with them. Many businesses offer an option for customers to write about their experience with a service and/or particular product in order to better assist and attract future customers. is just one of many sites in which customers and sellers are able to use customer commentaries as a guide.

In my personal experience as a customer, I often look to people who have bought and used the particular service or product to see their level of satisfaction. If many other people have been satisfied with a product or service, the likelihood that I will as well is great. Certainly, when people take the time to leave an honest review, I believe the reviews should be read and each comment taken into consideration.

Furthermore, people use online websites to look up others’ reviews and customer satisfaction ratings. The reason people do this is to gain a better understanding about the product or service before he or she makes a decision to hire or make a purchase. If a product or service has horrible reviews, then the potential consumer is likely to research a similar product or service provider with better reviews. Online Reviews are a wonderful thing, when used by people of integrity. In addition, studies have shown that customers do often resort to online reviews before hiring and making purchases. This is definitely a smart action to take if you want to be a smart buyer or business owner.

Thor Halvorssen: Dictators Are Bad, Not Socialism

Denmark, Norway and Sweden are shining examples of socialist countries. In fact, socialist agendas have given Norway the most efficient criminal justice system in the world and Finland’s socialist educational system cranks out the world’s smartest students.

But there are socialist governments like the one found in Venezuela where power was centralized with one dictator. That dictator set prices for products throughout the country causing a collapse of the economy. That dictator also jailed Thor Halvorssen’s father unjustly.

Thor Halvorssen was then inspired to found the Human Rights Foundation to fight against dictators and to promote equality and justice throughout the world. He knows all too well that socialism itself is not a bad thing. Countries where human rights violations are not taking place can have socialist governments and that is perfectly fine, according to the human rights expert. Of course, dictators can use a socialist government as a mechanism to exploit their people. It is the unilateral power at the head of any government that allows for human rights violations to take place, not the form of government itself.

The human rights expert tries to explain this in a recent three-minute interview with a Fox News hostess.  After the hostess continues to try to steer the conversation, Thor Halvorssen unleashes the fact that he supports Bernie Sanders and has made the largest campaign contribution that is allowed under campaign finance law.

It turns out that Thor Halvorssen doesn’t care what kind of politics you endorse. If you perpetuate or support human rights violations in any way, you are the problem. If you promote equality and justice, like Bernie Sanders, you have his support even if he does not agree with everything you say. That is why he cannot support Hillary Clinton because she has taken campaign contributions from dictators and implicitly supports their actions. Republican candidates, on the other hand, explicitly support the actions of human rights violators such as Vladimir Putin of Russia.