The Stunning Return and Rise of George Soros

It can be hard to measure exactly how much a single person can impact the world, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. George Soros comes to our attention thanks to the impacting way he has gotten involved in politics as well as philanthropy over the past 50 years. Founder of the Soros Hedge Fund, George Soros is one of the wealthiest investors on the planet. Of course, Soros hasn’t stayed within his realm of financial business. Instead, Soros has used his life story in order to branch out and try to bring quality change to the world. This has taken up in the form of two big hallmarks of his success: the Open Society Foundation and his work as a staunch progressive.

We’ll start by talking first about how George Soros returned to the realm of United States politics in order to make a difference within the country. George Soros has always been politically engaged because he fundamentally believes in the core tenants of progressive ideology: equality, transparency in government, social justice, and democracy. Soros had initially gotten his political start as a vocal and financial backer of Al Gore during the Democrats election campaign against George Bush so many years ago. Now, Soros returned from his measured hiatus in order to throw in his support to Hillary Clinton in order to directly oppose the campaign of Donald Trump, the reality show candidate that Republicans had bizarrely embraced.

George Soros’ return to politics was as much about necessity as it was anything else. George Soros saw the violent and hateful rhetoric that Donald Trump was using on his campaign and he knew right away that Trump was a dangerous person not just for the world but the people in it. So, Soros jumped out of his semi political retirement in order to donate nearly $25 million to progressive politicians throughout the country, including a hefty amount right into Pro-Clinton political action committees. Soros would waste no time returning to form as he went in hot after the dangerous Trump campaign while also pledging money to important causes.

If you took time to look at the early life of George Soros you would understand why he so vocally condemns the acts of violent rhetoric and extreme nationalism that Donald Trump has made popular. Soros was born in Hungary where he would eventually grow up to see the brutal Nazi occupation first hand. The Nazis would roll into the country and sit there for a year, murdering Hungarian Jews to the total of 500,000 innocent lives. Soros saw firsthand what violent, mobilized nationalism could do and vowed early on to stop it where he could. Soros and his family would eventually flee the country and emigrate to London.

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