Sapphire Engagement Rings: Symbol of Long-lasting Divinity

Most married people will say that engagement was one of the happiest days of their lives. As opposed to the notion that women enjoy the day more, the men make it happen. They first have to master all their confidence and do a soul search and put in words why they want the woman in their lives till death separate them. This gesture is not only honorable but also enviable to the peers. Be that as it may, proposals cannot be complete without a ring. This ring is a symbol of the friendship, intimacy and the love shared by the two. Therefore, so much time should be considered in picking the right ring that speaks of itself.

For so many years, engagements have been marked by diamond rings. This resulted in the availability of diamonds from Africa and Brazil which were saturated in the market. Most people therefore started using diamond rings for engagement. Sapphires on the other hand, were clouded by diamonds which made them rare as time went by. This leaves sapphire as an uncommon and unique gemstones. With the changes in consumer preference, women nowadays want to stand out, with the rare sapphire rings in their fingers.

Traditionally, sapphire rings have been associated with divinity, wisdom and royalty. In some traditions and in the ancient world, sapphires are associated with good fortune, strength and protection. A blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring was worn by Princess Diana and later by Princess Kate Middleton. These has increased their reviews and most women are now looking out for them.

Sapphires are admired for their qualities. First, they are hard gemstones which guarantees durability and long lasting experiences. More importantly, sapphires have a dazzling color. However, most people believe that sapphires are only found in blue color, which is not entirely true. The gemstone is blue however, the colors vary. They can also be found in pink, brown, purple and grey.

In 1939, The Natural Sapphire Company was established solely to give the world the natural sapphire experience. The company only deals in natural sapphire. It buys these natural gemstones from quality suppliers, cuts it and makes the world most unique and exquisite sapphire rings. The company is committed in uniqueness and guarantees you of excellent authentic rings.

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