George Soros Has An Outstanding Record In Philanthropy

Many have always wondered what inspires billionaire George Soros. George Soros is among the few billionaires who are always in the limelight for all the right reasons. From donating millions of dollars to charities across the globe to funding campaigns that seek to bring about political change in various countries across the world, George Soros always dominates the business and philanthropy world, to say the least. During Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016, George Soros was listed among the top donors to her campaign.

According to records from the Federal Election Commission, George Soros not only supported Hillary Clinton, but other Democratic Party aspirants also benefited a great deal from his financial aid. George Soros, an expert in the financial services sector, has recorded immeasurable social and economic success over the time he has been on the Wall Street. George was expected to make an appearance at the Democratic convention when Hillary Clinton was expected to accept the Democratic Party Presidential ticket formally but was unable to due to work engagements. Read his profile at Washington Times.

In as much as George Soros has always been involved in the US politics, pundits would agree that her involvement in the 2016 American elections was more heightened than previous ones. Soros believed that a Trump presidency would devastate the world economy and nurture intolerance within communities in America. The issues he has been vocal about such as criminal justice and immigration reform were the main agendas on the ballot. Soros was not ready to let down the drain the progress that America had made on these matters.

His donation of $25 million towards the Clinton campaign catalyzed other high-net-worth individuals into contributing for Hillary’s campaign. Elite liberals such San Francisco, Don Sussman and Fred Eychaner, could not be left behind, they all followed suit and donated millions to the Clinton campaign.

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George Soros has redefined the term philanthropy. Soros has been making donations to the vulnerable and marginalized since time immemorial. His creation, the Open Society Foundations has a presence in over 70 national destinations across the globe. Soros is keen on nurturing societies that are governed by transparent governments that are accountable to their citizens. George is one of the leading advocates of social justice, democracy, and accountability.

As the President of OSF, George Soros has channeled resources to different organizations and charitable courses. He is one of the primary donors of institutions such the Earth Island Institute, Alliance for Climate Protection and Tides Foundation. When young black men could not access necessities such as education during the period of Apartheid in South Africa, George Soros came out strongly to support them by providing scholarships and grants for them. George also helped immigrant communities in America who were affected by President Trump’s remarks against immigrants. Know more on about George Soros.

Squaw Valley is Taking Measures to Clear Up the Water Issue


On November 8, reports came in from Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that there was an issue with the water system. E. coli and coliform was detected in the water system shortly after a heavy rain. The heavy rain fall in Placer County affected several water systems in Squaw Valley. They had upgraded the water systems but it caused severe flooding that eventually led to the contamination of the water. So far, just High Point and Gold Coast were the only systems contaminated. The others remain safe and free of E. coli and coliform.


On November 30th, a full statement was issued by a Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Liesl Kenney. It gives a more detailed look at what is going on; what is being done to resolve the issue. Routine testing is done and they are actively treating the water. They have been in contact with water safety experts so that they can get this under control. Water usage at High Point and Gold Coast will remain shut down until the Placer County Department of Environment Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District deems the water safe to consume and all traces of coliform and E. coli are gone. The water systems have been tested and its been ruled out that the cause of contamination was caused by a faulty water system.


The ski resort is allowed to remain open as long as no water usage occurs and bottle water is offered to the guests. They are taking the safety of each guest to the highest level. Area restaurants remain closed because of their need to use water for cooking and cleaning areas inside the restaurant. The water at the Upper Mountain is showing signs of improvement. The last test showed that there was no levels of E. coli detected and a low level of coliform. Out of the four wells routinely tested, only 3 are showing the low levels of coliform.