Stream Energy Expanding Twice in Four Months

Stream Energy is a popular provider of electricity and other household utilities and services. The company recently brought their services to Delaware, and the sate can now enjoy the energy services, wireless, protective, and the home services of Stream Energy. The expansion was made in early December 2017. In September, Stream Energy became available in Illinois as well.

As of December, Stream Energy is available in 8 states, others on the list being, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Washington D. C., Georgia, and Illinois. The Chief Operating Officer of the corporation Mr. Dan O’Malley expressed the collective excitement of Stream Energy from the moment the company has gathered through two expansions so close to one another. CFO Dan O’Malley added that Stream Energy is experiencing a boost in operations and will be working towards more expansions in the upcoming year of 2018. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

Stream Energy was established in Dallas, Texas in 2005. The business is working in direct selling. It is impressive that the firm has managed to generate a lifetime revenue of $8 billion in only 12 years. That has put Stream Energy among the faster growing and most significant companies in direct selling on the global energy market.

The company was co-founded by Mr. Rob Snyder and Mr. Pierre Koshakji. The former has had decades of experience working with private equities, investment, and transactions. Mr. Rob Snyder is operating as the controlling stockholder of the firm.


Mr, Pierre Koshakji has played a vast number of executive roles in Stream Energy. Mr. Pierre Koshakji is currently operating as the Executive Vice President of the company and also works in the division of Strategic Projects and Governmental Affairs, as well as an Executive Board Member. Mr. Pierre Koshakji has had extensive experience in handling and growing businesses. Before co-founding Stream Energy, he was a Chief executive officer for startup companies and other private and public companies.

Stream Energy has had a busy year. The company achieved two expansions, and in the meantime, it also did several charity events and planned for the upcoming year. The Stream Energy is aiming to become a leader in its line of work and to expand across all states. View the Company reviews at