How People Use Online Reviews

According to this link,, customers are likely to read online commentaries and have positive experiences with them. Many businesses offer an option for customers to write about their experience with a service and/or particular product in order to better assist and attract future customers. is just one of many sites in which customers and sellers are able to use customer commentaries as a guide.

In my personal experience as a customer, I often look to people who have bought and used the particular service or product to see their level of satisfaction. If many other people have been satisfied with a product or service, the likelihood that I will as well is great. Certainly, when people take the time to leave an honest review, I believe the reviews should be read and each comment taken into consideration.

Furthermore, people use online websites to look up others’ reviews and customer satisfaction ratings. The reason people do this is to gain a better understanding about the product or service before he or she makes a decision to hire or make a purchase. If a product or service has horrible reviews, then the potential consumer is likely to research a similar product or service provider with better reviews. Online Reviews are a wonderful thing, when used by people of integrity. In addition, studies have shown that customers do often resort to online reviews before hiring and making purchases. This is definitely a smart action to take if you want to be a smart buyer or business owner.

How Successful PR Companies are Working

Melissa Click is a top of the line professor who eventually lost her job after a single mistake. She made one mistake of accidentally being angry at the people at a certain rally or protest that happened at the University of Missouri, which eventually ruined her entire life and made her get suspended from her job. Her anger and screaming tirade not only went viral, but it spread all across the school and made here her credibility as their teacher for more than 12 years. She struggled to find the answer to fixing this issue with her and the school considering that she isn’t considered a welcomed teacher any longer.

Her mistake lasted longer than expected, and many people are still considering her to be the teacher that doesn’t deserve to work with this school. Status Labs has decided to work with her to help with not only her general case on getting her job back and remove the suspension, but also with cleaning up her image. All kinds of companies are struggling every day with their reputation, and that is what Darius Fisher, the owner of the fast-growing Status Labs does.

Countless companies every day are looking for ways to help fix their reputation. Status Labs know how to work with the web to ensure that their clients can clean up their act and look clean again in the media. They know that their clients feel bad about their issues, and that they don’t want to remain a bad name in their industry. It’s a struggling industry with countless companies constantly going out of business because of a bad reputation. Darius knows how to bring his team together and bring about a simplified solution that delivers results.

Melissa is a teacher who wants her job back along with her reputation to be back on track. Nothing is more stressful than having a horrible name.