Investment Advice For Individuals Making 2017 The Year That They Start Planning For Retirement

According to Sam Tabar, individuals who made a resolution to invest in 2017 should be diligent in selecting the right investment vehicle for themselves. Newcomers should avoid commodity trading, which is investing in agricultural products, livestock, precious metals or gas and oil, since investing commodities requires a great deal of research. A drop in demand for oil could ruin a beginning investor who didn’t follow oil prices or well outputs.

Tabar does suggest investing in social startups, such he did when he invested in THINX, a manufacturer that distributes sanitary supplies to women in Africa for every pair women’s undergarments sold. While there are excellent opportunities to accumulate wealth for retirement with social startups, a person can also feel good about themselves with this type of investment.

As he normally does, Tabar insists that the newcomers to investing diversify their portfolio to minimize their risk. Beginning a retirement investment strategy today, regardless of a person’s age, is always wise, since a large number of men and women wish they had started accumulating funds for their retirement earlier in their lives.

While currently the CFO of Awearable Apparel Inc. and the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar has extensive experience in capital strategy. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Tabar began his career as an associate at a prominent law firm before moving on to PMA Investment Advisors, where he rose to the position of managing director of business development. After a stint at Merrill Lynch, Tabar reentered the legal field, where he specialized in hedge fund formation. During his career, Tabar worked with thousands of institutional and exceedingly wealthy investors, however, now he prefers to advise individual investor who are just starting out.

As a Huffington Post contributor, Tabar is a prolific author; his articles focus on business, the economy and investment advice.