Development and Success for Securus Technologies

One of the most popular businesses working in the industry of corrections and inmate communications is Securus Technologies Inc. The business entered its line of work in 1986, with the main office in Dallas, Texas and serving area of Carrolton and Allen- regions in the state of Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.


The company of Securus Technologies has a workforce of one thousand people. The latest report of the firm stated that the company has contracts with more than 2 000 correctional facilities in the U. S. and Canada. Another piece of news surrounding the business is that Securus Technologies has been towards their growth in the industry. As of 2016, the company had directed a capital of 600 million towards acquisitions and product development. The investments have been made over the course of three years as it was announced by the current CEO of the company Mr. Rick Smith.


Securus Technologies stepped in the inmate communication industry recently. The business has a vast client base and is continuing to expand upon their products both for the correctional industry and for inmate communications. The company of Securus Technologies is one of the businesses that speak about evolving the incarcerated experience in order to make it more efficient and better incorporate inmates into the society.


Over the year, Securus Technologies has released a number of products, including for business owners and large homes. Securus Technologies has developed several products used by correction facilities. One such product designed to control contraband cell phones is called Wireless Containment Solution and can be used to stop contraband mobile devices from being able to connect to cell networks.


Before that in 2016, the company introduced the Securus Managed Access Solutions which was received well by at least five facilities working the Department of Corrections. The business is currently working on more products.



Rick Smith Making His Mark in the Tech Industry

Mr. Rick Smith took over the leadership of SECURUS Technologies as its company CEO on June 23rd, 2008. Chairman Richard Falcone, the company Chairman, welcomed Smith to the family and praised him for his successful career. Mr. Smith holds masters in mathematics which he got at Brockport, State University of New York, and Bachelor’s of Science in electrical engineering at Buffalo, State University of New York.Mr. Smith also has an MBA from the Simon School University of Rochester. Rick Smith has held a different position in a variety of industries, and before joining Securus Technologies, he worked at Frontier Corporation in various disciplines like IT, business development, finance, and operations. Rick Smith is a board member of Integra Telecom Company Ltd.

Mr. Rick Smith has sufficient skills and experiences in telecom, and for more than nine years he held a position of CEO at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. During his period in Echelon, he rapidly helped in revenue growth from a mere $30million to more than $350 million. He also grew the EBITDA to around $80 million and 48% to CAGR. With such success, Rick Smith successful led Echelon in summer of 2005 to one of the most successful IPO in the telecom industry.In July 2015 Securus led by its chairman Mr. Smith led a successful acquisition of JPay Inc with an ultimate goal of offering digitalized communications, payments, entertainment and education all in one correctional space. JPay Inc operates in more than 33 states offering prison systems. Additionally, it’s among the first technology companies to have introduced email, host of entertainment, electronic payments, and education-related apps. This entire app collection is meant to give prisoners a better life and taste of technology.

According to Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, the transaction makes Securus one of the fastest-growing companies in correction segments of email, payments, and inmate tablets. Mr. Rick said that the completion of the operations gives them license to offer virtually software and high-tech correction agencies that new prison needs to operate efficiently. The CEO of JPay stated that Mr. Smith would run JPay as one of an owned subsidiary of Securus and he believes with years of skills and experience Rick hold; he will move the company to huge profits.Since becoming the CEO of Securus Technologies, Smith has continued to invest deeply in developing improvements in information, communications, access, collection and focusing on the inmates and their families. This has made it possible for the company to maintain leadership in the ever competitive technological innovations.Securus Technology opened its door in 1986 and with years of giving service to the ever-changing needs of law enforcement, and correction industry it has grown tremendously under the leadership of Rick Smith. It now boasts of 140 patents and a leading innovator in criminal justice technology system.