Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. and Document Sourcing

Great things are happening at Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., located in Palm Harbor, Florida. Nationwide began as a small title company in 1991 and today they are one of the largest companies in their field in the world. They employ over 570 employees who handle every phase of the wholesale title and document search industry. The company is the first choice for eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage processing firms in the United States.


Nationwide handles such services as lien releases, document retrieval, assignments, final document processing, lien verification reports, nationwide abstractor services, tax status reports, current owner/O&E reports, collateral file audits and many other such duties about the mortgage industry.


A big key to the success of Nationwide is its care and detailed hiring and training of their employees. New employees are carefully screened, and then when the come aboard, their training is second to none. There is no detail too small not to cover, and consequently, when an employee is ready to serve the customers they are ready.


There is also plenty of advance training too, as this is one way that employees can advance to supervisory and managerial positions. There are over 100 of these advanced training modules, and nearly three-quarters of the workforce are involved in the advanced training all of the time.


Nationwide is a good place to work, as few employees leave in comparison to many companies this size. The company has been recognized by an independent poll as one of the top 100 best companies to work for as announced by the Tampa Bay Times.


Nationwide also can also count its heavy investment in the latest software and technological processes in the industry as a key to the successful rise of the company. They have access to every county courthouse and records jurisdiction in the United States, and they have perfected the ways in which they can retrieve documents and information very fast and very accurately.


Nationwide has less than a 1% rejection rate and a 99.8% compliance rate. Speaking of compliance, CEO John Hillman spoke about it at a recent industry convention when he said that most of the industry talks about compliance a lot, but few do much about it. He went on to say that companies should set their standards to the highest levels and then publically meet those objectives if they want to make compliance a reality.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is likely to continue to set the pace as they have already done over the past several years. There is nothing like success to beget more success.


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