Upper Mountain Water Quality Statement

In October a heavy rain produced an adverse experience for numerous locations in Placer county. One of those locations was Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. Flooding took place in areas that included one of the water systems that had been upgraded this past summer. The flooded system was responsible for water distribution in the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of Squaw Valley. This flooding had lead to a contamination of the local water supply.


Contamination was detected during standard and regular water inspections. Upon discovery of the contamination the compromised water systems were immediately isolated followed by contacting local health and safety experts. With the guidance and advice of these experts, the action began to solve this contamination problem by the quickest and safest means possible. These water sources will remain unavailable for normal use until the water returns to a safe state. Only once health and safety officials agree the water is safe will access be returned to customers.


While work is done to maintain the complete safety of the customers this issue will not hinder other services. High Camp and Gold Coast will remain open to all customers. Action will be taken to keep all facilities working normally around the problem with the water. This includes making free bottled water available to customers for drinking.


A great deal of assistance has come from Pacer County as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District in understanding and committing to solutions with this contamination. Work will continue in solving this problem. Updates will continue as is needed to keep people appraised of the progress.