Development and Success for Securus Technologies

One of the most popular businesses working in the industry of corrections and inmate communications is Securus Technologies Inc. The business entered its line of work in 1986, with the main office in Dallas, Texas and serving area of Carrolton and Allen- regions in the state of Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.


The company of Securus Technologies has a workforce of one thousand people. The latest report of the firm stated that the company has contracts with more than 2 000 correctional facilities in the U. S. and Canada. Another piece of news surrounding the business is that Securus Technologies has been towards their growth in the industry. As of 2016, the company had directed a capital of 600 million towards acquisitions and product development. The investments have been made over the course of three years as it was announced by the current CEO of the company Mr. Rick Smith.


Securus Technologies stepped in the inmate communication industry recently. The business has a vast client base and is continuing to expand upon their products both for the correctional industry and for inmate communications. The company of Securus Technologies is one of the businesses that speak about evolving the incarcerated experience in order to make it more efficient and better incorporate inmates into the society.


Over the year, Securus Technologies has released a number of products, including for business owners and large homes. Securus Technologies has developed several products used by correction facilities. One such product designed to control contraband cell phones is called Wireless Containment Solution and can be used to stop contraband mobile devices from being able to connect to cell networks.


Before that in 2016, the company introduced the Securus Managed Access Solutions which was received well by at least five facilities working the Department of Corrections. The business is currently working on more products.



Bob Reina Publishes another Article on MarTech Advisor

The founder and executive head of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, made a comeback in the homepage of MarTech Advisors on February 21, 2017, by publishing his second guest article. His article titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017 ” outlines the fastest-rising video techniques and styles of 2016. It also pinpoints their relevance in the marketing arena of 2017. MarTech Advisor requested the article and hosted it. Since appearing on MarTech’s homepage, several CMOs have read the piece and shared it on Forbes.

Reina’s declaration

After making a high-profile return as a guest author, Reina said that he was happy to share his ideas and advice with readers of MarTech Advisors. He pointed out that video marketing is the most efficient way of growing businesses and generating profits.

Being the pioneer of Talk Fusions’ leading-edge video marketing solution, Bob Reina sets product ideas based on the popularity of video, market analysis, as well as consumer trends. In his article, Reina termed video as the most prestigious asset that every advertiser should have. His advice is precious to marketing and sales experts who visit MarTech’s website seeking guidance on various marketing issues on a regular basis. Reina is optimistic that video marketing will maintain its growth momentum in future. His piece will be available to over 1.1 million subscribers of MarTech Advisors.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion entered the direct selling market in 2007. Created by founder and Chief Executive Office Bob Reina, the firm launched an Instant Pay Compensation Plan – the first one in the world. Talk Fusion operates according to business practices set by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Its purpose is to help businesses grow and change lives through technology and charitable giving. It has a team of associates who markets its products in over 140 nations. Apart from developing its product portfolio, the company is also collaborating with new independent associates across the globe.

Talk Fusion strives to create a positive global change by giving back to families, friends, nonprofits, community-based organization, and animal charities globally. CEO Bob Reina has strengthened the firm’s commitment to giving back by establishing a corporate branch and empowering independent associates.


BBB Accredited Securus Technologies Is a Great Company Offering Optimal Communicative Solutions

If you’re not quite sure about what you can do to get a hold of an inmate who you may have been wanting to speak to for some time, then it’s recommended for you to ensure that you will be contacting one of the technicians who are able to assist in the customer service department of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a company that is offering some wonderful solutions of communications with those who are wanting to get in touch with a loved one who is unfortunately incarcerated in a correctional facility. If you’re unsure about whether this program has been implemented into the communicative systems of the correctional facility the inmate you’re wanting to speak with is incarcerated in, please visit the website of Securus Technologies to see on the pull-down menu if it is on the list. If so, then you may be able to set up an appointment to chat through the interface of Securus Technologies at a time that’s most convenient for both of you. However, if the correctional facility where the inmate is incarcerated in isn’t on the list, it may not be an option at this moment in time. You’ll want to contact the specific correctional facility to ask them whether communicating with the inmate through the use of Securus Technologies is a viable option.


Securus Technologies has had a role in solving and stopping crimes and will continue to do so. It has helped all kinds of people and communities by providing law enforcement officials with the data that they need to stop crime in its tracks before they take off to greater lengths. It’s a program that needs to be known by more people and its popularity begins with you. Spread the word that such a program exists and we may have a safer world to live in. Also, not that it is a company that’s been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, also referred to as, BBB.


Securus Technologies- Christmas Should be a Special time for Inmates

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to be with a family member. I usually live hundreds of miles from my family. It is usually a great deal to know that I can be able to see them during the holidays. It is hard for family members to come from their places and see me. However, I find it very challenging for people in correction facilities to maintain this type of unity with their loved ones. For people that are behind bars, it has to take the effort of the entire family to schedule a visit. Securus Technologies has strived to change. The firm has introduced a video visitation program that improves communication within correction facilities.


Apart from the convenience that comes with the video visitation, the program has been beneficial to children. Children and even adults do not like the environment in correction facilities. Children get uncomfortable and may not understand why they cannot go home with their parents. Such an environment is never good for the child’s growth. The availability of the visitation program has made it possible for parents to be with their children. The visitation comes without inconveniencing the child or their family. The program can be especially important during the holiday season.


Securus Technologies has created a significant change in inmate communication. The company has gone beyond the call of duty to enhance better communication and thus improve family visitation. Traditional communication made use of a voice call. The voice call was always difficult to hear, had an annoying electronic operator and always reminded you that your time was up. Things are different with the video visitation program. One has to schedule a visit, and the inmate will be informed of the date of visit. Communication has been enhanced to come with a quality video call. The call is of the best quality. It allows inmates to feel as though they are with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is a leading company in the provision of communication services. The company has shown that one can use technology to create a shift in how we conduct our daily lives. The firm has made use of the latest technology systems to transform the world. Anyone can achieve almost anything through the use of smart devices or computers. Securus has tapped this technology to ensure communication with friends, families and loved ones. People no longer have to be tied to cables to become connected.




Securus Demystifies Claims in Global Tel Link’s Press Release

Securus Technologies, the top provider of technology solutions in civil and criminal justice for corrections, public safety, monitoring and investigation, has moved to correct some claims by GTL. GTL had made some claims in its press release dated 7th June, 2016 regarding Securus Technologies. Securus released its own press release to clarify on the incorrect claims made by GTL.

GTL Allegations

GTL alleges that it seeks injunctions and damages from Securus in several pending lawsuits in the Texas federal court. Securus holds that these lawsuits have been stayed and therefore GTL has no way of seeking these reliefs. GTL alleged that it would be going back to court to prove to the jury the way in which Securus has infringed its four patents. Securus corrected this claim by stating that the parties would be going back to court for the jury to determine whether it uses the ‘816 patent belonging to GTL or not. Securus is confident that it does not use this technology. The other claim is on matters to do with damages that GTL is seeking for from Securus for using its patented video visitation policy. Securus on its part holds that it does not use the GTL’s facilities and hence no damages can be recovered from them. GTL alleges that Securus Technologies thrives on suing their industrial competitors. However, Securus disputes this claim and states that it enters into acceptable financial agreements and arrangements with companies that use their patents without license.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies. Securus serves more than 1,200,000 inmates found in North America and it is committed to offering incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response, investigation, public information, inmate self-service and products and services for monitoring. All the above services are aimed at making the world better and safe to live in. Securus Technologies always looks forward to “connecting what matters“.



Securus Earns Thousands of Users With New App

Law enforcement and many agencies within the justice system have spent years relying on Securus Technologies to help make their operations possible, and keep channels of communication between agencies open and reliable. Their interaction with the general public as a business has been relatively limited, since they had little to offer this market until quite recently. What Securus has on offer for this new market of consumers comes in the form of an app, and if the download numbers are to be believed it’s quite popular.

Video Visit has been available for only six months, and in that time Securus has seen quite a bit of interest in what they have to offer. Apple’s App Store has experienced more than 5,000 downloads of the app since its release. Android marketplaces, including Google Play, has had the app downloaded more than 60,000 times in the since months since release. These numbers far exceeded expectation, and highlight the demand by this market.

What the Video Visitation app does is it allows users to enjoy a proper connection with inmates through a secure online connection. By using an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any of the numerous mobile smartphones and tablets that run Android’s operating system, users can work around the traditional time window of prison visitation in order to communicate with an inmate.

Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies, Russel Roberts, commented on the importance of this app. With adaptability of the Internet in mind when designing this new method of communication, Roberts sees Securus as bridging the gap between inmates and loved ones. This also has a benefit for Securus which has earned new popularity with a consumer base that could influence some of the company’s dealings in the future.

Securus Technologies is a premiere provider of tech solutions to correctional facilities operating in North America, based out of Dallas, Texas. With years working in tech services, Securus has provided products and services to more than 3,400 correctional facilities, impacting the lives of 1.2 million inmates.

By turning to Securus, correctional facilities have enjoyed unparalleled quality of service like seamless communication with law enforcement agencies and other facilities. This includes assisting in the housing and policing of inmates, and even communicating with the general public about safety information and emergency situations.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the health product Securus, nor is it a part of the Securus America site.