Chris Burch Talks About Upcoming Tech Fashion Trends

The fashion and technologies industries have grown ever increasingly closer together in the past, and this trend will continue in the future. An example of this in the past in the 70’s boom box, which opened up the world of portable music. Its use was popularized in film and culture adding to its popularity. In the 90’s the Walkman was released, for a more personal music experience, and this gave way in the 2000’s to the even smaller iPod. Technology grew with the popularity of personal fashion.

Today the fusion of fashion and technology continues apace. Fashion designers enjoy incorporating technology into what they deliver. A Dutch fashion designer elaborated when she commented that technology is like a playground and it rewards you with endless possibilities to experiment with.

In the future technology will be used to protect the wearer in another advance of fashion. An example of this is incorporating an Airbag for Cyclists as a neck accessory, which would inflate in order to protect their head from an impact. Another use of technology in fashion is in using recycled materials in creating them, such as using inner tubes to make jackets. Clothes will also be created that will gather energy, such as kinetic, in order to power personal devices. Fashion and technology can feed off each other creating something new. The fusion of these two areas will lead to a world that is more beautiful and creative while also being more functional and protective.

Chris Burch is one of the leaders in combining fashion and technology together. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, has a hand in melding these two industries together. The heart of Burch Creative Capital it to create disruptive ideas that have a direct and positive impact on people and that have global appeal. Additionally, Burch co-founded the high-end brand Tory Burch. Chris Burch has always had an interest in fashion, and in fact the first business he created in 1976 was an apparel company called Eagle’s Eye. He has developed an interest in using technology in a disruptive way in the fashion industry.

In addition to his interest in technology and fashion, Burch has launched several real estate ventures in the United States as well as internationally. He has also been involved in the medical field, serving on the Board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and has been involved in other industries in his career as well.


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