Christopher Burch; A Business Mogul, Visionary and Philanthropist

Christopher Burch is a businessman and an investor. With an experience of over 40 years, Chris Burch established Burch Creative Capital, a private investment company based in New York City. The company concentrates mainly in investments, building and developing brands. He creatively uses his financial skills to help troubled enterprises and businesses back to stability.

The company focuses on the productive investment; the desire to create value and a vision to tap new market opportunities. Burch takes pride in helping over 50 companies to rise. Chris Burch describes himself as a curious person, and this unique trait has enabled him to discover new ideas and great opportunities in the spirit of exploring.

Burch started his entrepreneurial journey while in campus where he began selling sweaters with his brother in college, door to door and the surroundings. At a period of no internet, they got their ideas from a magazine and took them to a Chinese factory, find out more on The business took off with their dedication and hard work. He gained the experience in identifying the needs of the consumer, advertising, sales, and marketing skills that are paying off well till date.

He has built a remarkable track record of impacting innovations, research, and understanding of consumer needs, international and direct rebranding. The company has exponentially evolved from simply funding other companies for a profit, to creating value, achieving great heights and accomplishing their desire to birth possibilities in to the world. His interests and investments have spread over to real estates, fashion industry, luxurious hotels, and resorts, click

Some of his recent investments are ED by Ellen DeGeneres, cocoon9, Poppin, Nihi Sumba an impressive resort. Christopher Burch chooses to gift his loved ones with unique items in which he derives his ideas from the companies he ventures. He usually picks items that generally no one would buy for themselves, but it would be a thoughtful gift. Some of the gifts include U.S Jaclean zero-gravity massage chair, candy from fatty Sundays or Pretzables, and Snowe home candle set among others, reference (

Success in business requires a person who is attentive, keen and decisive in tackling the new environment. Chris’s ability to evolve with the modern technology has rendered his success, and he hopes to leave a legacy that will continue in the spirit of helping others. Despite his achievement, Burch never stops venturing into new territories or growing his vision.