End Citizens United- Uniting Behind Free and Fair Elections

End Citizens United, a PAC (Political Action Committee), is committed to solving one major problem in US elections: Corporations using “Free Speech” in the form of bribes to politicians. Established by the Supreme Court decision in 2010, Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission, Corporations are considered individuals and are allowed the right to free speech, in the form of money directly to election campaigns. Per their website endcitizensunited.org, they state that they were formed “to counter the disastrous effects of the Citizens United decision and protect the integrity of our elections against big money, secret money and foreign influence.” They have a large, dedicated base- despite the massive amount of funds raised by the PAC, the average donation per person is $12, and grow mostly by word of mouth and grassroots efforts.


Recently released on their blog, Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director, has reacted to the Justice Department appointing a Special Counsel to investigate claims that President Trump and his campaign have coordinated and colluded with Russia before and during the election. Her statement goes on to state that all Americans of every political affiliation and creed that demand all elections be free of all undue influence, domestic (through Citizens United ruling which grants corporations Personhood and the right to free speech) or foreign, have made their collective voice heard, and that an investigation through Special Counsel will be the only way an investigation will bring any true answers. End Citizens United has united with Every Voice, whom together have submitted many petitions and have spent large sums of money in advertising calling for this investigation after former FBI Director James Comey was fired in the middle of conducting an investigation.


According to USA Today, who received the story direct from End Citizens United, the PAC has collected more than $4 million in the first quarter of this year, and expect raise more than $35 million to support issue- similar candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. As what is known as a “traditional” PAC, they are limited to accepting no more than $5,000 from any individual for a specific election, and can only give $5,000 to any candidate within the same constraints. They can, however, urge their regular donors to donate to specific campaigns, such as that of Jon Ossoff, who has surpassed the expectations of both political parties by raising more than $4 million for the April 18 special election in former Representative, now Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s District. The PAC is currently considering which candidates to support, and whom to withdraw from for lack of commitment to their central issue for the midterm election.