Exploring Base Metals with Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali, geologist turned investor and a editor of the Real Wealth Strategist reminds us that as an investment silver, gold and platinum are not the only metal investment options available and that the savvy investor will look past the glitter and promise and will explore other metals.

Copper and zinc, together with their alloy brass, are some of the most sought after metals today. Highly conductive and anti-corrosive, copper and zinc form the backbone of our infrastructure, electrical and plumbing networks. As the demand housing and electrical devices, including the demand for electric cars, increases, the need for these under-appreciated and often disregarded metals will also increase.

Using his geological expertise, Matt Badiali has been scouring geological data and investigating mining operations throughout the world. Utilizing his love of travel and his passion of earth science, Matt Badiali presents a comprehensive picture of the current investment opportunities available within the commodities market.

As editor of the Real Wealth Strategist and a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali is a formidable ally in your wealth attainment. As a former professor of geology at the University of North Carolina he has the scientific knowledge and experience to perceive the importance and demand of base metals.

After watching a decreasing lack of investment within the copper and zinc mining industries, coupled with the knowledge of zinc and coppers importance within the electrical and construction industries, he has predicted that 2018 is the year for investment in the often overlooked zinc and copper markets and while some many consider other more glamorous investments, Matt Badiali recognizes the important function these metals play within our basic and necessary infrastructure. And consequently, the vital role these metals will take continue to play in our future development.

Matt Badiali’s dedicated quest for accurate information, his impressive scientific background and his more than a decade worth of experience have led him to suggest that copper and zinc as the markets to watch and the investments to consider adding to an investment portfolio. With the increased forecast of new construction and increased demand in electrical components currently expected it is hard to question his logic. Learn more:https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-badiali-28389158