Fortress Investment Group Is Valued At More Than Three Billion

Fortress Investment Group is a massive alternative investment company located in New York City that focuses on hedge funds as well as private equity an credit for many different corporations and individuals out there, both public and private. This asset management company was founded in 1998 and operated as a private company until 2007. During these first nine years, Fortress did well in the market and had a portfolio managing over seven billion dollars in assets for their clients. In 2007 when Fortress switched from a private to publically traded company, they managed to gain much more exposure and in the past 11 years, they have increased their managed assets by over 60 billion dollars. Visit

Not too long ago, Fortress Investment Group partnered up with another major global company known as iPass. This corporation provides global connectivity solutions to clients in dozens of different countries today. The deal that Fortress Investment took was for 20 million dollars. Fortress Investment Group aims with this business deal is to help bridge the gap between their annual revenue and the profits they maintain across their client’s finances. Currently, iPass is one of the largest corporations in the market when it comes to Wi-Fi networks to companies and individuals.

Late last year, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by a massive business mogul in Japan, Masayoshi Son. Masayoshi Son is the owner of one of the largest communication and tech corporations in the world today known as SoftBank Group. This latest business decision is because Masayoshi wants SoftBank to become a prominent investing manager, which is why he went for Fortress, which even surprised many others at the company. The main company executives at Fortress Investment Group will continue on with their positions and their normal operations, except they will work independently as part of SoftBank Group. Read more on