How to Succeed in the Market with Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is an individual who strikes a perfect between her personal and work life. At home, she raises her two children and enjoys a variety of pastimes. She has learned French and Russian as ways to expand her knowledge. Sandy Chin is also an avid reader of science books and enjoys the local hockey team in New York. However, in her professional life, Sandy Chin is a market analyst with an eye for the industry like no other. During an interview with Ideamensch, she expands on her approach to the markets.


The concept for her business Tidal Bore Capital dates back to her college years. She studied political science which leads to her joining the firm Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. It was here when she developed a decade-long relationship with her mentor. Over the 20 years, she has been working in the industry, her eye for market trends has only become better refined. The ability to detect tiny fluctuations in the market, and extrapolate that into long-term information is vital to ensure her success. Sandy Chin has developed her own personal modeling system with a proven track record.


In order to be successful in the market industry, an individual needs to be extremely detail oriented. A typical day will begin with extensive research and email checks. She needs to how her relevant stocks are doing. From here, Sandy Chin moves into discussions about what her next moves should be. Due to the nature of the companies, she works with, earning reports are usually coming in all the time. She enjoys having to think on her feet and quick to act on tiny market shifts.


Looking into the future, Sandy Chin is encouraged by the legalization of cannabis happening across the country. She believes that opens an untapped potential of the market. Her ability to read the market like a book has been an invaluable resource for the success of Tidal Bore Capital. She would recommend that incoming individuals simply build up their portfolios and develop that sixth sense for the market.