Kyle Bass Showing Undesirable Investment Strategies

Kyle Bass has made a living making money off of the less fortunate. In fact, that is primarily how he has become such a wealthy individual. While he has not done anything illegal, he is either making money off of the banks of individuals who are going through tough times or he is making money by essentially tricking less informed individuals into making investments that do not come to fruition. For anyone looking at investment strategies, Kyle Bass is not really the individual people should be looking to. There are others who are able to showcase a greater regard not only for investments but their fellow man.

Banks had been forced to hand out loans to individuals who typically would not qualify for the loans. Although the point was to allow everyone to live the “American Dream,” it did two different things. First, it put people into mortgages that they would not be able to afford should the economy ever turn. Secondly, it forced housing prices to skyrocket as everyone was buying not just one, but multiple houses. Eventually, the housing bubble burst, people’s loans went through the roof and these individuals who should have never received a loan in the first place started defaulting, resulting both in the bank losing money and being forced to foreclose on the homes. While Kyle Bass did not have anything to do with the creation of the market, he did make sure to exploit it.

For every negative Biz Journals reports, there is always a positive. It is possible to make a considerable amount of money when something bad happens to someone or a financial institution. Kyle ended up investment in these subprime loans and so when someone lost their homes, he made money off of it.  It made him money but it also brought about the despise of millions around the country. Now he is up to his old tricks, but it looks as though these old tricks are not going to be paying off for him, all while the tricks will be milking hard working Americans out of their own investment money.

For the last several years, Kyle Bass has pointed out problems with the Asian market, claiming the markets would collapse at any time. Each and every year he has stated this and each and every year he has been wrong. It is important for individuals to know that should they invest with him, they likely will just be softening his fall while losing all of their own money.  Full article can be seen on, and it really highlights some major concerns.

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  1. Kyle Bass is one of the investors who made money off of people losing their homes in the housing collapse around a decade ago. He went on to gloat about his investments on the suffering of millions of Americans on national television. The assignment service review that was granted them did not work out in favor of them at all.

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