Livio Bisterzo Officially Launches the Organic Chickpea Puffs Delights by HIPPEAS

Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands referred to the Organic Chickpea Puffs by HIPPEAS as the future of the snacking world. Livio was speaking during the official launching ceremony held in the US. HIPPIES has outdone itself with the release of this low-calorie, high protein and fiber-containing snack destined to turn the traditional snack market upside down.

Since launching, the consumer demand for Organic Chickpea Puffs has skyrocketed. Consumers across the board have been impressed with the snack’s delicious taste and its chart-topping nutritional values. Green Park Brands made sure to use only FDA-approved quality ingredients in their products. The yummy taste and mouth-watering flavors in the snacks by HIPPEAS arises from the following USDA-approved organic ingredients:-

  • Sweet Maple Haze
  • Spicy Sriracha Sunshine
  • Garlicky Happenin’ Hickory
  • Fiery Far Out Fajita
  • Righteous Vegan White Cheddar

What Sets HIPPEAS Apart?

Green Park Brands continues to annihilate most, if not all, of its snack manufacturing peers and competitors alike through innovation. Today, Green Park has lifted countless of people in rural East Africa from abject poverty. Thousands of East Africans are now able to live a prosperous and meaningful quality life thanks to the contributions by Green Park Brands.

After all, the snack brand’s motto states, ‘Peas, Love and Giving Back.”

Up Close with CEO Livio Bisterzo

Livio started his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 18. In 1999, the young Livio was a marketing undergraduate student at London’s University of the Arts. After college, Bisterzo immediately launched an events management business. Over the years, Livio quickly gained both the confidence and the skills needed to prosper in the highly competitive UK business scene.

The visionary innovator set about on an ambitious expansion plan that saw his portfolio add new investments in hospitality, consumer brands and lifestyle businesses in less than 5 years. All the companies that Livio has built have gone on to become global entities worth many millions of dollars. A classic example being Kyoku for Men Brand that has products retailing in over 25 countries.

Green Park Brands CEO, Livio Bisterzo shocked the entire UK investment fraternity when he appeared in the list of London’s 1000 Most Influential Business Personalities. Livio became one of the all-time youngest nominees in the list as he was only 27 years old.

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