Career Journey Of Sheldon Lavin

The success and growth of a company is in most cases associated with the efforts of its executives. Sheldon Lavin prides himself in the successes noted at the OSI Group and he continues to collaborate with other leaders of the firm to ensure that the firm maintains its title as the 58th largest firm in the United States.

Lavin serves as the chief executive officer of the firm. Sheldon Lavin has been part of the firm for a couple of years through which he has learnt and adopted the norms and customs of the company.

Sheldon Lavin showed great interest in venturing into the field of investment at a tender age. After succeeding in his studies in high school, the renowned executive joined the prestigious University of Illinois, where he majored in the study of finance and accounting. Through the skills he gained from the tutors, he has continued to solve problems that OSI Group faces, besides handling numerous finance based issues and calculations.


Lavin is a leader that exercises kindness. He advocates for the proper treatment of every employee regardless of the rank that they hold in a company. Through this, many workers in the firm have expressed their satisfaction at the workplace and they encourage other executives from different firms around the globe to ensure that they handle their employees with care.

The high qualifications that many leaders of OSI Group hold have also served as one of the bases for the vast growth and development of the latter. The interest that they have shown towards learning has also served the firm a great deal as new approaches have been adopted to ensure that the diverse needs of each customer across the globe are addressed.

The expansion plan that Sheldon Lavin has continued to create for the firm has also brought positive results to it. With the partnership with other food and drink firms in the country, OSI Group has managed to establish many of its affiliates in many parts of the globe. OSI Group continues to focus on the welfare of its clients and employees and its leaders looks forward to establishing many branches across the globe.

Shafik Sachedina Providing New Ways To Improve Lives of Sussex Residents

Things are constantly changing when it comes to being able to provide the best care to patients in assisted living facilities. Shafik Sachedina, co-chairman of Sussex Healthcare, is constantly looking for new ways to provide the residents in his network the best care that is available so they can live a good quality of life in their later years. His background in the field of medicine combined with the hospitality experience of Shiraz Boghani, another Sussex chair, provides a combination of backgrounds that allow their residents to feel like they are truly living comfortably instead of just surviving in a home.


One of the most recent projects to be carried out in their healthcare network is the installation of a new gym facility that is able to be used by residents from any Sussex Healthcare property. While a large part of their individualized programs is designed to improve and maintain the cognitive abilities of their residents, their new gymnasium was designed with their physical well-being in mind.

While a lot of the residents at Sussex are the elderly, there is also a significant part of the population that is younger and living with physical or cognitive disabilities. With the medical background of Shafik Sachedina, he realizes that their plans of care will be different than a plan of care for someone in their retirement years. Every aspect of the patients’ time at Sussex is considered and discussed with the loved ones of their residents. They do their best to try to maintain a sense of normalcy during their stay at Sussex.

Sussex Healthcare was co-founded by Shafik Sachedina in Spring of 1998 when he was made a joint chairman for the company. Sussex Healthcare consists of a network of many different care facilities that are each designed to meet the needs of the residents in their particular regions. Many of them look more like bed and breakfasts as opposed to a medical facility. Shafik Sachedina is on the board of governors for the Institute of Ismaeli Studies along with his responsibilities he maintains at Sussex Healthcare. He has been in this position since 1995.


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Sussex Healthcare Receives Recognition Under Shafik Sachedina

In any business, it’s important to make sure that your customers are happy with the service that they are provided. Shafik Sachedina knows that this is especially true in the world of healthcare as well. This is why he and his co-chairman of Sussex Healthcare use their combination of experience in hospitality and medicine to provide the best experience in their assisted living communities located in Southern England.

Shafik Sachedina was proud to announce the opening of a new gymnasium facility within their Sussex Healthcare network. The facility which includes a pool and hot tubs for hydrotherapy will be available for use by residents of every Sussex care facility. Many of the residents have various issues with physical or cognitive function and Shafik Sachedina wants to make sure these issues are all addressed on an individual basis to ensure that they are living the type of quality of life that he would want for his own loved ones.

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, many areas are finding that there is a shortage of people willing to be caregivers for those in need. These baby boomers are developing health conditions of their own and are not as available as the previous generations to take care of their own aging loved ones. Fortunately, Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare are available to provide care for these residents who would otherwise be left with little to no assistance. Visit

Currently, Sussex Healthcare operates around 20 facilities within their network. While there may be a shortage of caregivers through the country, they make sure that every member of their staff if given the proper training that is needed to provide the best care for their residents no matter what their medical or mental needs are. Training doesn’t end after being hired. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare have been providing health support services in the region for more than 2 and a half decades. They have been recognized for their extensive efforts with multiple awards given to the organization. Overall, they want to provide efficient and high-quality care to anyone receiving services through their facilities.


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Graeme Holm Celebrates Success With New Company, Infinity Group Australia.

The Australian Financial Review is one of the most prestigious financial publications servicing Australia and New Zealand. With a readership north of 1.8 million subscribers, the Australian Financial Review serves as an amazing launching board for companies who manage to get into their publication. Every year for the past seven years the Australian Financial Review has been releasing their annual Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list. The list is comprised entirely of businesses located in New Zealand and Australia. With thousands of businesses trying to land a coveted spot on the list, only 100 will get their shot. Needless to say, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker were thrilled when their young debt-reduction company, Infinity Group Australia, landed on the important list at #58.


Infinity Group Australia reviews have thus far been glowing. The company was established by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm as a financial assistance company for Australian citizens looking to get back on track with their money. Infinity Group Australia focuses primarily on debt reduction and on helping out the individuals who are stuck living in a paycheck-to-paycheck cycle due to the nature of their financial reality. Holm established the company after having spent 17 years working in banking because he wanted to impact people directly rather than by pushing products handed down to him by higher-ups in the management line.


With major positive Infinity Group Australia reviews, it is no wonder that they made it onto to the coveted list. In order to be included on the AFR’s list of 100 Most Innovative Companies, Holm’s business had to showcase a slew of vital traits. When the AFR makes their list they rely on a selection process run by a business known as Inventium. Inventium weighs a variety of different traits in order to make their ultimate selection. Of the traits that Inventium looks at, they make sure to focus on community impact, innovation within the businesses’ industry, and finally the true quality of the service that is being rendered. With Infinity Group Australia scoring the 58 spot on the list, they essentially made it loud and clear that Holm’s company is in the top 6% of all businesses operating in the entire region — high praise indeed. Companies that make the AFR’s important list end up seeing their public standing rise in meteoric fashion. It only stands to reason that Holm and co will see a huge boost in their profile and we are eager to see where the company goes next with all of the momentum that they have. Learn more:








Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award

How to Succeed in the Market with Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is an individual who strikes a perfect between her personal and work life. At home, she raises her two children and enjoys a variety of pastimes. She has learned French and Russian as ways to expand her knowledge. Sandy Chin is also an avid reader of science books and enjoys the local hockey team in New York. However, in her professional life, Sandy Chin is a market analyst with an eye for the industry like no other. During an interview with Ideamensch, she expands on her approach to the markets.


The concept for her business Tidal Bore Capital dates back to her college years. She studied political science which leads to her joining the firm Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. It was here when she developed a decade-long relationship with her mentor. Over the 20 years, she has been working in the industry, her eye for market trends has only become better refined. The ability to detect tiny fluctuations in the market, and extrapolate that into long-term information is vital to ensure her success. Sandy Chin has developed her own personal modeling system with a proven track record.


In order to be successful in the market industry, an individual needs to be extremely detail oriented. A typical day will begin with extensive research and email checks. She needs to how her relevant stocks are doing. From here, Sandy Chin moves into discussions about what her next moves should be. Due to the nature of the companies, she works with, earning reports are usually coming in all the time. She enjoys having to think on her feet and quick to act on tiny market shifts.


Looking into the future, Sandy Chin is encouraged by the legalization of cannabis happening across the country. She believes that opens an untapped potential of the market. Her ability to read the market like a book has been an invaluable resource for the success of Tidal Bore Capital. She would recommend that incoming individuals simply build up their portfolios and develop that sixth sense for the market.


NewsWatch TV Saygus Review

An American smartphone manufacturer company named Saygus, hired NewsWatch TV to promote and review their phones. Tim Rush, Vice President of Saygus, insists that NewsWatch TV provides exemplary customer service. NewsWatch TV is very attentive to their clients and their clients audience, providing the exact message needed to drive sales. Working with this company, will benefit your business greatly. Tim Rush said, “I would highly recommend NewsWatch. It’s an extremely professional, competent organization that listens to our needs…” With testimonials so positive, I can’t imagine any company being unhappy with NewsWatch TV.

General info about NewsWatch TV:

As an award winning news television show, NewsWatch provides some of the best news coverage TV has to offer. NewsWatch TV focuses on technology, health, travel, entertainment and consumer news. Making their debut in 1990, they have been providing reliable news coverage for over 25 years. Nationwide, people tune in to watch NewsWatch TV weekly. This news station is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges. They are stationed in Washington D.C., and still manage to reach 96 million households with each air.

NewsWatch TV has become a staple in many people’s lives. Their coverage provides so much information on topics everyone is interested in. Many celebrities have also made appearances on NewsWatch TV. On this 30-minute show you will find: mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, public service announcements, medical breakthrough news, sponsored consumer electronic reviews, and government news. NewsWatch TV has won a 2016 Silver Telly Award, 2017 Videographer Award, 2017 gold Marcom Award and a 2017 platinum Marcom Award. This is a prestigious news show that everyone should tune in to.

Bumble CEO Should Accomplish Whatever She Wants in 2019

Whitney Wolfe Herd, the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble, has big plans for 2019 and she probably can make them come true.

Why Whitney Wolfe Herd make them come true? Whitney Wolfe runs one of the largest relationship platforms with 35 million members in Latin America, America, Europe, Canada, Australia and Mexico. People in India should be able to join this platform in Fall of 2018. She is now part of the Imagine Entertainment board of directors She recently started a venture-capital fund for businesses led by women called Bumble Fund She is married to Michael Herd, an executive at an oil company. She clearly has capital to burn.

One of Whitney Wolfe Herd’s plans for 2019 is to market serums that can allegedly deal with his or her skin problems as well as emotional problems. She has been consulting dermatologists and psychologists to make sure that they will indeed solve emotional and skin issues. One serum is expected to be called Break Up with Bad, a serum that will deal with breakouts and relationship breakups. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s most ambitious plan for 2019 and beyond is to get rid of misogyny and to make it against the law. She knows that the problem has existed for a long time and she can only try to get rid of it. As part of this long-term plan, she is working with the legislature to make sending of pictures of genitalia without permission illegal. She thinks that unsolicited genitalia pictures are the same as flashing somebody on the streets. Her lobbying to get this law has just started and it is unknown whether she will be successful in getting the law passed or not.

After being fired from Tinder in 2014, she has been successful on her own and her success should continue despite as some of her plans seem to be too good to be true.



Flavio Maluf’s evident preferences

Born in the year 1965, Flavio Maruf began his journey to become the president of Eucatex. It is a family business that has been run since the 1940s within the family reigns. He was however not comfortable with the fact that he already had a stable future, virtue of his inheritance. He studied and finally graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Currently, all his efforts are being focused on Eucatex, of which he is the president and CEO.

The Eucatex company has grown consistently over the years. Currently, it has three large operational factories. One of them is located inBotucatu, it concentrates on manufacturing panels and floorwork. The second one manufactures vanishes and paints, located in Salto. The third one deals with operating a seedling nursery (the forestry sector). The first two have developed over the years, they were not within the pioneer objectives of the company. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

Flavio Maluf has always had an enthusiasm for perfection. That is why he makes efforts to an extent of seeking professional expertise even from international platforms. This has fostered the expansion of the company to new fields. The quality of their products is also very high. This is why they do not strain to make sales even internationally.

Seizing opportunities is one of the greatest pieces of advice he gives to other entrepreneurs. For his company, one of their greatest successes can be attributed t this factor. He realized the market was becoming more refined and preferences were changing. This is why he opted to produce wood fiber instead of just milling timber. The wave of being environmental friendly also places his products at a higher competitive level.

Even with most of his concentration being on the business development, he also creates time for himself. According to him, personal growth and preservation are also crucial. That is why on weekends he goes biking, and within the week he creates time for aerobic exercises at the gym.

Flavio is comfortable with the family business. However, if he was given another chance, apparently he would choose to venture into business independently. He attributes this preference to the changing customs in society.

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Brazilian investor and entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus on his success in the tourism industry

“The Greatest Salesman in the World,” by Og Mandino, this is the book that Guilherme Paulus would encourage anyone who hopes to achieve success to read. For a man that came from humble beginnings to getting featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil, it is advice one should take seriously. His rise to the top has not come from knowing the right people or inheritance, but from sheer hard work and believing in himself and his ideas. This was first reflected when he chose not to close down CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A despite his partner leaving after only four years. At the time of his departure, the government had just introduced a one-year withholding tax that meant that capital that would have otherwise returned to the business was held in government coffers for an extra one year. This might have been okay for bigger companies, but for small companies like CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A it meant draining every last coin and relying on expensive credit where they could get to stay afloat. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus was, however determined to see the company grow and would not allow what he referred to as hitches and glitches to hinder his success. The company has grown to become the country’s tour operator with a presence in more than 400 cities and towns all over Brazil and also having a presence in some other countries in South America. The company today owns cruise ships when less than a decade and a half ago, they were struggling to convenience operators to bring their clients to Brazil. Read this article at

This level of determination is what made Guilherme Paulus entrepreneur of the year last year and a number of years before that. His ability to influence and grow the tourism sector saw the president select him to join the Brazilian Tourism Council that is tasked will formulating policies and advising the government on the required reforms to grow the sector. Guilherme Paulus has also invested in the hotel industry through his GJP network, which today serves more than a million guest annually in their 19 hotels and resorts.


Shiraz Boghani As An Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani is a famous businessman based in Harrow, United Kingdom. He is a certified accountant as well as an entrepreneur who established a company in the healthcare department and a successful hotel chain. Splendid Hospital Group LLP is the first company that Shiraz developed in 1986. This venture is located in Haydon House, Pinner, Middlesex. This company currently operates a wide range of hotels in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz serves as the board chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He is high and intensely active in the management of this firm. Shiraz also specializes in limited services brands. For example, Holiday Inn.

As we speak, Splendid Hospitality Group has a total of 19 hotels. Some of the major and prestigious hotels include Vanbrugh House Hotel based in Oxford, The New Ellington based in Leeds, Hilton London Bankside based in London, as well as the Holiday Inn Express Gatwick-Crawley based in Crawley. The main aim of these hotels is the provision of an excellent place to stay to its customers regardless of their stay duration. Shiraz Boghani was featured as the Hotelier of the Year during the Asian Business Awards that took place in London in 2016. He was awarded for his willingness to go above and far beyond guest in his firm and strong leadership skills. The hotel expert was chosen by a panel of experts in the hospitality industry among all contenders. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of hospitality.

Shiraz Boghani is also a co-founder of Sussex Healthcare which was established in the mid-1990s. He also serves as the joint board chairman of this firm together with his business partner. Sussex Healthcare has 20 homes spread out in the greater Sussex region. Medical professional looks after and takes care of the older adults and individuals with learning and physical disabilities. This firm also operates a new gym that it just launched for its residents to attend due to physical fitness. Some resident that Sussex Healthcare serves live in these homes throughout the day. Some use Sussex Healthcare day center and outreach programs. Shiraz Boghani noted that he and his partner had introduced an excellent management staff that is governed by a new CEO that they hired recently.

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