Rick Smith: Driving Securus Technologies to Success

The chief executive officer is one of the most important people inside the company. They serve as the leader of the company who has to make important decisions and the driver who will lead the company to success. The chief executive officer has to be knowledgeable, or else, the business would fail. The leader of the company should also have the skill to decide whether it is time for them to break of the rules and depend on previous experiences to ensure that the company’s interest would still prevail for the benefit of the business. Being a chief executive officer is a challenging task, and one has to be creative and wise to keep the company going. The responsibility is also tremendous, and if someone who breaks quickly would become a chief executive officer, they would never be able to make it through. Rick Smith is one of those people who possess what it takes to be a company chief executive officer. He was elected to the position by Securus’s Technologies board of directors because they saw the characters of a good leader in him. Read more articles at securustech.net.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith had many experiences with telecommunications companies. He was contributing significantly to the growth of his previous workplaces even if he is only in the lowest ranks. When he transferred to Eschelon Telecom Inc., Rick Smith showed how it is like to be a leader and the company management unanimously chose him to serve as the president. For several years, Rick Smith Securus showed the company the leadership that they deserved. The annual revenue of Eschelon Telecom Inc. jumped from $30 million to around $350 million, and the small startup became one of the most successful telecommunications company overnight. His passion for driving the company to success caught the attention of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States, and he was offered positions to work for them. He chose Securus Technologies because of their impressive background in providing communication services to correctional facilities, and he wanted to see how he would fare in serving prisons and inmates. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Under his leadership, Rick Smith let the employees at Securus Technologies think, and design products they think would leave a significant impact on society. The company has hundreds of patents and inventions, and they are spending more than $600 million just to protect these properties. One of the most in-demand service from Securus Technologies would be their video calling technology, which is installed inside the correctional facility as a kiosk which the prisoners can use to call their loved ones outside. Rick Smith revealed that the company still has a long number of inventions and products waiting to be manufactured. He expressed his gratitude to those who are appreciating their efforts and promised that the company would continue the excellence that they showcased for the benefit of the industry.

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